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Should SDA young ladies join beauty pageants or even attend them? Another part to this question is should a memebr of the SDA church sponsor or help manage a young woman who takes part in a pageant?

Is there anything wrong with either of the above?

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To all three of your questions my answer is no not at all. first of all when you enter a pageant you are competing .And God does not approved competitions of any kind. it sometimes bring about evil feelings such as jealousy, resentment one thinking that they are better than the other and they should have won etc. it is a form of gambling and we know that God does not approved that. secondly the clothes that they have to wear is not modest. and God only approved modest dressing , beside your body is the temple of God and should not be parading around half naked for all to see .and last but not least the money that they are going to take and sponsor something that unimportant and useless , could go towards help spreading the gospel to people who dont know about God , are to people who are in need.
d only thing that i dont like in ur statement is the part of god not approving of any competitionss.. now think bout all da things we compete in .. if we are goin to da door we run to get to it first.. d whole world is bout competin .. competin dont means that u have to gamble ie horse racin... u can have fun in competition... wen u run races that competing.. wen u c if u can drink water faster than ur big bro .. thats competin.. so sayin that competin is bad that wrong... its wat u compete for determains if its bad or good.. cuz my church competes other churches in soccer... in camping skills.. in bible quizes ... in drumming.... but its all done in love an respect for each other... please feel free to disagree...
there is definitely something wrong with it,if our young ladies feel that they have to go parading in front of an audience to gain approval ,beauty pageant world is a world of cut throats, lying,gambling with your future and exploitation, yes you can get the worldly exposure and glitz and glamour,but one day another beauty comes along and you are replace, God never leaves or forsake us he is always there we are all beautiful in his eyes so young ladies think long and hard before you thread on satan's playiny feild our bodies are the temple of the true and living GOD
The great lesson from Christ's life was that we can overcome sin by renouncing self... the embodiment of pure love being selflessness.

Beauty pageants are all about self, therefore they are the antithesis of what we are striving for.
For me it's alright as long as you don't compromise your relationship with God... there's a lot of temptations of course, but be sure you can handle those without compromising your faith... example sabbath, if there's pageant on sabbath, of course you have to choose whether you will join or not... and you must not join of course... well, for me, it's a matter of who your MASTER is.. you cannot have two masters...
NO and that is to all your questions. In a pageant there is indecent exposure and we promote moderate dressing. Now obviously, if we do not practice something, you should not be helping someone else to do it. What happens then when you want to share the truth with that same individual? What I think we should do is teach these same young ladies to value themselves more than to allow the world to enjoy what should be for their bedrooms and for their husbands to be.
Wow thanks for all those replies....I quite agree with you but Deissserie don't you think that without the pageant being on the Sabbath that it would be a compromise?

Another question how do I convince a young lady who has already entered on dropping out?
I don't think beauty pageants are inherently evil or sinful, however do to the degree of self-focus and flaunting it's probably not a good idea or something to be supported by church sponsorship.

As to the subject of modesty brought up, I don't believe that the clothes themselves are a problem. Many women wear swim suits each summer, but the act of flaunting oneself IN the swimsuit is a bit questionable.

In any case, regardless of my thoughts on this I think we should not look down on girls that DO participate because realistically, the whole thing is far more innocent and boring than MANY things a young girl can show off in. Plus passing judgment on any individual never makes us better people.
I quite agree with you Adina but what witness is this being by participating? Passing judgement is wrong too and this will happen with the members of church. How do I convince her that she should reconsider. In this pageant she is doing what the other girls are terms of the clothes and will not be able to tell the difference between them.

How can I talk to her about being in the world but not of the world. She is a very bright and beautiful young lady in our church.


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