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     I was born in the church, I am the daughter of a pastor and missionary mother, I always had my ups and downs like any ordinary person. The right age I got involved with the wrong person, I departed from the ways of the Lord for two long years, but in my heart always had the impression of the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus accepted me again.
A year ago, finishing college I had some health problems but did not give much importance to it, earlier this year of 2010 was diagnosed cancer differently, which they called Cystic Fibrosis, that's when my dilemma began, the CA was diagnosed in its last stage, they gave me only two months of life, but my life belongs to God and He knew how much time would give me still living. We resorted to allopathic medicine, but with the drugs I was even more harmful. It was then shown in a naturalistic recognized in many countries, so even without many resources went up to him and to our surprise he had a vast knowledge about nutrition so that our only sister White advises us to follow.
     Taking plenty of water, nutrients doing breathing exercises, healthy foods without any kind of meat made me feel that there was a wire to restore my health. His knowledge was nothing because he lacked the fear of God, and we had heard him blaspheme God all the time, we speak of the bible but he did not believe in God, we decided to abandon consultations and monitoring that naturalist, we place entirely at the mercy of God. You know what the to have the cure  in their hands, but for the love God,  abandon she?. But we recognize that the greatest healing came from God and I understand that my Christian spirit should also be healed because he was seriously ill. A huge prayer chain was formed here in my country's 15 states, but it was inevitable, in the mirror and see how I'm  the appearance and strength, you want to know the most extraordinary?. NEVER me complain or a moment MY HEART JUST FELT THE NEED OF GOD AND YOUR LOYALTY TO MEET IN ME was just what I was thinking all the time and that comforted me greatly.
    Even without strength, God are my, then it on a Friday, the vigil was done in my little church, on Saturday went to worship, but only stayed a few moments because i was so weak, I spent the whole Sunday in bed, sick, my heartbeat was weak, my feet and hands were cold and on Monday, my mother came to my bed and stayed with me for a few moments without saying a word, I suffered more to see her suffer, my beats were 40 if minute  when the normal was 85 to 110 beats. With very weak breathing, I told her that everything was fine and she does not worry me anymore now. She retired and was crying next to my father and accepting the end of life of one of their four children. That day I did not get up, but I spent all day in prayer and did not want to be healed physically if God did not heal my mind before, not  eat, nor drank water, I kept my spirit to the Lord in fasting.
     Have you ever seen a miracle up close?. Have you ever walked away from God and not thought about going back or think you've suffered a lot and no longer supports such pain? I've been handed the death, but God gave me back my life, and the next day he took me by the hand and ordered me to get up, today go do 4 months  i'm  healed, physically and spiritually for HONOUR AND GLORY  IN THE LORD JESUS!. Today I sing and preach about this miracle of Him who raised many and have healed many, giving us the chance to seal our agreement with Eternal Salvation in Christ.

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Hi Abilane

Great to hear again, about our God. The same yesterday, today, and forever.

Take Care

AMEN!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! I am always so very glad in my heart to know of testimonies like this of such great trusting faith and such miraclulous healing power of God!!! It is so true how God says in our weakness He is gloryfied cause the weaker and closer to death, the more gloriously His miracle shines!!! I am so happy that He has so blessed you with His touch so that you in turn have blessed us all in a very mighty way!!! :)
Amen Sister Abilane! May the Lord continue to use you as you give your life for His service. He has a purpose for your life as he does for each one of us. May His name be glorified!
Praise God, Abilane
Wonderfully inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story Abilane.



WOW!!! Glory be to God!!!! You are truly blessed Abilane! Continue to be an instrument of God and a LIVING TESTIMNOY of His Ultimate Glroy!!!!

Beautiful testimony, Abilane!  To God Be The Glory!!!


Love and Blessings!

Hi sis. Mary, I'm so blessed with the testimony of your life, truly, God worketh in the area of impossible....God bless you more as you continue serving him....


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