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I notice the tendency of some of the members to do their posting in capital letters. Please be advised that in the world of the Internet it is considered SHOUTING when you do so.

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Hi Don,

That may be what you have been told, but have you ever ask someone with poor eyesight which is easier to read? This site hase no choice of founts, size of lettering to be used, or color to be used.

Respectfully, your brother in Christ,
Be that as it may. It has nothing to do with "What I have been told". No only is it considered SHOUTING but it is also considered RUDE.
Thank you brother for your comment.I didnt know about this code.I just find it convenient to write in capital letters coz even though I'm using a 19 in. lcd monitor, and wearing glasses, still hard to read and write. But after knowing this...I've to follow. Bless you!
Hi there,
You can change the text size on this site and almost all other web sites by changing your browser settings. There is great information about how to do that here:

You can also zoom in and out in both Internet Explorer and Firefox by pressing Ctrl+ to increase the size and Ctrl- to decrease the size.

Hope that helps!
This is one of the handiest hints I have seen in some time (Ctrl+ and Ctrl-), THANKS!

Shouting, but not being rude I hope ;)
Thanks, because I've noticed that happening alot, especially in another thread, where someone wrote alot & three posts in a thread. I was like whoa.
Thank you, Don. I was wanting to mention this. It has been established netiquette since the days of bulletin boards (and before the internet), that all caps = shouting and rudeness.

In the realm of typography it is also known that printing in all caps actually makes it harder to read a body of text.

Sorry, ladyeve, you'll probably find it easier to read if you increase the font size whilst you are typing.
This is true. Writing in all uppercase letters creates a lot of visual tension. I'm thankful for the invention of lowercase letterforms.
That's interesting. I write in all caps. It's very difficult for me to use lowercase. No clue why. I think I just got used to writing that way. I always wonder how some people don't understand what I write too, because to me it looks perfectly clear. I always have to ask people what they wrote because of them using lowercase. I think it's hilarious.
It is true that what you're used to may be the easiest to read or write in. Lower case letters weren't even developed until the late middle ages. Up until then our alphabet only had majuscules (upper case), which was our gift from Pagan Rome. So I guess writing in all caps was all they had for a time. Also, books used to be written in all blackletter (think gothic) writing. Today that kind of text looks really hard on our eyes but it's what religious volumes and what not were written in back then. I remember reading that studies have shown if someone goes back to reading blackletter type, it only slows them down by about 15%.
Thank you JohnB and AO. Yes I've used the contrl+ whenever I type now. Last night I've started to practice using all my fingers in typing. Very slow,but am sure my fingers will get use to this,lol! I used to use only 2 fingers in the past. I never had typing class in college so I just pay someone else to type all my term papers for me. I only like to read everything in print. This site made me type (hehehe,) because I like it here. Want to share all I have read which I think should be shared to my online friends. Glad to have you for my friends.


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