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On a number of occasions at work, colleagues make provocative statements about Adventist or the bible and majority of times I refuse to respond knowing that they are only trying to get at me. If however, they make a false statement about our beliefs or practices I simply correct them and give them the truth. Also, whenever someone would genuinely comment on or question our lifestyle or belief I respond. What do you think of my approach? Please share your views!

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I think your approach is right on.
At least I am glad to know that I am on the right track; thank you!
I have to say that so far to my understanding, your response use to be the best. at times we shud not respond when we clearly Know that someone is askin issues partaining God for fun, lest we be partakers of their sin. it is very common nowadays that God is taken very unserious, is made fun of... our God is a serious God and as His followers we shud not partake in any issues that can be demeaning to His holy name.

May God bless you and give you wisdom on how to present and represent Him daily.
Thank you so much
I agree with your response.

There are a lot of people out there who know the truth or knows of the truth and refuse to accept it but try to intimidate and make fun of others who have chosen to follow the truth. Satan is just using them to provoke us to anger.

I admire you for you control to shut up when you have to and to respond when there is a need. You adopting that stance is a mighty witness to those watching you.

Continue to let God lead you in all things
Dear Bro. Ashley,

Sincere Christian Greetings from warm Barbados!

Three weeks ago, a Friday, there was a discussion about alcohol in the office. One lady stated that she believed that Jesus drank some alcohol as He mingled with the "out cast" in order to influence them for His Father. Well, of course, I was asked what were my views and I stated that I do not support the use of alcohol from a biblical perpective. It was so passionate a subject that I was challenged to present a paper by Monday to them. Of course, the Lord allowed me to write the six-page document entitled "Wine Controversy" and it was positively received.

Last week the discussion was on the "State of the Dead", and I will present a paper on that shortly, and the week before it was about "Christian Dress".

God has to be the One who will lead in all of our discussions, or not we will be saying what is factual but not in God's love. Truth is only truth when facts and love combined together. It must be our focus to always point them to Jesus to win them for Him.

I am encouraged by the positive responses. Keep faithful and keep the connection with God so that the witness you give will always have God's approval.
Thank you for sharing your experiences as well. I pray as well that God will guide us to help us know when and how to respond.
Sister Janice!
Would you please share your paper "Wine Controversy" with us here on Adventist Online? Publish it as a blog post. (Click on the "Blog" tab and then "Add New Blog Post" link.) That would be wonderful and I look forward to reading it. And any others that you write... Christian Dress... State of the Dead... etc. We would lover to read them.
God bless as you share Him,
Dear Bro. Clark,

Greetings in Jesus' Name!

I posted my paper "Wine Controversy" over the weekend, but I am not sure whether it is accessible to others. Please let me know if you can access it, and advise me on how to do so.

Keep faithful!
According to Adina, your approach is right on. We can not sit back and idly allow other people degrade Adventism. If you really check, those persons were members of the church but left because the want to have their own way. It our job to defend the truth and not let others pick us and our religion like birds do to seeds but stand like a brave like with thy face to the foe.
Spot on, Stay blessed.
Just to add to the approval... that's the same way I respond when in the office and with a sharp ear to make sure i don't miss the opportunity to plant the odd seed or two :-)

Often it is our deportment which is a bigger witness. We are in a culture where swearing, profanity, is the norm. Everyone has noticed that I don't use such words and when asked I expressed clearly my dislike for such language. Now the level of swearing has dropped considerably and my co-workers tell each other off and apologise when the odd word slips out. Let others see that we are different, not manifesting pride in our "goodness" or being "holier-than-thou" but just being ordinairy people who have that "something". (The other thing I'm known for is that "I don't do stress"... because I have that "someone".)

Sis. Janice, what a blessing that you are able to have discussions like that at work! It is wonderful how God makes opportunities for everyone to hear the Gospel truth.


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