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If you are married and within your married you are constantly being abused by your husband, what should you do?

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call the local athoritys such as the police or get counciling and that i,m no married yet
dats a good idea and am not married yet either. But sometimes people would say to stay there and God will make a way but i don't know
you need to call your pastor and alert the authorities. he is not keeping his promise. the bible says husbands love your wives even as christ loves the church. Therefore he is sinning.
Let me begin by offering my sympathies to you. Marriage is the one institution that is guaranteed to bring you the closest to heaven or hell while you live on the earth. while you did not give much details, different kinds of abuse require different types of responses.
If your life is threatened,flee like a hare. If the man has become a 'Hittite',you may need to become a 'Levite' until the situation can be resolved.
Abuse may be physical,emotional,psychological,mental,economic,etc. There are very many christian counselors practicing today, to try self medicating. And beware of those pastors who lack the training and experience to properly address your case.
If you are able, try resolving it one on one.If that 'fails',continue to pray and seek reinforcement. Depending on the situation,you may need to involve the law enforcement agencies [restraining order].
Remember that people who abuse others are themselves abused. So continue to work for the salvation of the abuser while taking the necessary steps to protect oneself. And please, do nothing to aggravate the situation
peace and healing from the PRINCE OF PEACE
You will be in my prayers, Sister. God is your present help in trouble. Remember to pray for your husband because he is hurting too. Get to a safe place and then work it out from there. Remember, unless he is unfaithful to you sexually you have no Bible grounds to divorce and are still married in Gods eyes. But it is well for you to be in a place where you will not be hurt physically any more. God bless you, Dear.
Very sorry to hear of your situation. There should be no abuse in a marriage, either by the husband or the wife. But you have not said what kind of abuse you refer to. Is it physical abuse or mental or verbal abuse?

If it is physical abuse such as hitting, you need to get out and away from him as fast as possible. Go see a counselor, and if hurt, see a doctor, about it. If you have sustained cuts, etc., have it documented. If he has made any kind of bodily harm to you, you should make a police report and try to get a restraining order. Once you have done that, you should only see him when in the company of a marriage counselor. If he goes through counseling with you and the counselor believe he is making genuine improvement, you might then consider returning to him, especially if he appears to be a converted man, repentant for what he has done.

If he is verbally or psychologically abusing you, it is not so important to leave the marriage at this point, but it is important for both of you to go to a marriage counselor, so he will learn not to continue this behavior. If he continues it and refuses to go for counseling, you should separate until he makes a definite change.
I would agree with you. I would never let someone hurt me coz even my father have not raise a hand on me. HELLO, just a man whom I just met would abuse me?? definitely I would not let him. I have my hands too, I could probably hit him. GRR....
I would agree with you. I would never let someone hurt me coz even my father have not raise a hand on me. HELLO, just a man whom I just met would abuse me?? definitely I would not let him. I have my hands too, I could probably hit him. GRR....
I don't think it would be wise to get into a fist fight with a man. Protecting yourself if cornered or running away is one thing, but if you try to exchange punches with an angry man who has just struck you, it could result in your getting struck many more times and perhaps being badly hurt.
Men are the head of the home...they are to protect and nuture their homes and families.

No woman should stay in an abusive relationship. God did not say that we as women were to be punching bags..nor verbal doormats...he said we were the help meets for the men.

Another argument is that a man marries a WOMAN and not a CHILD if he is marrying a child he needs to be locked up. Therefore a man should not hit his wife. You raise children not adults.

It is a very sad occasion when a woman complains to her pastor or elder and they advise her to stay in a marriage such as an abusive one.

I would advise her to get out and to have counselling..Some women love their husbands so much that they don't want to leave them despite the fact that he is that case I would advise them to 'separate' for a while giving the husband an ultimatum to get HELP.....

Also report it to the authorities cause he might not let you go too easily.

I hope this is understandable to all who reads it.

thanks everyone for your comment it was greatly appreciated


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