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Since the passing of my grandfather, I had a good and peaceful Sabbath. I am glad for the encouragement from my friends on here. Now, I am going to inform you something good which relates to my company and my situation.

My grandfather was an entrepreneur, he owned two businesses! When he died, he has passed on the torch to me and I will keep the spirit of him whenever I do business with him.

Despite of the severe challenges that I've experienced over the past two years, I am now happy to inform you that I've landed my first contract with a new client. Today, I'm going to meet up with them to go over the terms of the contract and get this thing going. I am going to be a former homeless person soon but my goal is to get myself a car.

Thank you so much for everything, I will keep everyone up to date!

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THAT is GREAT to hear! Praying God guides you into many more good things! Keep Him at the forefront when buying a car! LoL! God bless your new direction.

Thanks Deborah! I'll do my very best to not buy myself a Lamborghini hahahaha 

May God bless you in your ventures Gabriel, always remember you are His witness in all you do.

That is very true, especially in my case with this current client. Now, I've got a few things that I need to do before I finish writing my contract, thanks for the encouragement Ian! 

praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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