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Some of the best testimonies I have heard are those that describe how some of us became SDAs. I know people from different backgrounds have had their own unique experiences with regards to the journey.

So, please share your experience with us.

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Sorry to hear about your struggles Kieko. I am sure it didn't happen overnight. Its the little compromises that Satan gets us to practise until it reaches a point of almost no return. Thank God its almost. God still hasn't changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.

Satan would have us believe that we cannot keep God's law. He places before us the glamor, and glitter of worldly trappings in order to prove our worth. His goal is to destroy our souls. Remember Moses? Remember Paul, and the apostles who would have rather died for the cause of Christ than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season? My brother let me encourage you in Christ to be faithful. None of us are righteous, and it would be wrong of me to use my standards to judge you, but I place God's holy standard before you and ask of you to seek Him who is able to save to the uttermost.

Its never too late to call on Christ with all your heart, for "we have not an High Priest who is not touched by the feelings of our infirmities"

I am sure all who have read your story, including me, will be praying for you. We hope that you yourself will join us in prayer as well.
I woke up one day at 12pm, and when the long hand went round three hundred and sixty degrees and it was 12.01, when I came to, I decided to become a 7th Day Adventist. lolololol j/k

Okay the question is complex if you are going to ask How and Why?
Let's see if I can define the How!

I heard about the church and stuff when my sister got baptized back in 2006. Back then I had a relationship with my Pentecostal girlfriend and she made a comment that everytime an Adventist does something bad, they get baptized (which is not true, so don't get worried hehehe).

When I went on vacation that year, I had a brother who also became Adventist, and his father was also adventist. Yes "his" father, but to get the scoop on that will be a different e-mail on definitely a different forum hahahaha. Anyhow I decided to do more research on the Adventist church and often watched 3ABN

*Someone in the crowd starts getting excited* ME TOO!! ME TOOO!!

Okay take it easy now :D. Yeah so that station inspired me, and I enjoyed watching a program called Revelation Speaks Hope, and Unlocking Genesis. It was the first time the prophecy was told in a way that I could understand and logically made sense. Sunday worshipers believe in something much scarier, where as now I feel that Revelation is a book more about hope, than actually horror. You will only experience the real horrfic parts if you don't have that Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ.

Now the Why...
Well after researching the Sabbath, several times I prayed that I would be lead in the right direction, I got enough evidence, especially watching Ten Commandment Weekend on 3ABN back in 2006, when it was preached on the fourth commandment and the preacher uttered the words: "If God had changed the day, He would have let us known." Which is so true because once it comes to salvation and His day, He would never hide something like that from us. Never let us misunderstand the things He knows we can understand. So after that, and accepting the bible as 100% truth, it only lead me to the Seventh Day Adventist church.

*Crowd gives a round of applause as they had me the Confession Award*

*Cries* Thank youuuu! First off I wanna thank my mother, because she brought me in this world and never told me she would take me back out whenever I misbehaved. I want to thank my fingers for all the typing of hard work. And the people, for taking time out to read.

lolol. I'm just kidding around people.

God bless and hope you enjoy.
Orville that was a glorious testimony. Isn't God's hand mighty to save?

From as far back as age 10, I saw in an unusual way the hand of the Lord in my life. It seemed as if everywhere I lived, there were always some Adventist family around through whom the Lord would reach me. I remember having read a book called Desire of Ages, at age11, that became the clincher in deciding to learn more about the lady who wrote the book.

Little did I know she was a Seventh-Day Adventist.
im Seventh Day Adventist since born. Thanks God :)
Isn't it a grand previlege Charilah?
Well I'm 3rd generation Adventist.. But grew up in a home predominently Jehovah's Witnesses so I guess you can imagine what it was like for me. I was in the Kingdom Hall and when my mother found out she came for my sister and I every Sabbath.

I started going to Baptismal class cause I loved my sabbath school teacher's style of teaching..He made everything sousd so simple. Eventually I went to live with my mother and I was able to go to church whenever there was church. I got baptised at 9 yrs mother thought I was too young but I'm glad I did.

I have erred over the years but I'm still here and have a daughter who is a baptised memebr as well.she is 14 and 4th genreation SDA ..

I'm an SDA member because every question I asked was answered fromthe word of God and it all made sense.
Praise the Lord Cherylann. Its amazing how God has a way to reveal His truth in Hi sown sweet time. I posted a song from the heritage singers entitled "In His time..." God makes all things beautiful in His time.

God bless.
I was born into an SDA home and at age eight I decided that it was time to seal my faith in a public way by being baptized. For the first 17 years of my life I lived in a very ideal Seventh-Day Adventist home setting. Then circumstances led me to become a part of a non SDA household. At first I had no problems following the customs that I had learned as a child: get up have morning devotion, pray before meals, evening devotion as well as read lesson quarterly and other habits that is customary to SDA. Then gradually the peer pressure etc got the better of me and what seemed taboo were soon things that I began to enjoy.

I thank God for christian education and some of the programs that are possible on the campus. For, it was on campus that I learned to really love Jesus and to follow His requirements from my heart instead of what others said was the right thing to do. God's love continues to abide in my heart. I love and follow Him and is happily looking forward to the second coming.
I too grew up in the church. I was raised primarily by my mother, who, as soon as she woke up, would take her Bible and quarterly from by her bedside, and she would silently read them, using her flashlight, if she had to. She taught us to pray by repeating after her, from the time we could talk gibberish (baby talk). Bedtime prayers, morning prayers, mealtime prayers... . The Radio was stuck on Radio Paradise, a christian station. We had no tv and she did not encourage us to keep "company". Immersed this way in all things christian, I grew up with a deep knowledge of, and deep love for, the Lord.

Sometimes mummy did not have the money for busfare, so we did not go to church often. She always saved so that we could go to church on Thirteenth Sabbath, so that we could collect our quarterlies, plus hers.When we could read, she insisted that we follow her example and read our Bibles silently every morning. I learned alot about God that way.

I pestered the Pastors for baptism at age 8 and age 9. They said I was too young. During an islandwide crusade by Charles D Brookes in 1978, I slid in with the crowd and got baptized at age 10, before my Pastor could realize.

My story is different than others from here on.

During my teen years, the church hired a bus to take those of us from our village, to the church, so now my siblings and I were at church regularly. I was able to spend more time with the church folk. I was disappointed. When I compared the truth I read in the Bible, to the conversations and lives of the more prominent members, I was turned off. I felt that there was no way that this could be the remnant church, and in my heart, I yearned to find that church that worshipped on Sabbath, believed in and lived the Ten Commandments and were serious about God's truths and christian living.

After church, the conversation was so secular! If I tried to talk something spiritual, I was told by my peers that church was over. If I wore something with a collar and long sleeves, I was teased and called "Sr White", and jeered at for looking "holy, holy".

The singing on Sabbath morning was so dead! Yet on Saturday night, during Socials, the same persons who were silent during the singing in church, suddenly came alive when singing "Sly Mongoose", and other silly, secular songs! I was verbally abused for not being more enthusiastic about the dead mongoose. I felt lonely. I longed to be a part of the true remnant church. I was convinced that the SDA church was not it, yet it was the only Sabbath-keeping church on the island.

My plan, then, was to get a scholarship and go to Jamaica to study, when I left school. I had heard that there were other Sabbath-keeping churches there, that were not SDA. I intended checking them out, and finding the true church!

There were no ABCs on the island, and I had not been exposed to Sr White's writings. I liked to read, and during vacation, I would go through the village asking to borrow books. I wanted secular books, by this time. I was tired of being teased. I had lowered my standard somewhat.

A sister told me she had some magazines. She said that spiritual things are what I should be reading. She gave me some "Our Firm Foundation" Magazines. Some of the articles quoted Sr White. I loved her! Obviously she had been to my church, and she did not like it either! Also, her idea of what the remnant should look like, was the same as my understanding of what I read in Scripture!

The following is what convinced me that the SDA church is the remnant, and so, though I had been a christian for years, this is when I became a SDA. Sr White said that the church had stopped following Christ as her leader, and was steadily heading back to Egypt! (That was my church!) She said that conditions in the church would be such that would make us question whether it is God's church. (I was questioning!) She said that we should stay on board, as this was God's church. She said that the church will return to primitive godliness one day. There were many quotes in that magazine, that spoke of the unflattering state of our church, then pointed to God's standard for His church.

From those quotes, I understood that the Seventh-day Ahventist Church is God's remnant church, but that my congregation was going through a phase. God had not left us. We needed to get serious about Him.

I wish I could tell you that I remained faithful. I did not. After I left school, I wanted to taste a bit of life. I played with fire and got "burnt". During my pain, I learned that God's Ten Commandments were not intended to spoil my fun, but they are part of the hedge that God has put around us, to keep us from the pain and suffering that results from sin.

Today, I can honestly say, "My faith has found a resting place." I am not looking for another church. I have found the remnant, and I know and love the God of the remnant. I am proud to say, I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I am not perfect - neither is the church, but we are both God's.

Brethren, however He got you here, in His church, stay onboard. If you feel like you are the only one who has not bowed his/her knee to Baal, remember the Bible story. There are thousands - millions - who like you, are striving to live for God! Hold on!
Your story is such a genuine one my sister. I appreciate your honesty. I am glad your frustrations didn't drive you from God's fold, because that is exactly what it is. God's people at times will behave like sheep and will often wonder and stray from God's directive, and instructions.

Let us pray for each other and set an example in witnessing for Christ that others will be motivated to follow.

God bless!

What an awesome testimony!!...Maybe I am biased, as I so heartily agree about what one finds when one comes to church, these days, sometimes..


It can be so wrong feeling..I know we are not to go on feeling, but, intuition, from the Holy Spirit can't be denied, either..He lets us know, (if we have given ourselves to Him enough to have immersed ourselves in His Word)..THAT really IS the ultimate test, and accompanied by the Holy Spirit, It cannot fail!


And, the arrows of affliction, that we DO pierce ourselves through with, are hard to take...It is never what we think it is when we set off...


I wrote this a while back, and just found it again.."Rebellion is tricky. It SEEMS as if it is brand new, and all your very own...Never before done in just such a way, or for as noble a reason...It's tricky, all right!..It's one of the bigger liars around....The ONLY thing unique about it is that it was ME...My experience...Overall, rebellion has but one end, unless one escapes, by God's grace.."



Also this..." He has to show us the depths of what we DO NOT know. We ARE blinded, initially, BY the Light.HE must now groom us to Sight. Not we, ourselves do one thing in the process except learn...First, obey, then learn, grow, while at the same time throwing out the BALLAST of self. Parcel by parcel, bit by bit.Hoist it over the side, and dont get discouraged by the amount you find!!!...He knew it when He put YOU on His shoulders...It is only YOU who are discovering it for the first time!...Be calm...Your the LAST to know!!...It's all-right...REST....Have faith...Rejoice evermore!!!...In EVERYTHING give thanks!...The Bible says this IS the will of God, for YOU, IN Christ Jesus....It's a process, but " prayer is the KEY, in the hand of FAITH!!"...Never forget.."


God has said, through Ellen White and our founders, that this remnant church will be...Hold on!!!!!...Dont let go, even when it is stormy....The fire of the prodigal is NOT fun, and it is NOT necessary for "conversion"...It is painful, and filled WITH arrows of affliction UPON RETURN...While we are gone, it is painful, yes...But, when we come BACK, THEN the TRUE pain begins...ALL the friends and loved ones we have acquitred who will not have Light...We COULD hav given it...We did not...In God's hands, we are weighted down with souls who will persish, it is true..We can only sow...BUT, rebellion brings SO MANY more, who, now, we must mourn...Arrows of affliction, of a sad sort...


THANK GOD, He picks us up, and carries us back...I could not have made it without Him...He was ALL I had to cling to, as I knew He KNEW me, and still, as the Bible says, STILL loves ME...



I loved reading all the testimonies...I will maybe give more of mine, later, when I come home..


I am an Adventist simply because I was born into one. I was baptized by the age of 9 because it was a cool thing to do at that time. I am not a Bible reader and haven't read a single book of Ellen White. I go to church just so I could chat with my friends. But when I left my home I became terribly homesick and then I started looking for an SDA Church. I am not familiar with the places since I was new and I was getting late for the services then I approach man and asked him for directions and it turned out of he is an adventist... out of all the people walking there I spotted an adventist! and he told me he went out of the church coz he's looking for a friend that he invited but never showed up. The moment I entered the room I felt at home and at peace... from that time on I started reading Bible passages and quarterly lessons. I still struggle with my faith but with God's guidance hopefully I can be as faithful as one should be.


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