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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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How can one kiss as a form of a greeting?. Where in public or private? what about a man and woman in private? It is not easy.
In some cultures, that's how people greet each other.
Kiss has so many different meanings given the different context. There is the HOLY kiss that is permitted between unmarried people, BUT not the kiss that belongs only in marriage. We must discern the difference. Fornication is unmarried indiividuals doing what ONLY belongs in marriage. It is not the thing done that is wrong BUT the wrong time, place, status of individuals involved etc.....

2 Corinthians 13:12, Romans 16:16, 1 Corinthians 16:20, 1 Thessalonians 5:26, 1 Peter 5:14.

In many cultures it is an acceptable custom that people greet with the kiss, and the acceptable way to kiss depending on context. There is the kiss of respect between members of a family, between strangers, between children, friends and acquaitances. As there are different types of love, eros, agape, philia so there are different types of kisses. It is not what we do BUT how we do it, and the context of time and place.

In Genesis there are stories of the kiss between father and son, Issac and Jacob, Laban's criticism of not being able to kiss his sons and daughters, Genesis 27:26, Genesis 31: 55 and Genesis 31:28. In Genesis 29:11 Jacob kissed Rachel.

Even Christ spoke of Judas wanting to give him the kiss of betrayal which was fulfilled in Matthew 26: 47 - 50. Mary was praised when she kissed His feet, Luke 7:45. In Acts 20; 37 Paul was kissed by believers in Ephesus for his selfless ministry.

God gave kiss like speech to be a blessing. Satan has used it for a curse through lust of the flesh. Let us reclaim and maintain it for all that is good, true and beautiful.

Let us "KISS" to the glory of God,right context, right time, right place, and right manner and thus let no one have need to question our kiss, Phillipians 1:10, " Without offence till the day of Christ." Not lingering beyond acceptable length of time so as to avoid even the appearance of evil
1 Thessalonians 5: 22
Thank you, I am glad for your points.
In many cases, any kiss (in our culture) would give the appearance of evil. So I wouldn't go around giving holy kisses at church.
" Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. Romans 14:5.

Each MUST be persuaded in his own mind what is the TRUTH pertaining to and relevant for each unique circumstance.

Our BIRTHRIGHT in Christ is our individuality, our power to think, our power to reason from cause and effect and the ULTIMATE POWER , the KINGLY POWER of CHOICE - our greatest asset. Let us never INTENTIONALLY damage or even destroy the BIRTHRIGHT of any and so be guilty of the greatest form of ungodliness- to prevent the exercise of inalienable spiritual rights :

To ask, seek and find... Matthew 7:7

To seek with ALL heart, mind and soul................ Jeremiah 29:13

To hear the voice of God saying well done, and this is the way....... John 10:16

To be individually accountable for ALL light received............ Matthew 12:36

To work out ones own salvation with godly fear and trembling............ Phillipians 2:12

To personally discover and know the doctrine.............................................John 7:17

To rightly divide the Word of God........................2 Timothy 2:15

To see Christ in everything ................John 5:39

To prove all things and hold to what is TRUE.................1 Thessalonians 5: 21

Truth is progressive and cumulative. It advances majestically and triumphantly. for each age there is a signature TRUTH and corresponding doctrines.

Ephesus - First Love
Smyrna - Martyrdom
Pergamos - Beware of Creeping Compromises

Thytira - The false prophetess and the need to hold fast to what is known. No other burden will be added.

Smyrna - Strengthen what is ready to die

Philadelphia..........Great new light...the open door and the shut door

Laodicean- Neither hot nor cold, not rich and increased with goods BUT poor, wretched, blind, and naked

Martin Luther did not present the Sabbath / Sanctuary truth neither did William Miller. However the message for the time of Martin Luther was the just shall live by faith, and the time of William Miller was the cleansing of the sanctuary - earth, with the soon coming of Jesus.

We are called to search the scriptures, to stand on holy ground and to KNOW God INDIVIDUALLY< for ourselves, John 5:39 and God will open our understanding, Luke 24;45.

God does not want human / spiritual clones. Everything in nature testifies to God's love of diversity, individuality and the ultimate- UNITY in DIVERSITY,

" ..The BODY is ONE....MANY MEMBERS....ALL the MEMBERS being many YET are ONE is CHRIST ... It is God who set the members as it PLEASED a way that there should be no SCHISM in the BODY.... always many YET out of MANY...ONE" ' 1 Corinthians 12: 12, 18, 25.

We are the architects of our own destiny, through the exercise of the WILL, the godly power of choice. We should never surrender our power of choice or sell it for a mess of pottage as Esau did to Jacob under the influence of an unconverted appetite.

Let us be our brother's keeper and preserve the mark of our distinction - FREEDOM of CHOICE. Moreso, when the vision of a "good"end seems to justify any means EVEN force and deception.

Let us value and respect each other, listen to what each has to say, agree to disagree as we wait on the revelation and understanding from God. Encourage, motivate, inspire, pray for and pray with, NEVER ever preying on each other, crossing that sacred line of respect and dignity so as to dictate, demand and force adherence to what is RIGHT , GOOD and TRUE in the pretext of trying to save someone.

TRUTH does not need such an ally!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we in danger of being the UZZAHs of today, doing evil under the pretext of doing good? Are we in danger of casting a dark shadow on the divine path of TRUTH by DEMANDING allegiance at all cost? Isn't this the return to Babylon - a use of force? Revelation 17 & 18. Are we ready and now willing to enforce our doctrines through the mandates of political power in an attempt to prepare all for His soon coming? Does a "good" end justify any means?

Let us speak our truth calmly, peacefully, lovingly, intensely without demand, violence, or sword. Let freedom reign.

Can TRUTH survive and flourish without free choice? A man convinced against his will holds his opinion still. Can character develop without liberty?

Does God want character established through FORCE?

To disrespect free choice in the pursuit of TRUTH is an UNGODLY act, QUITE UNTENABLE!!!!!!!!!

Of all the pleasures of God, God takes pleasure THE MOST in the development of Christlike character through the INTELLIGENT AND FREE exercise of the will.

Loving, cheerful, intelligent service based on the exercise of the power of choice is God's ideal for us.

The greatest accomplishment in the sight of God is for us to serve HIM, understand the nature of His government, establish by the EXERCISE of individual choice a character fashioned after the divine similitude and to reproduce AND multiply in perfect harmony fully reflecting His laws and testimony.

God wants the best for all, the FULL expression of our Unique Individualiity in Him. Let us run from any temptation to sell or to rob others of the royal birth right.

Isn't this the same great joy earthly parents experience to see their children mature uniquely and individually in the reflection of all that is divinely good, true and beautiful. Let freedom reign........." Ye shall know the TRUTH and The truth shall set you free.....He who the Son sets free is free indeed." John 8: 32, 36

TRUTH is majestic, victorious, eternal, unchanging, unending, tireless in its unfolding as it becomes brighter and brighter unto the coming of Christ.

Shall we try the IMPOSSIBLE ...... to shackle what God has unshackled, to close the door which God has opened, and open the door which God has closed ?

God forbid!!!!!............ It will be to our own destruction.
Were 'holy kisses' allowed between man and man .... woman and woman?

I like kissing ... but I think that would be going to far.
The " Holy" kiss was considered to be like a handshake in the ancient culture. It is not mandatory for salvation. Judas kissed Jesus, Matthew 26 : 46 - 50.

It is still practiced today in certain cultures. It is not mandatory to salvation. In the Western world a " QUICK " handshake and a " QUICK " hug is considered substituable.

" I am made all things ( WITHOUT COMPROMISE TO GODLY PRINCIPLE ) to all men, that I might by all means save some....I do this for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you", 1 Corinthians 9:22.

In addition, remember that all things which are lawful MAY NOT at all times be convenient, we need to exercise GODLY wisdom and tact.
Well then .... kisses to all of you. :)
In the middle east they still have that peck on both cheeks greeting. Adventists there would probably do that at church.

I didn't read all this, but I'll say I agree with the original post, because kissing leads to sex.

In the Philippines, the conservative girls are taught not to even hold hands, or they will get pregnant. They are not even taught proper sex ed, how people really do get pregnant. But it works out, because they stay virgin until marriage, so their marriages have that blessing. In that sense, it's "by the book".

But I heard of a Disney movie where 14 year old girls french kiss all the time through the whole movie. It's Disney. It's for kids. I guess they want kids to kiss. And then to have sex as soon as possible. That's human wisdom for ya.
Not every Disney movie is for kids. Like this one.
all I know is that Ricardo comes up with the most long lasting threads known to mankind.


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