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Should adventist christians observe christmas?

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Why would a Christian attach to Paganism? Doesn't seem right to call someone pagan when they are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Just MHO.
Who made the day pagan? Did we have a voice in this? Or was it imposed upon us with out a vote? And was it made pagan for ever and the end of time? Or just for a few hundred years? Unless Jesus declared it to be pagan. I don't think I believe it to be so.
Dear Brother "4Him", Sorry for your lack of historical studies has left you without an answer for the question you ask. The Yule-tide "origins" are very pagan and remained that way until it was taken into the eary Catholic Church and "blessed" and dedicated to the birth of Christ. In all actuality, Christ wasn't even born on "Christ-mas" as "tradition" would have us believe. God has told us, through the SOP, that we should not spend large sums of money on decorations and presents, BUT that it is well that our thought should turn to the great blessing and wonder of the Incarnation and birth of Jesus as God's Gift to humanity.
Just remember that "Santa Claus" teaches a very legalistic and "old covenant" message of Righteousness by Works. We SDA's are REALLY good at that, but we are REALLY weak on Righteousness by Faith, just like the Israelites of old, only we have done worse than they, because we have more knowledge available to us and less "excuse" of ignorance.
God bless you as you work to figure out your personal answer to the "Christmas" question in your own life. May the Blessed Saviour be "born anew" in your heart each and every day and may your be able to share the message of His Love and Infinite Sacrifice with more effectiveness!
In His Service,
Thanks for your sincere concern for my soul. But I will celebrate Christmas because I celebrate Christ not a pagan God. If you don't want to celebrate His birth ... then that is fine. I hope the lack of celebration will merit you some good will.
We really don't need to discuss this for all of eternity. Our prophet spoke clearly ...

As previously posted .... I will stick with the instructions of our prophet regarding Christmas whether it was pagan or Catholic or whatever:

The twenty-fifth of December is supposed to be the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, and its observance has become customary and popular. But yet there is no certainty that we are keeping the veritable day of our Saviour's birth. History gives us no certain assurance of this. The Bible does not give us the precise time. Had the Lord deemed this knowledge essential to our salvation, He would have spoken through His prophets and apostles, that we might know all about the matter. But the silence of the Scriptures upon this point evidences to us that it is hidden from us for the wisest purposes. {AH 477.2} In His wisdom the Lord concealed the place where He buried Moses. God buried him, and God resurrected him and took him to heaven. This secrecy was to prevent idolatry. He against whom they rebelled while he was in active service, whom they provoked almost beyond human endurance, was almost worshiped as God after his separation from them by death. For the very same purpose He has concealed the precise day of Christ's birth, that the day should not receive the honor that should be given to Christ as the Redeemer of the world--one to be received, to be trusted, to be relied on as He who could save to the uttermost all who come unto Him. The soul's adoration should be given to Jesus as the Son of the infinite God. {AH 477.3}

Let your Christmas tree be dedicated to God, and let its boughs be laden with offerings for Christ....Teach your children by your own example the blessedness of doing for Christ. Train them to go on errands of love for him, and in all their gifts to remember the gracious Giver. {ST, December 8, 1887 par. 16}

Christmas should be a special time for bringing gifts to Jesus.....The gifts are now bestowed upon friends instead of Him who has made so great a sacrifice for us. All the gifts should flow in another channel, where they could be used in the salvation of men.--UL 374. {PaM 182.1}

If Christmas is kept at all, it should be kept in a way that will be in harmony with its significance. Christ should be remembered, his name honored; the old, old story of his love should be recounted. Instead of saying by our actions that we are putting Christ out of our minds and hearts, we should testify to men, to angels, and to God, that we remember our Redeemer, by following his example of self-sacrifice for others' good. But the day chosen to honor Christ is devoted by the many to honoring and pleasing themselves.Says our Saviour, "It was I whom you neglected. While your wardrobe was supplied with costly apparel, I had no comfortable clothing; while you feasted, I was hungry; while you were absorbed in pleasure, I was sick, a stranger, and uncared for. Let those who would have a happy new year, seek to honor God and make all around them happy. Let them share the gifts of Providence with those more needy, and bring to the Lord their offerings of gratitude, their sin-offerings, and their free-will offerings. {RH, January 3, 1882 par. 3}

And Christmas will soon be here. It is supposed that Christ was born on the 25th day of December, and for that reason it is celebrated as His birthday. But it is impossible for us to know upon what day He was born. You can know no more about that than the children of Israel could know where Moses was buried. The reason God has not revealed that fact is because you would have worshiped that day, as they would have worshiped the grave of Moses had they found it, and this is just what they have done with the day they supposed was the one on which Christ was born. {21MR 223.2} ,

On Christmas let the members of every church assemble, with offerings from willing hands and hearts,--the fruits of love and gratitude to God.Our children have learned to regard Christmas as a day of rejoicing ....desire to make gifts may be turned into channels of good to their fellow-men, to sustaining the work which Christ came to do. {RH, December 15, 1885 par. 4}What will you do at the beginning of this new year to show your gratitude to the Giver of all your mercies? Will you return to him in willing offerings a portion of the gifts he has freely bestowed upon you? Will you, by your Christmas and New Year's gifts, acknowledge that all things belong to God, and that all the blessings which we receive are the result of divine beneficence? {RH, December 26, 1882 par. 12} In celebrating Christmas, fathers, mothers, children, and friends are diverted from the great object to which the custom is attributed. They give their whole attention to the bestowal of gifts upon one another, and their minds are turned away from the contemplation of the Source of all their blessings both spiritual and temporal. In their attention to gifts and honors bestowed upon themselves or their friends, Jesus is unhonored and forgotten. Parents should seek to teach their children to honor Jesus. They should be instructed how He came to the world to bring light, to shine amid the moral darkness of the world. They should be impressed with the fact that "God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." {BEcho, December 15, 1892 par. 11} O, may the coming Christmas be the best one you have ever enjoyed, because you have brought gifts to Jesus, and given yourselves and your all without reservation to Him who has given all for you. {BEcho, December 15, 1892 par. 14}

At the holiday season much is spent by our own people upon gifts and various gratifications which are not only useless but often hurtful. Appetite is indulged, pride and self-love are fostered, and Christ is forgotten. If the money usually devoted to these objects were all brought into the mission treasury, our foreign missions would be lifted above embarrassment. Shall we not this year consecrate to God not merely a part but all our holiday gifts for the relief of His cause, which is in so great need? How can we more appropriately celebrate the coming Christmas, how better express our gratitude to God for the gift of His dear Son, than by offerings to send to all the world the tidings of His soon coming?--RH Dec. 6, 1887. {PaM 261.2
Yes Gabe. Some here have a serious lack of understanding of history.
Yes. I think the Bible and SOP are clear.

And yes ... our prophet was an awesome woman. And we can take to heart her wisdom on this issue ... but we can't twist and claim that she says something that she doesn't as some on this board have attempted to do.

Cool dude. Christmas is groovy man. Far out.
I think If the date of His birth was important, it would have been mentioned in the bible. What we should be focussing on is the fact that He is risen and look forward to his return. We are majoring in minors, let us focus upon the good news of salvation and getting it out there to others in need. Folks God is coming soon let us focus upon that.
i totallly agree with the Jacqueline!

Amen. There are hints about it, but you are right.  This is a good time to witness to the unbelieving so don't worry give and be kind and point to Jesus. 

Yes we should observe and celebrate Christmas. Christmas is one of the holidays that represents the GOOD in people. I do not car where it came from in that it highlights the birth of Jesus. No one really knows the exact date of His birth but thats not the important thing. I will welcome any holiday that talks about Jesus. Even though some people are thinking more of Santa than Jesus but the the though of Jesus is still in the air.

I definitely agree with you, Jerry. I personally find this season a wonderful reminder of the great and awesome power and love of our God who made Himself the most fragile of humans - a baby - and came to this world for the purpose of dying for you and me. And my celebration of the season is in that context.



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