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I am happy to announce something we have been looking forward to for a long time: Our own live Chat and Instant Message feature. We will be smoothing out the bugs over the next few days so let us know what you think!

This new feature gives you two options to chat live with other site members:
1. The main chat window. This chat area is visible to all.
2. Instant Message: A chat window where only two members communicate privately.

To chat in the main chat window, simply type your message in the text box below the chat and press your Enter key. Your message will appear to all in the chat window. You can chat in the window on any page of the site or click on the Chat tab for easier viewing.

To Instant Message (IM) in private with only one other member, click on that persons picture below the "Online" headline in the Chat window. You then choose "Instant Message". The other person will be sent a message telling them that you would like to IM them. They can accept or decline your invitation to IM.

Enjoy the new system and let us know what you think below! We pray that it will make our site more valuable in our goal to connect Adventists... every day. :-)

God Bless!

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this is really cool... well done! may God honour your ministry more and more.

God bless,

Pr Sam
wow this is really awesome..

im happy to have our live chat and IM..

GOdbless us all
Chatting with Adventists world wide will be a great experiance, especially since I am planning to migrate to Melbourne, Australia and it will definitely nice to meet the Adventist community there before I am there in person. Also I would love the blessing of having Adventist friends worldwide.
God bless you all and thanks again
Can we scroll back and forth when viewing those who are online? At the moment we can only scroll forward and not backward.
I see what you mean Andrew... we'll work on getting the programmers to fix that. In the meantime until it is fixed, refreshing your page will start the list of online people from the beginning again. Hit the refresh button on your browser and see if that works for you.
Hi Mickie! Its afternoon here but I guess there is no reason not to enjoy like its morning again. I am glad to be here
Wow! It´s a great notice!! God bless you all.
That's great I've been longing to chat with some of my christian friend. God bless
Thank you so much, may God bless you.
Wow. How wonderful. God richly bless you too.
Hi Adv Online! I've been meaning to thank your team for putting up this site and adding its features. I thank God for you and say MORE POWER to you! God bless you!


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