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On sabbaths i sometimes have a hard time concentrating on things that are Godly, Expecially if i dont go to church . I would have someone over who is not an adventist and i kind of fine it hard to say well i dont watch that channel on sabbath so please change it are turn the tv off ,Plus its my house so i shouldnt be afraid to say it. I realize that i have to stand up for what i believe in , and dont compremise the truth. We have to build our character from now because thats what we are going to take to heaven with us. so is anyone having the same problem lets share and pray about it so that God can help us.

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hi sis, you are always like that.but remember that God always speak the truth in love.try and apply the same principle. as brother king always said try and do things that are christ like every day, read your bible every day, have a mind of christ and on sabbath it will be easy to focus on is not i [you] but christ that lives within me.when people know what you stand for they will respect you for it.little advice try not to invite people over on sabbath until you can preach christ and him crucify, also invite adventist over when you dont go to church, you need the
i got nothing much to contribute coz u`ve already answered yourself. just want to encourage you to go to church every sabbath. and the other thing, don`t wait for the sabbath day only to watch the good channels, guard what you watch every single day as you`d do on the sabbath day.

thanks much .I hardly watch tv but when i do i mostly watch the good channels ,but my kids i let them watch tv and turn it on the christian channel because it keep them quiet.
let me share my ideas and customs that i have followed throughout the years ... we shouldnt only think about sabbath when its close to the end of the week or close to end of friday,,,, what i have learnt is that when your not spiritual during the week its hard to snap into or change your whole mood sabbath wise..... your spiritual life must take shape all week so that you can be in tune with God so when the sabbath arrive the transition is easy..... try it and you will see ... fortify your mind with Godly things for the entire week and watch how you forget about the secular things and receive the rest and blessing God really intended

.... the song says "turn you eyes upon Jesus , look full in his wonderful face and things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace... stay closer to Jesus during the week and you'll be amazed by the difference it makes....... God Blesss.......
that is so true , i worship every day morning and evening and i try to live Godly during the week . when the sabbath comes the transition is quite easy . but sometime our mine will stray .
I cannot say that I have the same problem but I have at some point looked at things that I should keep away from on Sabbaths. I think you hit the nail right on the head that you need to stand up for what you believe. Sometimes it seems hard to stand up but the flip side of it is that if you do not stand up for what you believe at first and then you try to do so sometimes later, you may become the laughing stock. People will respect you when you take a stand and more so, God will be glorified.

I still struggle with my problem that is when I stay home and not go to church. I love football especially if Manchester United is playing and so sometimes I flip to Sportsmax for a few minutes and then flip back to 3ABN or Discovery Health but i feel guilty. SO I am working on it, so let's continue praying for each other that God give us the strength to be victorious. Actually, I paused for a moment there just to offer a prayer on your behalf. Going to church every sabbath as much as possible, helps to avoid such problems though!
thank you for that prayer God knows i need it . its not the tv thing for me i dont have a problem watching ungodly things on the sabbath because i dont really watch tv that and then people will come over whom i dont expect. and then i would fine myself getting involve in converstation that is not godly and like you said i would then feel guilty. and maybe God answer your prayer because i had a good sabbath last sabbath maybe it was the best sabbath ever, i was focus and committed . and i really felt like God was present. even my daughter was saying this was a good sabbath. i really feel God changing my life and i am feeling real close to him.some sin that i struggle with before i am now realy free from. i used to get angry a lot for simple things and now God has totally free me from that .i never get angry anymore no matter what . i am getting what God want me to be.
Thank you all for your thaughts and encourgement they really help
God bless.


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