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During the last few years there appears to have been a steady increase in the use of the terms YHWH, and Yehoshua, (or Yeshua) in the SDA church. I do not want to overstate my thoughts here, but it appears to me that one of Jesus’ lessons is sometimes missed in this area.

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, one of the first lessons He gave them was how to address God.

He taught them to address God as their “Father.”

For the people that feel it is important to address God in the Hebrew or Greek, perhaps the Hebrew, Ab, or the Greek, Pater, would be more in keeping with Jesus’ teaching.

There is always the danger that technical, “legal”, correctness will miss some of the most simple, but important, lessons.

Obviously it is not wrong to use the names Jehovah, or YHWH, but let's remember Jesus' lesson.
How often do we hear Jesus speaking of His Father?
I have not counted the number, but I doubt that anyone would disagree that it was His common practice.


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Thanks, MsMS, point taken. I will not linger on this subject.

Welcome to the Forum Stewart. How do you like the USA so far?
You are right Stewart, the simplicity of the message and Christ's example is profound. Even simple people like us can understand it when Jesus gives us the words. :-) "Our Father, who art in heaven..."

As you said, there is nothing wrong with using original languages. But it can make the message more complex and confusing when that is not needed. And some take it to extremes. They suggest that is the only correct way to address God and to do otherwise can affect our salvation. That is simply not Biblical.

I will continue to call my Saviour "Jesus" and God as "Father".
Part of a little thing some of my friends do, i had the occasion to ask a 14 year old un-churched and fatherless boy to ask grace for supper consisting of free pizza. The boy turned and asked "i've never talked to God, how do i do it"?
Never attending church, and never having heard the "formula" for it, i believe he uttered a pure and perfect prayer. I told him to thank God for whatever was on his mind, and to consider Him as the dad he never knew;
He prayed "Dear God, I love pizza. Thank you daddy!"

Mouthing the right syllables and consonants, words and phrases, means nothing to a Daddy that just wants us to know His character, and who hopes to ignite within our hearts a response to likewise reflect His character of love.
Taking His name (in vain, even) means much more than slurred invective or sudden expletive; it means more than not even daring utter the full name of God.
It means much more than using the correct title or moniker in prayer or reference.
If i have his "name" (and know His character and allow the Holy Spirit to order my walk) i will likewise allow the free moral agency of even those who seem to cling to extreme, literal, and seemingly indefensible theologies. Not doing so is placing myself pridefully above their position, which is absolutely counter to His character, and is a lie.

"ABBA" is the common Aramaic slang for "daddy".
Whose image am i in?
Whose your daddy?


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