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should women wear trousers...what is your perception... biblical views most welcome

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Well I love wearing pants..they r so much more comfortable.

So I would really welcome your answers. The bible speaks about mens aparell but my pants were made for women so I really would welcome some answers to this question.
wow.... most women who i,ve heard discussing the subject love that sort of phrase "it was made for women" or " i bought it in the ladies department"... its all good i guess

but i read something that says ... " i always wonder each tym i visit a public toilet... there,s 2 pictures... on one photo we have someone w a trouser n thats wer those who put on trousers relive themselves, and on anatha we have a person puttin on a skirt n thats wer those who are supposed to be fittingly wearing skirts shud go... and he goes on to say...i,ve been awestruck to c those w trousers use the wrong toilet altogether.

well that was his view n i jus smiled... didnt kno wat to say really
Well, i know for a fact that trousers are made for men. Women should wear dresses or anything where a (decent) skirt concerns, especially when going to church and so on.

However, if u look at it in the sence of women going into nature, that's where it makes a difference. I mean: imagine (a group) women has to go on a hike, hill or rock climbing or has to do sports. We cannot do these activities in skirts. It's so uncomfortable, and so not appropiate for the moment. So its only then, during such activities, it is permitted to actually wear the adequate trousers for the activity to be done.

I hope my point was clear enough. If anything just let me know.

very interesting question. British adventist women wear trousers though wearing it to some churches or on the platform party is taboo. Wearing it to go out doesnt seem to be an issue. imagine my surprise when i went to cuc (now usc in trinidad) and found out that i wasnt allowed to wear pants!!

now u say biblical views welcome but the fact is the bible must always be our reference point. So lets look at what i consider a few points. The bible specifically states that garments of the opposite sex shud not b worn right? then the next thing is to determine which garments belong to which sex. the fact remains that in todays western world we mostly all wear the same garments. we both wear shirts, t-shirts, jacket etc. I think this is determined by culture.

im no experts on historic clothing but the garments worn in Jesus day (called a tunic i think) very much resembles a dress as far as im concerned, but no one wud say he was a cross dresser becos it was the norm. that is wot men wore at the time. women wore a similar garment. i dont kno wot made the difference bwtn the men and womens garment. mayb it was colour, length or mayb the women tied theris around the waist . . . i dont kno. wot i do kno is its looks like men and women were wearin the same thing but it was acceptable. people seem to have a hard time accepting that there r women's trousers and mens trousers, mens shirts and womens shirt. there aint a pair of mens trousers that cud look descent on me cos they aint made for women! women wear wot's made for them and same for the men.

i see no reason why women shud not wear trousers. the bible says not to cross-dress. women don't do that when they wear trousers. they wear trousers that r made for women
My hats off to u Naome..

I cud never put it over like dat..dat was eloquently put. I am very proud...

Hooray I never wear a man's pants yet...... waat bout u fortune u eer wear a shirt made for women? ...(lol)

Serioulsy though.....where do we draw the line....?
I agree with ur statement that women wear trousers that were made for them. But now we r deviating a lil from the topic. Look; if u look at the world around u, u will notice that nowadays nothing matters anymore. Everything belongs to everybody and everybody can do whatever they want to do. In other words everything is crossing each other without anyone doing anything about it. Men want to become like women n vice versa, women want to dress like men n vice versa, and we can continue with the loooong list of issues.

It is true that in those days they wore the same clothing, but they distinguished men from women. The women wore something on their head apart from being dressed in tunics.

Jesus came to this world as an example to EVERY ASPECT of our lives. His life was and is an example to how we (as Christians) should behave and clothe ourselves. Outsiders should see the difference between men and women and see what each of our roles are, both in the church as in the world. By doing the same as the world does; e.g. accepting their dress code just because its convenient to us, makes us the same as those in the world, thus without distinction.

We have to remember that we are follower of Christ. We have to live what we proclaim to be, in Every Aspect of Life.

It may sound harsh and we may not agree to everything what the bible says, but yet we have to remember that God gave us a guideline which we have to follow, and we have to live by it IF we want to fully become HIS followers.
Ok...first thing first what is Man's apparell?

I might be misunderstanding here.....
thats deep naome... thats just deep
nice point and exactly the point stacey. Why do you think the leaders (scribes and pharisees) hated Jesus so much? They had their own long list of rules, regulation etc that had nothing to do with the bible. Jesus paid no attention to the things that were unbiblical and hence their beef with him. My thing is i accept what our church says once there is a biblical basis for it (or common sense eg they bible dont say dont smoke but we dont anyway cos of health reasons) we have stuff that is merely tradition and nothing to with our salvation and not based on the bible. we r not sheep but followers of christ. U wana go to places like pakistan and tell the women they cant wear a punjabi?
its not about we doin what we want, how we want, and when we want. its about following christ, the bible in its entirety and not getting weighed down by traditons that have no biblical base
Being reading the comments below.

Yes women can wear trousers - men and women trousers are made differently. I feel feminine and not masculine in the least, because I am wearing the ones made specifically for women.

I personally don't wear trousers to church because I would feel uncomfortable (the way I was brought up) and I know it would offend others, possibly causing them to sin. Yes I'm mature enough to make up my own mind on what I wear and were I wear it, but prayer and common sense must prevail. In some cultures, including ours, men and women wear the same thing, yet the clothes can be distinguised as belonging to a man or a women. (Yes, T-Shirt, jackets, shorts, etc).

When the Bible talks about mens-apparel, to me it's talking about clothes made specifically for men in mind. It's something that set's men apart from the women and how God intended it to be. God does not want us pretending to be something we are not. In most of the world, most men don't wear cut back "dresses" with scooped necks, etc.

Have you noticed, that when a man dresses as a women even for a laugh, he kind of takes on the personna of a women. A famous comedian in Britian, Barry Humphreys, once said that when he dresses as his female character (Dame Edna Everage) and the camera goes off, he just can't help it but "talk like her" even when he talking to people who knows him, but once he changes his clothes, he's back to being a man.
I like the discussion going on. Thank you for the great contributions. I think that God did not want us to be outdated nor at the very fore... i know this will raise questions.. but God created us to step in with the times too. Imagine goin to the gym in skirt. or for a sports day in a dress. Because christians are not to wear "mens clothes".
The tie has always been male apparel. Today, at least in my part of the world, Adventist women / girls wear the tie , for instance on Adventist Youth sabbaths and Dorcas Sabbaths.

This is what i believe: wear the pants designed for ladies as long as they are decent and well fitting, to allow for blood to circulate well in the body.
I also believe that pants are more decent than short skirts/dresses , most of which are very revealling or have long slits.

Me too - i dont wear trousers to church coz its just a different setting all together. When i go hiking, i wear the appropriate gear. When i go swimming,i wear a costume.etc etc.
I look forward to our conclusion on this.

May the Lord guide us.
Of course women should wear trousers.

Now that I'm done ruffling feathers... I understand that this is a strong cultural belief. And acting differently than the practice of your local culture and belief system WILL stir up controversy. But just because it is a cultural belief and habit does not make it based on the Bible.

As Naome has said, the Biblical advice is about cross-dressing. The Bible tells us not to cross-dress. We should not dress to disguise ourselves as the opposite sex. I agree with that.

The Bible does not mention trousers. They didn't have them back then. But as Naome also already mentioned, men wore robes/tunics. And yet... so did women! Jesus never condemned a woman in a robe for cross dressing. So there was something different about the mens and womens robes. And there are quite obviously trousers for men and women today. They are different. So a woman wearing trousers is not automatically cross-dressing.

That being said, I don't have a problem with anyone else interpreting this Biblical advise differently from me. Your family can refrain from women wearing trousers all you want!

BUT... I do believe that being judgmental of others because they are not just like us is a very dangerous thing. Only God looketh on the heart. And judging someone as sinning by wearing trousers when the word "trousers" isn't even in the Bible is dangerous ground indeed.

God bless us all as we study His Word and apply it to our lives.


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