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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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This is OSING, Lehcar's husband.  My wife has stated one good reason.  Let me share you my own personal reason for NOT ALLOWING KISSING AT ALL for unmarried people.  Lehcar is the THIRD MAIDEN I had ever kissed, and we kissed for the first time on the day we were married.  The first maiden I ever courted permitted familiarities of kissing which almost let to sex, and I praise the Lord we were kept from that path.  We parted, and I HAD ALWAYS REGRETTED HAVING KISSED HER FOR IT LED TO MEMORIES which I had wanted to erase.  

While courting my first wife, we agreed that we WOULD NEVER KISS UNTIL WE WERE MARRIED.  Both of us reasoned it out that kissing opens the door towards familiarity which ONLY MARRIED individuals are free to indulge in SEXUALLY.  We both believed that the kiss is the start of FOREPLAY, which is ONLY allowable for married couples.  Thus we never kissed until we were married, Dec. 30, 1964.  We kissed riding the car from the church to our home, and my wife became limp in my arms, she confessed later, that kiss was so MEMORABLE, OUR FIRST KISS AS HUSBAND AND WIFE.  And I remember that we were so GLAD and BLESSED that we WAITED UNTIL WE WERE MARRIED BEFORE WE FIRST KISSED EACH OTHER.   Our latter sex experiences was enriched with sexual orgasms which opened up to both of us, and we both can say, the experiences were beautiful, BECAUSE WE DECIDED NOT TO KISS UNTIL WE WERE MARRIED.

Unmarried couples who kiss are CHEATING on the beauty of married sex.  The Creator intended that the kiss is the beginning of sexual foreplay, which slowly, or quickly, depending on their mood, opens the door to  sexual  intercourse.   As it has been mentioned by several participants to these forum, it has led to marriage which has become a prison to some couples, because they opened the door to sex, by indulging in kissing before marriage.  This is a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE which I believe the Creator intends should be the direction couples should go to in order to have rich sexual experiences.  GOD BLESS US ALL. 

I so totally agree with you!  Thank you for being so frank in your answer.
Me too! Thanks, OSING, for sharing so sincerely; y're what I consider a good example and mentor.

I agree for the most part, but do think there should be just one kiss not long before marriage to make sure you have that spark (you all know what I mean) because if you don't have it you can both be great Christians, but if that isn't there in a kiss it will not be there in the marriage bed, and if it is not there in the marriage bed you are destined for failure, and better off as friends..

I speak from experience here... I once rely loved someone and we had dated for a while, but when I finally kissed him it felt like I was kissing my brother, because there was just no spark... No matter how much we cared for each other that didn't change, so we broke up..

As for scripture, the Bible says that we should wait for sex, and lustful contact.. Not an innocent kiss.. I'm not talking about the kind of kiss where it looks like you are trying to eat their face, but rather a closed mouth peck on the lips.. That is enough for anyone to tell..

And if that is wrong than I have violated my aunt's, uncles, cousins, and even my Jesus allowed His disciples to kiss Hm with a closed mouth peck, so I'm pretty sure that is ok...

Kissing is not wrong if you are courting the person. What we need to avoid most importantly is having fornication. Yes we should shun the appearance of evil but remember that relationships were made by God for Christians and not the world. So if the relationship is a serious one leading to the altar then there is nothing wrong with getting intimate with the person. Only if its serious i can't stress enough the importance of that part.
Seems that doing this is like doubting how the Creator made us to respond as sexual beings [as so many want to see if there is chemistry].  It also seems to be a selfish act in that we 'want it' 'before it's time' when it can be fully enjoyed, openly in the committed, marriage relationship.
I'm with you.  You put it well.
I am a very affectionate person too.. ;-)

kissing  is a very powerful stimulous and I can say at age nearly 61  yes  it does  and will lead to more  powerful release  then kissing alone can produce .  Best to leave that well alone because the majority of humans can not control the fire that burns  from  within after this kiss  goes on. BILLY GRAHM  saaid he never kissed a woman untill  he was engaged to be married and it was a very short engagement that  I had heard

  IT best u open no doors or even a window  that flames can   burn even harder  is my advice just as in a real fire this is true so with the flames of passion ,  your not immune to passions fire even in your 60,s  Believe it  or Not  ..  ps..   Young ladies  I want t o add this too do not think just because a man is  much older u can play with his emotions of passion  and it matters not  for a fire is stil la fire it burns just a s hot old or young.



Uncle Murray


It is still true, then, that if you see: "snow on the roof means there is a fire in the furnace." ROFL




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