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I notice the tendency of some of the members to do their posting in capital letters. Please be advised that in the world of the Internet it is considered SHOUTING when you do so.

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Can I help MsMS? Hehehhe...Just kidding. :-)
You can't capitalize with keyboard... try clicking the "B" and "I" buttons above the little box where you type your reply to this message...
Well ... since one of the rules is to obey the moderators ... I would say that writing in CAPs is therefore against the rules. Is this a right or wrong interpretation of what the moderator said?
I think that the Moderator was clear in what was said .The State of Florida does not have a "Keep to the Right" law while driving automobiles though some think that there is such a law. However, common courtesy asks that you 'keep to the right' except while passing. There is not "law" that says that you cannot write in CAPS...however, as internet communication has developed rapidly over the past few short years it has become a universally accepted courtesy that CAPS be used sparingly for specific purposes. The reason I started this thread was to enlighten some of the 'younger' posters in a variety of cultures so as to not being misunderstood in their communications all over the world. 'nuff sed
I think that perhaps some of the older ones could also benefit. :)
Thanx, N Him.............I think the next thing we have to work on is "How to actually carry on a conversation in the Chat Room".. We could have some really good discussions there as in some other forums but it seems like nobody wants to say more than "Hello, and How are you?" 'nuff sed

And how are you 'nuff sed?

I'm fine ... hopin' you are the same. :)

yeah ... I know what you mean. I used to go there and just got tired of the hello and how are you. But I suppose it has it's place.


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