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Is it because love isn't genuine anymore why the divorce rate is so high?

Once upon a time the divorce rate in the world was far greater than in the church. Today the church's divorce is on par with that of the world?

What has gone wrong? What are some of the factors that contribute to this reality?

What are the solutions?

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Hi brother, I believe one of the contributing factors for the increase in divorce among our Christian family is the fact that some of us are marrying outisde of the church family. Remember the bible warned us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.
Christians have to learn to wait on the Lord. and let Him direct our paths Our partners must compliment us; therefore they must be one in beliefs, values, aims and a desire to get to heaven.
Love can still be genuine if we let go and let God have His way.
So true Karen!

I am going to make a similarity here. I am going to compare our taste buds with the way we choose our partners. If our taste buds are an indicator of the level of spirituality, then could the way we go about choosing our mates for marriage another spiritual indicator?

Think about it for awhile!
divorce is one of the most complex and controversial issues being discussed today. there is no simplistic response to your Q. there are probably as many, or more reasons for divorce as there are for marriage. the principal reason that Jesus offered is '...the hardness of your hearts' {matt 19;8} hardening the heart is euphemistic for unwillingness to cooperate with god. remember pharoah? [see 1 sam 6:6] difficulties always result from another opinion/behavior than what god prescribes.
1] god says 'only a sheriff' - we say 'a deputy essential'
2] god says 'husbands love your wives' - we say 'abuse them'
3] god says 'wives submit' we say ' control and nag' ETC.
what do we expect when we violate god's prescriptions? the entire society gets sick.
I have not read every response to this discussion so I am sorry if this was already stated. My coworker and I were talking about how less and less people my age and younger stick to their commitments. When people get married they sign a contract - they make a commitment. I have yet to meet a long time married couple who has not gone through significnant trials and tests. Consistently, I find that their commitment to each other and to God, even when they wanted to kill one another (literally) has kept their marriage alive.

This failure to maintain our commitments are seen in how my generation and younger moves from job to job, relationship to relationship; how we withdraw from classes; from how easily we give up. I work at a college as an academic advisor and I see this behavior all of the time. It is disconcerting. Its is as if we feel that we always have to feel good in order to keep our promises. What happened to 1 Corinthians 13 Love. This type of love is not for the faint of heart. This type of love is demonstrated by people of faith who keep their commitments.

well i can,t say much nerver been that situation but i,m going to say that many peeople are not away of long term effect on there lives throu divorce it,s teribble thing go through but i hope this little messagepicture will make you value life and think what important
Or is it because we have placed the counsel of our "feelings" over the counsel of the Word of God?

As a people we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, with the scripture defining those leadings for us.

We are to invite Jesus into our hearts through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

When we do that, we will find our relationships improve.

Problems with our relationships in our marriages?

Fix the real problem, which will be our relationship with God.

Mark :-)
The Bible said that in the last days the love of many will wax cold, men will be lovers of pleasure more than God, and that men will be without natural affection. Everything that you see here is going according to the word of God. The Church is not immune to these problems due to the fact that these problems are not addressed in Church anymore. The world has infiltrated the Church and they are dictating how things are ran and what programs will be talked about. The Jesuit order has been an influence in the Church for many years, but, as a child of God you must be strong and stand firm in His powerful, mighty, hands of grace.


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