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1. Canine Division

2. Weather Alert


Canine Division

A friend of mine is a deputy with the sheriff's

department canine division. One evening, the

deputy was dispatched to the scene of a possible

burglary, where he discovered the back door of

a building ajar. He let the dog out of his patrol car

and commanded it to enter and seek.

Jumping from the back seat, the dog headed for the

building. After lunging through the doorway, the dog

froze and backed out. My friend was puzzled until

he investigated further. Then he noticed the sign on

the building: "Veterinarian's office."

- from Elizabeth Bennett (via Reader's Digest)


We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will

replace the Love of Power. -William Ewart Gladstone


Weather Alert


located in Cleveland, Ohio.


For the Cleveland and nearby areas:

In case of possible tornadoes sweeping through the greater

Cleveland metro area, we ask that all residents take shelter

at the Cleveland Browns Stadium.

We are certain that a TOUCHDOWN will not occur there.

Thank you for your cooperation.

National Weather Bureau

- from Joe L.

Your brother in Christ,

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