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It truly is amazing and wonderfully reassuring to know how our thoughtful God cares for the least of His creation. Sometimes I feel like God has forgotten about me but how can I believe that when His actions prove otherwise in the past.

Look at the flood for instance; remember when He told Noah to take 2 of every unclean animal and 7 of every clean ones into the ark? Well a friend of mine once ask casually what happen to that odd clean animal who didn’t have a companion? I didn’t have an answer. But then a few days after I was rereading the story of Noah while preparing for my years 3 and 4 scripture class and there in Gen 8:20 Noah took of every clean beast and fowl and offered an offering to God.

Bingo! There you have it. He wasn’t left lonely after all but was actually sacrificed. Hence, 6 of every clean best remained each having a partner. Wow! Who would have though that God would think of that, seemingly so unimportant but not overlooked by God. God reserved 1/7 for Himself and the rest to repopulate the earth and serve as food for mankind.

So if you ever feel like God doesn't have a plan for you, stop and think again. If he cares about the animals what more you????

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Amen!..I love the thoughts..
This is definitely brilliant.


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