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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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There is already a discussion going on that one I think..

If you believe that it is wrong for you, then don't it.  It is wise to know your own limitations and inability to control yourself when you are aroused and with someone you care about in kissing.  I would be very careful to not make this the "11th Commandment" and an edict for everyone.

Don't play with fire if you don't wanna get burnt.

True, kissing irons is not at all recommended. :)

3 TO 6 months is the longest unmarried couples should date before marriage,and that's according to the counsils of SOP. For that matter,it must be because of the temptations envolved with kissing. It doesn't however state whether it should or should not kiss.  I may have to research it a little further,however.

This topic was made over 5 years ago, and is still going strong!

Are you talking about public kissing?  I've encountered this, and I don't feel comfortable with those brethren who do it.  It's very immodest.

Kissing in private?

Well, you want your relationship to be built on ideas you are able to share, not bodily fluids.  Because this is something anyone can do.  Courtship should be about finding out if you're compatible spiritually, not physically, because you already know you are.

Exactly. I totally agree.

I have no qualms about give my wife a kiss in public.  In fact, when I was gone for six months, and I met her at the airport it was rather enthusiastic. 

Appreciate your impute, but we're talking about (1.) unmarried Christians, (2.) engaging in kissing.  "Engaging" suggests more than just a peck.

But, as for married couples in my church having a peck, I don't even see this, ever.  But, I go to a pretty conservative church.  I also don't see anyone dancing in my church.  It may be because you're from a different part of the country than me, where modesty isn't such an important thing.

I always give my wife a peck on the lips when it is meet and greet time.  I don't know?  Are you from the cold Northwest where people, usually, in public are more stolid like the Victorian era.  And equally as debauched in private?  I have noticed that about the North.  I remember reading the little Duluth, Minnesota Newspaper of a town of 30k years ago, and most of it was devoted to what homosexuals, and groups of people were soliciting to do one another.  I only saw one really pair of flamboyant homosexuals there.  I did run into a pastry/coffee shop trying to get to warm on a cold September night by the lake where there were some hefty women clearly on dates with each other.  While another large woman strummed a guitar singing about incest.

But, for the most part it was all under the surface with extreme perversity.

"l there were some hefty women clearly on dates with each other.  While another large woman strummed a guitar singing about incest."   Lol, So true of Minnesota.  They are progressive  dontcha know. 

I love an enthusiastic kiss from my wife.  I do not like PDA (public display of affection) but I will not say no to an enthusiastic kiss.  Except maybe at church. 


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