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Is this a good question? I'd love to hear from the world. If you answer, could you please explain why.


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definitely.... i hope u like soccer because i,ll just answer in football terms..

manchester united... they put on red jerseys.... once u join as a player , be willing to put on a red jersey even though u got a strong love for the blue one

now i guess thats just it....simple
I agree with you. Well said.
Wow a good question and my answer is yes.

If you don't you can't preach or teach about won't be geniune...from the heart.

We might not alwyas agree with everything but our beliefs are based ion God's instructions.

You know what, forturne goredema has the perfect example... good for u...

If you are a teacher/parent you expect your charges to do as you have instructed even if they disagree (which happens almost all the time)...wel thats the way with our doctrines...btw which ones don't you agree with if I can ask.


nice question!
no point being a leader of the flock if you don't agree with how the shepherding goes!
dear pastor,

I respect your view .. but i read a lot of non SDA interpratation of scripture . and recently i read this book called" beyond belief " I think its a wonderful book about what the Gospel is all about and what really whent on at the cross .. please log onto click onto study materials and you will find the online book there... Pastor should i believe this stuff?? whats wrong in that teaching ? its verymuch biblical as far as i can understand
Jack Sequeria is having theological nightmares.He does not represent Adventism.
Hi Rawanwijetungle, I like Jack Sequeira, and I think he is a man of God. His message is repentance, 1888 Justification by Faith, Agape love.

I am very blessed by reading God's message of repentance and God's grace in His perfect love. In fact, when one is familiar with the 1888 message and live it in his/her life, one may receive the Latter Rain.

10Truths GreatGospel Truths.pdf
Being practical about it, as humans we sometimes question beliefs, however, from my experience with friends who have questioned the doctrines that we hold, in most cases it was it situations where they wanted to live otherwise or in contrary to those beliefs for their own pleasure. The blessed thing about this is that the Seventh-day Adventist Church doctrines are based on the Holy word of God - this is indeed a blessing.
amen brother Ashley!
and since the SDA Church doctrines are based on the HOly Word of God there's no reason why we shouldn't believe it. we should actually live with it. by doing so, we are already ministering to others.

For Pastors, of course, and they even more understand and believe than most members. they are given the understanding and the right education so they could teach well the church family.
Good Question: To be a minister of the gospel is to be God's mouthpiece declaring God's message that He has given the Adventist church set out in specific doctrines. (There are other issues that are not doctrinal issues and I see no problem with variant views of expression he may have, but doctrinal views is what defines the message the church is presenting as God's mouthpiece to the world.) God speaks through the minister, but the minister has no right to interpret for God His message. If he tries then he is insulting God, giving the idea that God is unable to speak for Himself, thus inadvertently making God dependent on us to justify what He is "trying" to say. A minister of the S.D.A. church should believe the official doctrines of the Adventist Church. If he doesn't, then join a splinter group who believes what he believes but don't use the the Adventist pulpit to advocate his own different views and interpretations. If his views are variant to the church then seek counsel from the brethren for help, and if they cannot clarify issues with him then he is in the wrong church.
You have raised a bit of a smile on my lips with this question.

My initial reaction is to say, "yes, of course" but I feel I should qualify my answer.

Firstly, we have always said that we are a non-dogmatic church and we allow diversity in "non-salvation" issues. The next point is: how many doctrines do we actually have? I forget how many questions I answered prior to baptism but I do know that at that time there was no such thing as "27 Fundamentals...". For those that were baptised after the printing of "27 Fundamentals..." how do they stand now that we have "28 Fundamentals..."? In spite of protestations to the contrary it seems that we have defined ourselves now as having 28 basic tenets of our belief as opposed to the 27 we had previously and are swinging wildly towards being dogmatic about them!

From the point of view of being a pastor it would be very dishonest to perform that role whilst not accepting the beliefs of the church. A pastor's primary purpose should be evangelism (not running a church, that's for the elders). How can one sincerely evangelise if one doesn't believe all the doctrines of the church that you are encouraging people to join?

For an example of the devastation that this can cause we have only to look at the South Pacific, North American and Trans-European Divisions. Since Desmond Ford began preaching and teaching that there is only one apartment in the heavenly sanctuary the church started to fragment. In Australia the "concerned brethren" became disenfranchised from the church because they refused to accept the liberal doctrines that swept across the church when Ford's theories were being diseminated from Avondale College. In North America a similar thing happened when Ford taught at Pacific Union College and suddenly we have independent churches, "Historic" Adventists and members being disfellowshipped because they insist on holding on to the beliefs they professed prior to being baptised. If the church had been quicker to disfellowship Desmond Ford they would not have sent out the signal that it was ok not to believe in the one doctrine that makes us unique from all other churches. The reason for disfellowshipping him is a very simple one, he doesn't believe in a fundamental doctrine of the church and was being dishonest about it by remaining a member (and in the employ) of the church.

The first reply really summed it up except for one point. If you really have a strong love for the blue jersey, don't wear the red one!

Pastors *must* believe the doctrines of our church and they *must* preach those same doctrines in a clear way that draws the listener to a closer relationship with Christ. If they do not then they are stealing God's money when they accept their wages which come from the tithes of the faithful. Ministers stand in the place of Christ and therefore should reflect Him fully. Being a minister is a solemn calling and should require the highest standards of fidelity to the truth as the responsibility that comes with it is so great.

I don't say that pastors should necessarily agree with every understanding of, for example, Daniel 11, that is expounded but they must believe in the core beliefs: state of the dead; the sabbath; investigative judgement, etc.

I remember talking with a Russian pastor who lived through Soviet Communism. He told me how the communist government would invite all the pastors to a banquet and then watch them. Those who ate the meats that were provided were targetted to be pushed into position in the church as the communists knew that if they were not faithful in the matter of food they were more likely to be pliable in other areas. Those that only ate the vegetarian food were not promoted into high position as the government of the day knew that they would have problems trying to control them.

If a pastor doesn't believe the doctrines then he should step down. Pastoring is not a job, it is a solemn vocation.


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