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should women wear trousers...what is your perception... biblical views most welcome

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Romans 12:2 "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will."

Read "Origin of women trousers"

Women started putting on trousers for the sake of fashion, I totally agree with Deut. 22, The Lord detests those who conform to the patterns of this world, which by the way includes putting on garments of the opposite sex.
Not our will, But let His good, pleasing and perfect will be done in our lives.
Whilst an interesting article, there are two things to note:

1. The information has no citations, or in other words there is nothing to distinguish opinion and conjecture from fact (or, indeed, what percentage of either is in the article);

2. The article refers to the wearing of trousers by "European" (i.e. western) women. It is very dangerous to take the norms of one society or culture and then apply them universally to all societies and cultures.

For example, are we going to decide that it is wrong for all Pakistani or Indian SDA women to wear the shawal kameez (a traditional dress style that incorporates a flowing top worn over baggy trousers)?

Again, I would suggest that you consider the "Reform Dress" that was endorsed by E.G. White (trousers under a skirt, the skirt reaching down to approx 9" from the ground).

We should remember that the injunction is against cross-dressing (men wearing womens' clothes and women wearing men's clothes). I haven't seen it specified that trousers are only for men and skirts only for women.

I recall attending a Samoan church one Sabbath. All the men looked very smart in their suits: shirt and tie, jacket top, skirt bottom and sandals.
Amen JohnB!

It is with much humility and prayerfulness that we need to consider these issues. Even when we think we are right! :-)

Let us always place Christ as our first priority. If we focus 100% on Him... these will not be issues for us. Much less us judging others regarding them. We would not even notice what others were wearing. We would just know they were a child of God and we would love them as such.

Imagine if Adventists were thought of as the most loving, accepting, and supportive people in the world... and nobody even thought about us telling people how to live, we just reflect Christ to them. Imagine. :-)
John B and Clark thanks for the enlightment. But the truth still remains trousers are for men!.
If one is in Scotland, Samoa or India then be it, that's their culture and I'm convinced the Lord is happy with their dress code.
When it comes to other regions like Africa, Europe and US, obviously trousers/ pants are for men no doubt with that.

By the way, I'd be comfortable if the ladies put on those really baggy trousers like from India than the jeans which leave nothing for the imagination. I mean we are Adventists waiting for the second coming, but not to be swallowed up by fashion!
Ouch, Sammy! That's the whole point... go back a few of hundred years and it wasn't men wearing trousers, it was women! Does the argument then go that men should stop wearing trousers because they were women's clothes previously? Hose, or stockings, originated with men - should women not wear them? When were trousers introduced into Africa? Wasn't it when European missionaries arrived to impose their culture as a part of their faith?

What I'm suggesting is that we don't get caught up in the dictates of fashion (no matter how entrenched in the culture) or societal "norms" but go back to what was originally written in scripture. A clear division of the sexes is required in our dress, plus we are to dress modestly.

I really believe that modesty is the key.

One last point, a quote from Testimonies for the Church vol.1 p.522:
"Those who adopt the short dress should manifest taste in the selection of colors. Those who are unable to buy new cloth must do the best they can to exercise taste and ingenuity in fixing over old garments, making them new again. Be particular to have the pants and dress of the same color and material, or you will appear fantastic."

Note: *pants* i.e trousers, were advocated as suitable dress for women... and dare I say that the Reform Dress was suitable to wear to church!
I'm praying for you and I brother Sammy!

Are you basing your statement of "truth" on the fact that in the history of time, men wore trousers first? Because nobody wore trousers up until fairly recently (in historical terms).

Trousers are a practical garment. That's why so many people wear them, men and women alike. They are (or can be) a modest garment. They meet all the criteria for appropriate dress that is given in the Bible. Even for women.

So I would ask you for more basis for your statement "trouser are for men!" Because chronology of when a certain group started using them first doesn't necessarily make them "for" that group. It only means that they used them first. By your logic, personal computers would be "for" Americans because they used them first. I don't believe that's true. In fact, it is a ludicrous proposal.

I think that all people can adopt new and practical things when they are discovered / invented. As far as clothing is concerned, we have a Biblical standard for modesty for dress and if they meet that, great. Wear it.

And this is not a matter of trying to be as close to the worldly standard as possible without crossing some imaginary line and becoming worldly. This is not a matter of fashion. This is simply a matter of practicality. Practicality that I have not seen advised against by the Bible or SOP.

We might never agree on this and that's OK. I know that our cultures and traditions are different. I'm not saying yours is wrong. But please don't say mine is wrong either. And if you do, please show me more material to study that you base your conclusions on.

God bless you brother,

PS. I find it humorous how it's mostly men debating the issue of womens trousers. I think that might be because the people who are the most "anti-trouser for women" are men! Isn't it time we worried about our own ridiculous standards of dress... like wearing silk ties that serve no purpose at all? Now those are NOT practical. And yes... I wear them all the time.
I do not see any problems wearing pants. It is the same way some may say they do not see any problem if men were dress. What did Christ actually wear?
for me, as a christian believer and children of God., i dont like womens wearing almost nothing,
I think we are debating about whether women should wear trousers or not. After a while i thought and came to a conclusion it depends on the occassion.
In places where there's winter and with you've no car definitely the trousers help in keeping the body warm.

But the thing called "trousers" for time immemorial they've been for men.

Here's another article "Trousers - History"

I'm gonna look at what the Encyclopedia says about "Trousers" and get back here.
I get kinda annoyed sometimes when this topic comes up.

Does my wearing a pants interfere with whether I make it to heaven or not? When I go to camp with the pahtfinders I carry mostly track suit bottoms or pants for the kind of stuff we have to do. I wear pants to work as I work in a total male environment with male students and coworkers. My pants make me feel comfortable at work.

I wear jeans to town but my jeans would not stop a man from making it to heaven.....i don't wear them to highlight my shape or anything its convenient to me.

Let me go really overboard here...when the time of trouble comes and I have to run in a pants...or a skirt will it make a difference?...when Christ comes and I'm wearing a skirt or pants will it make a diffenerce?

I need to know cause no matter what we women will look..we are women..we are suppose to attract men....or am I misunderstanding the whole topic? Casue at the end of the day in my opinion it comes back to that.
As I said before, women could wear pants but it depends on the type of activity you are going to do. Its not advisable to go camping, hiking or such activity in a dress or skirt. I think that most of us should know that it's quit uncomfortable (depending the activity) and that it might bring some danger with it (depending the site).

I believe that what is really causing a discussion here is the type of pants that women wear nowadays. Those pants made out of spandex and other strechy material is in style today. Most people wants to follow style forgetting the principles.

I personally never saw a text in the bible stating what women or males should wear, but I did see the part that states that our bodies are the Temple of God (1 Cor. 6:19). This doesn't simply mean that we should take care of our selves internally, but also externally. By saying this I mean we have to take a bath daily, eat properly, etc, but we also ought to dress appropietly.

There are these (tight) stretch pants/ blouse they wear lately in which you can hardly breath while wearing them. They cause poor circulation and also they sqeeze the organs in your bodies, causing sicknesses you don't even know about. (This may sound like a joke but its not!) These clothing also cause anxiety, restlessness, and arouses sexual appeal for both the one wearing it and others that look at you. By causing this to ourselves is also a sign of not caring for our bodies which is the Temple of God.

Anyway I hereby conclude by saying we should check ourselves both spiritually and mentally. Make sure these are in one accord with the Lord and NEVER FORGET OUR PRINCIPLES!!!!!
For the Lord watches the heart and not our garments, but it doesn't mean we ought to go to Him the way we are and remain like that. The one who knows best have to do better. And when we do our best, God will do the rest by guiding us in the right direction.

God Bless
Thank you Stacy very well put..

Thats what I wanted to read from the beginning and that is why I stated in my earlier post why I wear my pants...

Most of the jeans that are sold today are highly sensual and sexual, designed to excite the opposite sex. We as christian women should know as you say that our bodies are God's Temple and we should treat it as such.

Therefore we should not buy pants or any form of garment that would lead to any kind of disrespect to his temple.....we don't need to barr our bodies to John P Q Public to be attractive or to feel attractive.....


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