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I believe kissing by unmarried Christians is wrong as it is likely to lead to lusting and other wrong acts and we should shun the very appearance of evil.

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  • What is a Kiss? To touch with your lips, especially as a greeting, or to press your mouth onto another person's mouth in a sexual way.
    Dear brother Vicenzo, if it's a holy kiss as a greeting then i guess there's no problem, but a kiss given to someone i presume a date or gf then it's sexual no need to explain as simple as that!

    If we go into the details of science the fact that you wanna kiss someone means that you've already fantasized about him/her.
    Now what did Jesus teach about fantasies?
  • Matthew 5:28
  • Ephesians 5:3 But Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kinf of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God's holy people. Sexual immorality includes fantasies, intimate kissing, masturbation, fornication, adultery, sodomy etc.
    Again when you picture (fantasize) kissing someone it means after kissing you are advancing in your mind and as well ripping clothes off, and where did it start from? Kissing the Bible tells us to flee from sexual immorality (I Thess 4:3, I Corinth 6:18 etc.)

Now after searching All the EGW writings this is what i got in regard to "Kiss" or "Kissing"
  • Adventist Home chap. 55 Moral Standards Prevalence of Immorality Today.--A terrible picture of the condition of the world has been presented before me. Immorality abounds everywhere. Licentiousness is the special sin of this age. Never did vice lift its deformed head with such boldness as now. The people seem to be benumbed, and the lovers of virtue and true goodness are nearly discouraged by its boldness, strength, and prevalence. The iniquity which abounds is not merely confined to the unbeliever and the scoffer. Would that this were the case, but it is not. Many men and women who profess the religion of Christ are guilty. Even some who profess to be looking for His appearing are no more prepared for that event than Satan himself. They are not cleansing themselves from all pollution. They have so long served their lust that it is natural for their thoughts to be impure and their imaginations corrupt. It is as impossible to cause their minds to dwell upon pure and holy things as it would be to turn the course of Niagara and send its waters pouring up the falls. . . . Every Christian will have to learn to restrain his passions and be controlled by principle. Unless he does this, he is unworthy of the Christian name. Lovesick sentimentalism prevails. Married men receive attention from married or unmarried women; women also appear to be charmed and lose reason and spiritual discernment and good common sense; they do the very things that the word of God condemns, the very things that the testimonies of the Spirit of God condemn. Warnings and reproofs are before them in clear lines, yet they go over the same path that others have traveled before them. It is like an infatuating game at which they are playing. Satan leads them on to ruin themselves, to imperil the cause of God, to crucify the Son of God afresh and put Him to an open shame.

    Ignorance, pleasure loving, and sinful habits, corrupting soul, body, and spirit, make the world full of moral leprosy; a deadly moral malaria is destroying thousands and tens of thousands. What shall be done to save our youth? We can do little, but God lives and reigns, and He can do much.
  • If the Minister Tempts.--The slightest insinuations, from whatever source they may come, inviting you to indulge in sin or to allow the least unwarrantable liberty with your persons should be resented as the worst of insults to your dignified womanhood. The kiss upon your cheek, at an improper time and place, should lead you to repel the emissary of Satan with disgust. If it is from one in high places, who is dealing in sacred things, the sin is of tenfold greater magnitude and should lead a God-fearing woman or youth to recoil with horror, not only from the sin he would have you commit, but from the hypocrisy and villainy of one whom the people respect and honor as God's servant.
    If a minister of the gospel does not control his baser passions, if he fails to follow the example of the apostle and so dishonors his profession and faith as to even name the indulgence of sin, our sisters who profess godliness should not for an instant flatter themselves that sin or crime loses its sinfulness in the least because their minister dares to engage in it. The fact that men who are in responsible places show themselves to be familiar with sin should not lessen the guilt and enormity of the sin in the minds of any. Sin should appear just as sinful, just as abhorrent, as it had been heretofore regarded; and the minds of the pure and elevated should abhor and shun the one who indulges in sin as they would flee from a serpent whose sting was deadly. If the sisters were elevated and possessed purity of heart, any corrupt advances, even from their minister, would be repulsed with such positiveness as would never need a repetition

That said Read the book "Adventist Home" here
Hi Ricardo, you believe that "kissing by unmarried christians is wrong"
Ok. the bible says this much:

1 Corinthians 7
" 1Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman.
2Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

So it is good not to touch [as a precaution], yet it does not say sinful.

Unmarried christians can lust without even kissing or touching! Our real problem is our sinful nature!
Sin starts in the mind before anything else happens. So if we are waiting only for the action we are quite late!

Please let me know what you think.
Kimani, as counselor and I know there are lots of Christian women who committed fornication because they felt noting was wrong with kissing. Many of these persons ended up pregnant as a result and aborted their child, and are now living with great guilt. Many relationships have also ended because of premarital sex and many persons are now hurting as a result. So I know about the dreadful consequences of kissing. You see the ladies I mentioned had no problem with kissing before marriage and so when they set their boundaries they set it to stop at kissing and as a result ended up in the problems I mentioned.

1 Cor. 10:31 says everything we do should be done to the glory of God.

Questions - Can the unmarried kiss (French kiss) each other to glorify God?

I know it is hard for people who are in love to abstain but I believe not kissing is the ideal. It is a wonderful thing when two peoples love each other and they have a strong spiritually bond and are focussed on growing together spiritually. This kind of relationship is far more fulfilling than one than involves lots of physical contact such as kissing.
I am a witness. What you say is true. You see, kissing requires privacy and one you start having clandestine meetings, away from everybody, one thing does lead to the next. Also, the way our minds and bodies are wired, what pleasures us today, will seem insufficient next week. We have this urge to go further.
Thanks for sharing in the discussion. I agree with all you said. May God bless you.
Kissing can lead to sex so I always say do not tempt the Devil to tempt you so still away from that
Hi,I am new to this site,just got invited to it by a friend and the title of the topic caught my eye.
It reminded me of two instances in the Bible.

And Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted up his voice, and wept.

Was this a sinful action that Jacob commited?

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for *thy love is better than wine

Is this a sinful thought that this woman has,it appears from this book that in the beggining chapter she is not yet married to Solomon?
My Brother,

Please check Gen. 29:11 and tell me if the kiss it mention is a romantic kiss or a kiss of greeting.

As far as Songs 1:2 is concerned you can only speculate about whether or now this woman was married to Solomon. Also remember that as far as his relationship with women are concerned Solomon did things that would not be lawful for us to do today. Eg. He had hundreds of wives and concubines.

I really do not want to sound or seem like a Pharisee but I have been convicted by the Holy Spirit that it is wrong for me to kiss if I am not married.

If you honestly and sincerely believe you can kiss to give glory to God while not married then let your conscience be your guide. I will not judge or condemn you or anyone for this practice. I also know the challenge it takes to abstain from kissing when you are in love with someone. However, I am encouraged by the example of Joseph who waited months to have sex with Mary after he was married to her. If this man could have displayed such self-control towards his wife - then why can't I abstain from kissing until I am married?

To be honest with you the Holy Spirit has shown me the difference between a relationship that has a strong physical focus (kissing, petting) and one in which two persons seek to grow together spiritually (together reaching out to the less fortunate, together praying and fasting and seeking a deeper relationship with God). The difference is that the relationship with the stronger spiritual focus is far more rewarding, also this spiritual focus gives tremendous strength to overcome the passion of the flesh.

Be blessed,
Well as Christians we must live by "It is written" and be careful not to cast stumbling blocks before the brethen by "inventing rules".
As for as not kissing before marriage as the ideal I totally 100% agree.
The Bible does not condemn it.....neither can we.
The Bible does not promote it.....neither can we.
We must not add or subtract from God's Word.I really hope what I wrote is not taken out of context.
Even though I totally 100% agree to wait until marriage to engage in kissing(and other associated stuff) I have NO word from God to tell my fellow man it is a sin......It could lead into a sin......but no word on it being a sin.
Thanks for your response brother.

God bless
I really am surprised this discussion is going on. I'm also surprised that up to the point where I have posted it hasn't been rated. I Think this contains opinions facts and scripture worth pondering, and it's discussions like these which, as 'simple and complicated' as this one seems, cause us to search scripture and find the truth for ourselves. I think I've just piggy backed off of what someone said earlier, but its discussions like these which would cause me to come back to this site. And after reading and searching, should cause us to truly make a wise and honest decision.

So continue searching and challenging. This is how we grow...
Thanks for your comments brother.

May God bless you.


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