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On a number of occasions at work, colleagues make provocative statements about Adventist or the bible and majority of times I refuse to respond knowing that they are only trying to get at me. If however, they make a false statement about our beliefs or practices I simply correct them and give them the truth. Also, whenever someone would genuinely comment on or question our lifestyle or belief I respond. What do you think of my approach? Please share your views!

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Dear Bro. John,

Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. I have posted the article "Wine Controversy". I hope you get an opportunity to read it, and that it would be an encouragement to you.

Keep faithful and be a Most POWERFUL Witness for the the Lord!
I think that your approach is a wise one. Continue to pray for the spirit of discernment and He will guide and direct you on when to speak, what to say and how to say it! Our Father is so faithful and He will be there for you!!


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