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On sabbaths i sometimes have a hard time concentrating on things that are Godly, Expecially if i dont go to church . I would have someone over who is not an adventist and i kind of fine it hard to say well i dont watch that channel on sabbath so please change it are turn the tv off ,Plus its my house so i shouldnt be afraid to say it. I realize that i have to stand up for what i believe in , and dont compremise the truth. We have to build our character from now because thats what we are going to take to heaven with us. so is anyone having the same problem lets share and pray about it so that God can help us.

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hi Paula,

i cant say im having the same problem but what i do is make my position clear to all who i entertain on sabbath so they know what to expect even before coming to my place. Oh and just in case im not present, my 6 year old daughter will let them know what is expected.
You got that rite have to state your stance early up.

I let people know up front that I'm an SDA member and I tell them what that that when my non adventist friends call or come over most of the time during the sabbath its cause they went to church with me or are comfortable with my being an SDA member.

I generally control the conversations and activities. If its not in tune with the sabbath I just nip it as soon as I can but in the interim its you Paula who has control of what happens in your home and mind during the sabbath.
its something i am fighting right now . and funny enough my 7 years old daughter will tell them no we dont watch that are we dont do that on sabbaths . sabbath is Gods day. i am just so afraid that i will offend the person . i have to remind myself that its better to offend someone rightfully than offend God.
i just think it boils down to being at the ryt place , the ryt tym. if u are at the right place on a sabbath you will definitely not fall prey to unnecessary temptation..... its like lot... he got too close to sodom... n ended up ther...dont stay close to yo temptation hey
i must be missing the point here..... r we not being outright. it does seem to me that the whole problem stems from being at the wrong place on a me out guys
I don't think its about being at the wrong place on de sabbath a sense I guess it could be that too...being at the right place in your heart and mind..I usually start to prepare for the sabbath from the thursday evening so that by friday evening I'm ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...its not always easy but I look forward to the sabbath so much that when it comes I just embrace it to de point where I could get annoyed when others don't respect my beliefs or my sabbath. As I said earliar I lay my cards on de table up front I'm an SDA memebr if you want to be my friend you must understand and appreciate that fact.

I have a daughter and like you Paula I used to be a bit uncomfortable tellin others about the sabbath and usually ended up feeling very guilty because of the conversations that went on and sabbath nite a guy from NY came over to visit he was goin back dat weekend...anyway he was smoking and stuff like that....he wanted to watch TV but b4 I could say anything my then 4yr old began to preach to him about smoking drinking and telling him why we don't watch TV during the sabbath..I embarassingly told her to leave de guy alone..You know what she told me? "mummy if I don't tell him de rocks and stones will tell him and I want to tell him for Jesus." needless to say that was it for me. I realised that if I wanted her to remain in the faith as an adult I had to make some major changes so I stopped inviting my non andventists friends over and had lunches and stuff for my SDA friends...

Sorry for such a lonnnnng comment but I am very passionate about this. God is dedicated to us and so we must be faithful and dedicated to him in the process.

Paula please don't think that I'm being judgemental....:)
cherylann.... u so passionate bout your sabbath hey. u actually have personalised it. still im not convinced ... is that teaching the truth in love?
I must explain myself here fortune..

I usually invite my non sda friends to church or any function we r having..I am also constant;y telling them about GOd's love as well as showing them and I tell them about the sabbath.

I get annoyed yes when they after being informed about my beliefs blatantly disrespect it (de sabbath)..i usually let them kno that I do not appreciate that. If dat is wrong well I need some advice then.

I have a prob with ppl who kno facts and shows scant disrespect...Also I don't encourage it...
its not that i am embrassed about the sabbath ,because i am not , when i got baptized and started to keep the sabbath i remember telling my kids about it. age 7 and 5 they embraced it at once my 5 year old at first couldnt remember not to watch cartoon on friday evening .but now they are so into it and they never again forget that its a matter of fact if i dont want to worship on fridays they would get very upset with me . i love the sabbath and i love the fact that my kids love it too. God said that even the stranger in your house should keep the sabbath thats why it started to bug me that i dont do that. so now i am taking a stand they dont have to belief in the sabbath but they have to respect it when they are in my house .one day not too far from now the world will know that the sabbath stands and they will have to choose in order to recieve the seal of God. and i am telling you if we are not serious now when that time comes we are going to fall out and end up lost . and as your daughter said i am not going to let the sticks and stone do my part. i will proclaim Gods word to everone the whole world over.just look around you people the world as we know it is at end jESUS is coming there is no time to waste. we are at the stroke of midnight and soon we will see jesus coming in the cloud of glory. the question is are we ready to meet him ,have we fought a good fight ,have we stood for the right. our name could be calling in the investigative judgement as we speak , because that is going on now in heaven.we dont know how soon it will end . so let us think on these things. and let us continue to defend the sabbath because its for real.
well am beginning to get your viewpoints ... will have to put on my thinking cap 2nyt and i,ll let u kno wat i think
Kthanks...have a gud day.

Blessings on u
blessings on u 2


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