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I did not grow up in church and when I was blessed to be invited in by Jesus I noticed a lot of cultural things that were uniquely adventist such as  women with very long hair and long flowery dresses, lentil loaf, and felt boards(children's Sabbath school). Though I think that adventist culture and church origin are important, I'm glad that the topics on this board are way more interesting than lentil loaf recipes.

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I don't know, sometimes I think I wish this was "Lentil Loaf Online"...
What struck me about the Adventist church when i first entered in as a 10 year old: the peace and Love of a few Christians. (notice i didn't say all.) One elderly lady befriended us, and she was genuine. We went to her home after church and had roasted pumpkin seeds and and nuts and fruit, and she told us wonderful stories with kindness and a smile. It was the best feast i had ever had; and the food was great, too. :)
adventism is full of geographical cultures and stereotypes. im british but have west indian roots. over here in london it is not uncomon for sda women to wear jeans / trousers / to go out (sum wear it to church, but it is not a wide practice). but i discovered wen i went to the west indies that wearin those items of clothing was a very big 'no-no!' sum yrs latet wen i did my degree in t/dad (adventist) i found out we cudnt wear jeans / trousers to classes, library or to the cafeteria. it was quite annoyin to me havin gronw up in a british sda culture where this is not an issue. west indian women dont go to church with sleeveless dresses either.


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