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i think that too many of our young ppl are getting involved in these relationships and the lord is not pleased ... i want to know what is your opinion on this and how we can help our young persons trust God to find the right match for them here in his fold....

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its a broad subject i must say and it does bring about mixed emotions when discussed in church.... like the message to the church in laodecia , it seems that most xtians are neither hot or cold, just in-between. we luv to be in church but get our girlfriends and boyfriends from the world. u really cant get a taste of the world if u stuck up w someone from church hey, but u can if u get someone from outside. it seems it dsnt matter that much coz human tendency tells u u,ll probably convert them some tym( which myt happen in FEW, i repeat FEW) cases. majority lose their grip on god coz of these unhealthy alliances. most kings in the old testament fell coz they had concubines from other nations........ its never worked out.... any1 with an unequally yoked rship that works pliz let me kno.

ecc 12 v 1 ...remember now the creator in the days of your youth b4 the evil days come wen u say i have no pleasure in them... years wen coz of foolish choices u,ll have to bear the smell of beer in yo blankets n u got to cope up w smoke.. not from the fire place( from yo man) ... n u got to go against yoself, discussing subjects that r wrong on sabbath.... u want to go to church but they feel u got to clean the house n cook first

therz a way that seems ryt to our sisters n worse off to our brothers but the end of it, the end of it... pooh bear, the end of it.................
I know a couple of them that work, I also know many relationships (marriages) where both are Adventists and it is just not working. I dont know about other countries but where I live it is so bad that I have decided that I will not marry an Adventist man, if I should ever remarry.

I have a very strong belief that being unequally yoked is not only about finding a husband outside of the SDA Church, some of us are unequally yoked to unbelievers within the fold.
i respectfully beg to differ with your answer i dont believe that any unequally yoked relationship can work. if it takes 50 years you will bear the consequences for doing what God says not to do even if you reap it in your marriage it will pass on to the children because if it works then that means God is wrong about what he means and God can never be wrong if God says it cant work it cant ..

thanks for your contribution

God Bless
i like your response and i mostly like the fact that you agree that unequallly yoked relationships are wrong.... i have been there and its a disaster waiting to explode i am so glad the lord took my neck and lifted me out of the situation before it got so much more worse.... a lot of young ppl see nothing wrong with it ... but i am seeing two failed marriages of persons close to me who refused to ignore the warning ...'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.....

thank you so much i appreciate your excellent points ......
hey collins thanks for the reply and i do agree with you and i can tell you in the caribbean adventist churches unequally yoked relationships are like an epidemic almost everybody is doing it ... but i think the problem is that some ppl especially young ppl rush into relationships too fast and also for the wrong reasons as well ... we dont have to be like everybody else... we have to be the peculiar ppl that God has called us out to be... the mere fact that there are ppl married to other adventist in your church means that God has blessed them with a partner and its up to us to wait on our blessing as well... i am single and sometimes i wonder the same thing are there no guys in the church ,,, but i remember God says that we should wait on him and he will grant us the desires of our hearts.... m waiting and i think you should too... with God there are no mistakes ....... GOD BLESS.....
Well I'm an older SDA member and I must say that I have been involved in unequally yoked relationships (yes plural) and I'm not proud...Its wrong point blank and the thing is we know that.

I actually hear young girls especially (as it them who usually do get involved in this type of relationship) saying that the guys in church are no better than the guys outside...but let me tell you now that the devil wants us to think that way.

There are guys out there for you girls and me too (lol) but we cannot get the blessing of a husband if we do not adhere to the instruction given to us. Satan will dangle the carrot but we don't have to bite.

Take it from someone who has bitten......its not worth it.
To further my previous post...have anyone considered that getting involved in this type of relationship we can be hinderances in the person's journey to God?

And very confusing as well. We say we don't do this and yet we are with them who are dong such?

Also look at the other implications. Fornication is a prevalent problem in and out of church...more so if you are unequally yoked...your interests can and would surely clash specially with certain activities during the sabbath....

Thats just my two cents. hope its helpful
i guess in instances wer we have to make a choice .... it matters not what our opinion is but rather wat god says... dr pipim says in every matter of choice we should seek for a THUS SAITH THE LORD.

most people fail becoz we look at a situation and we want to pull ourselves out....the battle is the lord,s
Hello and how are you doing. First of all, i would like to know your meaning of unequally yoked. Cuz I've heard some persons comment on people being from different religions being unequally yoked, even if these persons believe that they are saved, and then there's unequally yoked meaning that only one partner in the relationship knows Jesus, or is saved. After we have been cleared on that, then i will comment further.

Hi to all...
I've to thank you for this topic, it is really one of those that entertain different feelings and opinions. as for me the issue of being unequally yoke, somtimes as adventists we turn to narrow it and make it more complicated, failing to consider the overal picture. I want to say that being unequally yoked involves more than simply romantic relationships, it may inclued business,etc, but to keep the track, as the discussion here is focussing on romantic relationshps, I would like to start by saying that Unequal yoke can happen even within the church. remember the Lord said, not everyone who calls LORD LORD shall enter the kingdom of heven, but he that does the will of my FATHER in heaven, He also says in Mathew 13:30 that LET THE WEED AND THE WHEAT GROW TOGETHER UNTILL.... on the other side, THERE ARE THOSE SHEEP THAT ARE NOT HERE YET BUT BELONG HERE, THEY SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN.

I have met so many people who are not adventists by beliefe, but whose faith in the LORD has been an inspiration to me.

"NOW! friends PLEASE AND PLEASE do not get me wrong"
1st- I am not supporting a relationship outside our belief, and if you ask me whether you can go out with a none adventist, I would advise you not to.

2nd- Personally I face the same issue as many adventists trying to know who will be their partner for life, and I look inside the church, I see none, many young people say the same.

All am saying is that it all lies in the hands of the Lord. When you start trustin in HIM, see thru His eyes, then... thru his eyes you will see the perfect partner for you.

Remember, beauty is vain, and favor is deciet, but a woman that fears the Lord will be praised... So it is all about the character, somthng the Lord sees beter....
Brother what your saying is so tru. This is a way to practice patients. Its not easy.
We have to wait on the Lord. In his time he will give us the needs from our hearts. It is his will to give us a partner for life but if we want to do it our way, we will have to suffer the consequences. And thats hard. Dont give satans a chance in our life. And if we want to bring some one in church do that first. I know God have many sheeps out there. People that even practice a better chistiaan life than many of our adventist people. Thats why we have to pray for God to guide them to the truth. And he will. And remember we have to be the example. Open your eyes not your heart.
Pray to God for guidance and he will guide you and let you see all before itd to late.
He did promis to help us if we depend on him. He never fails

I know this discussion is months old, but I just joined and I just saw it, ok? Lol.

I have been involved in unequally yoked relationships, and I can tell you, that it is dangerous, especially for us females. The males control the relationship, most of the time. They are also stronger, physically. If we choose - sometimes do do not get that privilege - to have private moments with them, thinking that when you laid down the "no sex" rule, and they agreed, that they meant it, we get DATE RAPED!

To be fair, it happens with some non-christian SDA males too!

I agree with you about non-christian SDAs and the possibility of being unequally yoked with them. I agree because I am living it. I congratulated myself on finding and marrying a SDA elder, after having relationships with non-SDAs. I felt it was a major victory in the great controversy! Instead, it has been my biggest, longest trial.

Why am I sharing this? We need to keep God and His advice, ever before us. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; lead not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."

Let Him lead. Keep your eyes open - infact, ask Him to open them, to any deceit, any guile, in the person we date (who should infact be a SDA CHRISTIAN )
When we see characteristics that we know we cannot tolerate, let's not get desperate and hold on, let us not think that we can change the person (only God can, and only with the person's consent!), let us get out of the relationship, and trust God to find a better, or should I say, a more suitable, replacement. I failed to do that. I saw, and I felt that he was the only man left, so I settled. Unmarried brothers and sisters, do not repeat my mistake.

Use avenues such as this one to find a mate. Pray unceasingly, and God will speak to you. He will provide that which you so much need.


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