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Why is that in some countries SDA members wear jewelry and make up and in others they do not?

I have been a SDA member all my life and that is something I never understood. Is it to do with the person's level of committment or understanding?

Please note that I'm not judging just need help understanding whether we wearing jewelry or not..make up or not.

You see if iits confusing for me it has to be for the youth in the church as well. We tell them we don't do this but when other people come from or they visit other countries they are seeing a big difference.

Are our beliefs based on cultural or is is biblical?

Please respond with your answers and/or queries.

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Good point Denise. If we stopped everything that could possibly be an idol ... what would we be left with? Not much. So, each person has to evaluate their life and determine what has become an idol. I dare to say that most do not make jewelry an idol. But there are many other things which are a much greater temptation. Let each person reflect. Why major in minors anyway?
I believe it has to do with the cultural background of some Adventists. While as a church it is strongly advocated that we not wear jewelry our cultures also influence us as well. In addition there are many Adventists who were not born into this denomination but converted (or their parents did) and wearing jewelry is not the same issue for them as it is for others. I was born and raised in the Adventist church and do on occasion wear jewelry (I don't hide this fact from other Adventists but I don't wear it church out of respect and for our traditions). Having said that I must also say that if people do wear jewelry to church that I'm not offended (I do believe all platform participants should remove their jewelry {except wedding rings}). Nor do I believe that wearing jewelry is an issue of salvation and I wish some SDA's would stop making it seem like one.
Alright everyone thanks for all the comments and views.

One thing that keeps popping up in the answers is the cultural aspect of this subject. Meaning that some culture do not approve of wearing jewelry.... please correct me if I am wrong.

1. My other question then is what has culture got to do with my beliefs as a SDA member?
2. If I am a SDA member or christian for that matter am I not to be different? 'A particular people' should there not be a difference when I am seen?

Again I am not judging I just need some answers.

Thanks so much for the responses and I am glad that others have benefited form this forum as well.

Because cultrue sometimes influences how we worship- despite us all being SDA's. Last spring my friends and I visited Thailand. On Sabbath when we went to church we were directed to remove our shoes before entering the sanctuary. That is reverence/custom within that culture (the same practices were observed when we visited Buddhist temples). In America we only remove our shoes during the foot-washing ceremony. Does that mean we are less reverent in the sanctuary? No it means that even though we are of the same denomination our cultures are going to influence somethings differently. The easiest way to test this for yourself would be to go to different churches within your conference. If style of worship is going to differ depending on where the majority of the people in the congregation come from.
Good question miss johnson. I see we have once again brought up the topic. I like. Interesting responses i must say. But no offence, it seems as though we as adventist are a confused people. What message are we sending to the world when some adventist wear jewelry and others dont. Is culture really the issue here? I believe God's culture surpasses all other cultures. As much as i understand it is/was tradition and not biblically based that we should not wear jewelry, i believe that we should have a standard. God's church is an orgnised church built on principles. So, it's either we for it or we against it. What is the church's policy based on solid scriptural evidence?
I think the problem is that too many people will not admit that it is a tradition. And in their not admitting that its tradition and not biblical they become overly zealous on this issue. And others respond to the overzealousness with a stubborness as well. I think we would do better to present the tradition as it is but show unconditional love to those of us who do wear jewelry. I once saw an entire family driven out of the church because the head elder could not get over the mother and daughters wearing jewelry. Everytime they came to church he harrassed them about this issue until they left. If that weren't horrible by itself the really sad thing is that this was a new family in the church. They had come in through Bible studies and were still learning about God. Instead of focusing on more important things (salvation, faith even the health message) this elder felt that it was more important for them to stop wearing jewelry even though they were new believers (2 months). We need to remember that the Holy Spirit has a job to do and that when we don't allow the Holy Spirit to do its job we become hinderances to the very people we might want to save. Everyone is at a different place in their Christian walk. While we can present certain truths and valid support for traditions we have to remember that God changes the heart.
Good Post. It is clearly up to God to impress each individual. God does not prohibit Jewelry. Some may make it an idol and for them ... it would not be wise. I don't wear any type of jewelry. I don't even wear a wedding ring. But that is MY decision. I have no problem with someone who does. We are trying so hard to make so many things a sin. Just like the Jews ... we are exacting rules and regulations.

Folks ... God just wants your hearts. Give him your heart. Decide what is right for YOU to do. And dont' be so concerned about what is sin for others.
I believe what you said here Denise!

when I first came into the church I use to wear a ring and earrings and didn't see anything wrong at the time bcuz I was coming from a Pentecostal church which didn't have a problem with it. My parents were then baptised into Adventism and I never forgot my mum preaching down at me bcuz I was wearing the Jewelry and must take it off.

Anytime I had taken off my jewelry I had felt naked after waering it for so many years, so I knew I wasn't ready.

But I never did until I had my own experience of God, when I was later baptised I still was having bible studies cause there was still so much more I wanted to learn. Then after some time I'm not sure when it happened or how long after I was baptised that one day I just took them off!!! and have never looked back.......

I believe over the last 10 years Jewelry has always been a big issue in the church not just with Women but Men also with their big chains and knuckle duster rings!!

Even though the church addressess it every now, in my present church I find it is mostly the young ppl that tend to wear it the most.....coming from NON-ADVENTIST HOMES and coming to church with their friends who wear it. Praise God that they are coming

As Christians we are to encourage our fellow belivers and pray for them not judge them bcuz of their adornments bcuz the Holy Spirit will convicit them......................I am an example of that!!!

so keep praying brethen that OUR LIVES are an example to those who do not know CHRIST!
I quite agree there. I think that we should let the holy spirit do its work....
That is as truthful as it comes Aaron.

I am waiting to see more posts
HI guys. Thought it would be nice to see your responses to discussion on ANGER AND GRUDGE. Awaiting your responses.
1 Peter 3:3-4 (King James Version) Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

So bro Aaron my Adventst sisters should not
1. Plait their Hair
2. Wear any Gold and
3. Wear any clothes

Why did you only pick on number 2 sure the restriction must be applicable to all 3 and not just jewellery?


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