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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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I agree you 100% As Christion we shoul have a limit as to how far is to far ... we need to keep focus on God at all time.. The choice we make determines our eternal destination; one lead to life everlasting the other, condemnation.... Life is made of choices.. The choice we make today will determined our tommorow.
Thanks for your honest response my brother. I too speak from experience and a personal conviction from God. However, I have only stated my opinion on the matter rather than advocate that it becomes a rule. I agree with you that being too strict and having too many rules lead to rebellion, and like you I also agree that each person needs to be persuaded by the Spirit in his or her mind on the matter. However, there are many persons who are uncertain about the matter and are sincerely seeking the advice and opinion of others hence my comments.
Be Blessed,
and you are so right..their is nothin wrong with kissing before marrage in my will it keep me out of God's kingdom?
My brother,
I am a liberal Christian who believes everyone should be persuaded in his own mind about a matter. I also believe in liberality of conscience under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit as opposed to dogmatism, legalism and so on. However, I am a counselor and I know there are lots of Christian women who committed fornication because they felt noting was wrong with kissing. Many of these persons ended up pregnant as a result and aborted their child, and are now living with great guilt. Many relationships have also ended because of pre-marital sex and many persons are now hurting as a result. So I know about the dreadful consequences of kissing. You see the ladies I mentioned had no problem with kissing before marriage and so when they set their boundaries they set it to stop at kissing and has a result ended up in the problems I mentioned.

Kissing (French kissing) can keep you out brother because it is not done to glorify God but to satisfy the passion of the flesh and often leads to more sin as mentioned before.

God bless.
You are perfectly correct. I am one of those (trusting, self-confident, easily fooled) christian females, who as a teen, experienced what you wrote about. I am now much older, and I regret being so generous with my kisses, that led to other acts, which then led to sin. The truth is, once you start open-mouth kissing, there is, for most persons, this desire for privacy, in order to do it thouroughly. Once you start having these private, secluded venues, as part of your date, it becomes the beginning of a road that leads to the end of purity, and trust, and of God being the Head of that relationship.

I wish I could say that it is easier as you get older, but the truth is that if you indulged in that type of behaviour earlier in life, you take to carry it over into your adult relationships. Young people, it is really easier to not start.
I am in total agreement with you. It has to be that we learn from experience ourselves, and from the experience of others. That is what grace is about. It allows us to grow in Jesus.

What I have discovered among young people, is that when we the adults are honest and open with them about the issues of life, they usually respond more positively to our recommendations.

We cannot just appear to them to be always sounding perfect, and always pointing out what to do and not do, when in most cases, we the adults fail too. Even if kissing is wrong we still need to be careful how we position ourselves as standard bearers.
I agree with you about how we should present the message to young people - with honesty and not as if we are perfect, or in a dogmatic, legalistic, "phariseetic" way.
Oh yes ,

This I agree with 110% , you go boy
you are very right. how are we supposed to be representing God by doing such things that are ment for married people. I believe that kissing is made to lead toward other things.
who said that kissing is for married people? so everytime married people kiss they have sex? i allso think that their is a limit
LOL...good question!
Hey ,

I enjoyed reading your response you think alot like me , keep close to God girlfriend


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