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wat do u pple tink? do u tink dat it can work?

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I do agree with Ashley... Communication is the key factor in any relationship... It can work but both parties have to trust each other..
it may work.. have faith and communication should be considered...
I feel like this issue needed to be more specific on whether on distance afta pple knew each other before and for how long, or met thru internet etc. NOW! as I can read comments, some of our comments are a little biased... inclined to what we want or have axperienced. I believe that at first place, NO example shud be use analyse this,coz if it worked for one, doesn't mean it will wrk for other, ppl hav different character. second, the issue of putin God at the centre shud mean wht is said... you can't choose a person yourself and then ask God for the right person, what's that mean?

the fact is, CHANCES of havin a wrking relashionshp are HIGHER when close to one another, this are CHACES because some would be stroger inovercoming temptations when close to their loved ones, we face it, we all have different weeknesses. I think the end of it is, if you'r looking for a partner, PRAY BEFORE YOU IDENTIFY HIM/HER, for silver and gold we can inherit, but a perfect spouse is a gift from GOD.
I am a product of long distance relationship - i was in Miami and he was in Barbados and now we are married. I am not saying there are not challenges because there are many but one of the advantage of long distance relationship is the aspect of getting physical. I use the telephone and mail service - gave me a chance to get to know so much more about him by reading his letters to me. Distance should not be a problem in any relationship - if you both are committed to the relationship and trust that God is leading then i say go for it. I am happy i did :)

Very outstanding experience. Yes, we have to fight the challenges in the name of Jesus Christ. I am happy for you both.

God can do it! Hi is so powerful! When He say "yes, go!", nothing can stopping! God know the other person and He say us if it is correct.

God bless you!!

Sincerely: Joseph Louis
In reading the posts and comments on this topic I am enjoying it.

Anyway to the point....Long distance relationships can work sometimes and then sometimes they can't.

A successful one would be one where both person involved are dedicated to each other and Christ. Of course they really and truly shoud've been together for a while before physical distance became a part of their realtionship, therefore giving them a foundation to build on and to strengthen while they are apart.

They must be stong indivuals who can handle the distance and both must have a trust in themselves first before they can trust each other.

Let me also mention here that the couple has got to come to an agreement on what they want from the relationship. They must be both on the same page in term on the course of the relationship......i.e....the end results. Once they both agree on the course yea it can.

If they are not in agreement nor true to themselves or each other..then no it can't work...
oohhh...i definitely dont agree with that idea...first anf foremost the reason of having a relationship is to have someone to talk wiith to be with and to grow with whats the essence of having a relationship if he/she wont be nearly there for you...if you're far from ur sweetheart so there are no chances of developing a deeper relationship...with him and with GOD.
i agree
Alene let me ask you a question.

Lets say that you are dating this guy and you and he are really in love with each other but alas he had to go awy for a few year..lets say 5..I'm goin to t he extreme...anyway he has to go on a job assignment for five yrs...a contract..will you stop loving him? will you end the realtionship cause he won't be near you...or will you try to make it work despite the distance?
I really believe that no matter how far you are from each other if both side have trust In God and put Him in the center of your relationship. I really believe it will work. both side should be creative and help each other to make make relationship grow. no one should aim to win but aim that u listen each others idea and always put God first have trust and u should be trusted too. Love can really make u more closer no matter distance are long.
i think that long distance relationship can work once God is in ur takes, trust, honesty, devotion and love to endure..and persevere..but it can work


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