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a friend of mine is having trouble with this issue personally and needs advice on how to let go of this sin can you guys help.P.s fornication including masturbation

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I struggle with a specific sin myself and I believe we all do in someway. Some sins are really hard to put on the side. I remember in one of my bible readings - the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. That is very common in many struggling Christians. In my case, whenever I fall to the same sin, I feel a great sense of separation from God, however we know from the word of God that He is always there for us whenever we fall. My best advice is to keep a closer walk with God by indulging in his word all the time and praying constantly. The only way we can win over our sins is by the help of the Holy Spirit of God because on our own we are no match with the devil. I've read that since creation, we have so degraded that we are only capable of using 10% of our brain which makes us very weak. Focusing on the sacrifices that Jesus Christ made for us will also help us change if we truly love Him.
Just very recently I came across the discoveries of Ronn Wyatt about the Arc of the Covenant which he found right under the crucifixion site of Jesus. When Jesus dies his blood went right into the crack at the bottom where the cross hole is (cause by the earthquake) all the way down into the mercy seat of the arc. I think it's an amazing discovery which helps us understand the sacrifice of Jesus. You may go to youtube and write the name Ronn Wyatt and listen to the 27 part presntation about it.
Besides typing in Ron Wyatt's name on Google you might like to look at for current information. Those who now control the Wyatt organization (WAR) have gone far afield of what Ron believed and taught. Contrary to his warnings to not go digging to find the entrance to the chamber where the Ark of the Covenant is they have made several expeditions to the site and have been digging and looking without success. Anchorstone International was founded by a former co-worker with Ron Wyatt and is likewise following up the original discoveries of Ron Wyatt. Its emphasis leans more toward the Noah's Ark site. While it does not claim to be a Seventh-day Adventist organization it is interesting to note that all of the board members are Adventists. Their next meeting will be in my home Dec. 15.. .nuff sed.................
You friend first of all needs to pray for God's help. Then there has to be a change in his/her daily life. What I mean is, if the person normally hangs out with those who help him/her to sin or goes to their homes, he/she might want to change that. As the saying goes, if you go too close to the river, there is a great possibility that you will get wet. Stay away as much as possible from trouble areas. Lastly, choose friends who will help you to be strong. (Prov 27:17) Here's what I mean - before I was married one of my girlfriends and I were together for 4 1/2 years and never had sex. It is not that we did not have feelings because we had some crazy ones. But it was easier to stay away from sex because we both personally decided to abstain from sex. I therefore became easier to support each other and to encourage each other when either of us felt weak. It may not change over night but keep on trying and give it to God, He will give you the strength to achieve the impossible (Ps 138:3).

I hope this helps....
It is very important to keep your hands doing helpful and good things. Idleness very readily leads to sin. Our minds must be clean and our hands busy for the Lord. I cannot stress this point enough. Also fill your mind with the word of God. It is cleansing. Claim the promises of God for victory in your life. Get someone to pray with you when you feel weak. Don't stay long periods of time by your self and don't let your mind dwell on forbidden subjects that lead to sin. This is a key because sin begins in the mind. Trust God and know that he forgives you and makes you a new creature in Him. 1 John 1:9
I hav estruggled with that particular sin for a while...Each time I felt so guilty and had a hard time talking to God about it and even looking at myself.

I was so angry with myself...but then I started looking at my body as what it is the Temple of God and started treating it accordingly. It has helped me a lot and when sexual thoughts enter my mind I fnd things to do.

I have come to accept that God has created me with those sexual feelings but also that he expects me to control them and not the other way around..

A lot of pray and determination and association helped me..I hang with people who encourage me to stay away from that particular sin..I don't go out with guys who I know would want to engage in any form of sexual conduct and I doa lot of reading and hav started a lot of new hobbies.

I hope this is of help to you and your friend

This kind of writing doesn't belong on this forum at all. You don't really need to embarrass yourself with all this detail.

It honestly reads like a made up story, and a bad one at that.
i was one time faced with the problem of sexual lust. in order to arrive at an answer i found it that, it was better for me to use the method of masturbation. this contnued for a long time in the senior high school. At school i read a book which taught me that, the more i release those things from my body the more i reduce my life span. i used to do it every two days.After reading it,i did not pay a hid to the that advice of it. i realised that it was the work of the devil.I then started praying and fasting. A friend gave me a book about youth. i trashed out the content of the book and fortunately i came across the topic masturbation. IN that chapter it clearly stated that it was the work of the devil. it also said i really go to someone we can count on and reveal to him or her to help. i confineded in my pastor and he helped me out. This what i did, whenever the feelings come then i will put a cd a start dancing. i mean a gospel. through this process i have now stopped masturbating. My advice to that friend is he should stop watching pornographic films and pictures, then shoud also do more prayers and fasting.IF masturbation is eradicated,fornication can also be eradicated.
Yes. I think dancing is a good outlet.
thanks for this info I am following it too I am struggling and glad to know that I am not alone. pray one for the other and brother Matthew thank you for inviting me and for the word from Sister White.
if Job done it in verse 1 of chapter 31 how much more do we need to in these end days make that covenant whith our eyes and we should start asking our selves the 'what for'
I find that dealing with lust of the eyes, flesh, and pride of life can be better deal w/ when we understand the mechanisms. What help me is this website: there are 30 audio clips you can download for free.

It is associated with the B-L-A-S-T thinking, that feeling Bored, Burnt out, Lonely, Angry, Stressed out, and Tired. It assoc w/ the Dopamine substance, and the wiring of the neurons through behavior. Of course prayer, and reading the Bible help. But if we understand the science, then we more likely to succeed. Plus, Jesus is returning soon, so I need to win every victory as I can over the lust of the eyes, and flesh.
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Hope these links answer or satisfy the queries...God bless...",


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