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Automatic or semi-automatic military-style weapons are becoming increasingly available to civilians. In some areas of the world it is relatively easy to acquire such guns. They show up not only in the street, but in the hands of youngsters at school. Many crimes are committed through the use of these kinds of weapons. They are made to kill people. They have no legitimate recreational use.

The teachings and example of Christ constitute the guide for the Christian today. Christ came into the world to save lives, not to destroy them (Luke 9:56). When Peter drew his weapon Jesus said to him: "Put your sword back in its place . . . All who take the sword will die by the sword" (Matt. 26:52 TEV). Jesus did not engage in violence.

The argument is made by some that banning assault weapons limits the rights of people and that guns do not commit crimes, but people do. While it is true that violence and criminal inclinations lead to guns, it is also true that availability of guns leads to violence. The opportunity for civilians to acquire by purchase or otherwise automatic or semi-automatic assault weapons only increases the number of deaths resulting from human crimes. Possession of guns by civilians in the United States has increased by an estimated 300 per cent in the past four years. During the same period there has been a staggering increase in armed attacks and resulting deaths.

In most of the world such weapons cannot be acquired by any legal means. The Church views with alarm the relative ease with which they may be acquired in some areas. Their availability can only open the possibility of further tragedies.

Pursuits of peace and the preservation of life are to be the goals of Christians. Evil cannot be effectively met with evil, but must be overcome with good. Seventh-day Adventists, with other people of good will, wish to cooperate in using every legitimate means of reducing, and eliminating where possible, the root causes of crime. In addition, with public safety and the value of human life in mind, the sale of automatic or semi-automatic assault weapons should be strictly controlled. This would reduce the use of weapons by mentally disturbed people and criminals, especially those involved in drug and gang activities.

This public statement was released by the General Conference president, Neal C. Wilson, after consultation with the 16 world vice presidents of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, on July 5, 1990, at the General Conference session in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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I prefer that one.

Rick, please display a photo of your favourite gun in hand and the stance you suggest. 


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I own knives, I own firearms.  But, then again, so did the men that surrounded Ellen White, and she never castigated them.  She recommended that armed men guard the wagon circle in shifts.  This anti-self defense does not exist in scripture.  It does not exist in Ellen White.  It is what I call the invisible Doctrine of Doss.  Doss didn't want to go war, maybe he disagreed with the war, but was drafted and was a medic.  He is the unofficial Saint in the very Catholic sense of the SDA Church.  It is the mark for sometime men where measured by leading effete, girl men, and that led to the WOPE movement due to the idea that men or supposed to be wimps.  One false error, leads to another, then another, and another.  I was an FLEO for 18 years.  Even in my state I am the protector of my family.  I teach them how to defend themselves.  I would give my life for them, I would defend them with my life.  Does not a good shepherd do that.  Does not our Good Shepherd do that, He gave his life to protect us from death, He is coming back to kill evil to protect us.  I can't imagine a more Christ like example.

Yes, Interesting point as you said, Raymond:

I wonder what Cain killed Able with.  Ever notice that the Bible does not mention what object was used in the murder of Able? There was blood on the ground so there was a murder weapon. It does not matter what weapon was used and it is left out of scripture because dullards would focus on the object rather than on the prophetic reason of WHY

To make an educated guess Cain would have killed Abel with a stone. Why because of jealousy as far as I can tell. ISIS murders Christians because they have been told to by Mohamad. As far as I have heard the Muslim driving that SUV was attempting killing because as he said Muslims was ill-treated, I am not too sure what he meant by that, so I wait for more details on this sad thing. Murder is done in our day for many reasons Jealousy as in the case of Cain, Greed for power or money as we see often enough, Payback or Revenge for evil deeds. And the list goes on as we well know. So you are right in the fact that the reason is most important, what is used is secondary importance for sure. But it has an importance here on earth because the Police will be looking for the weapon as a matter of importance, and the reason seems to take a back seat to the weapon.     

Interesting but a crush wound from a rock to the head or body would not leave much blood.  Also, I believe Cain's name mean "spear".  A stabbing wound would leave blood.  Antideluvians were more advanced than we assume and advanced in arts of war and building and did not use stones and clubs like the mythical cave man. 

Thanks for your reply Raymond, on reflection I believe you may be right about the stone. And as we know by SP and the Bible the Antediluvians were well advanced in crafts and engineering. But where did Cain get a spear or a knife from? Cain was a farmer would he at the same time have the ability to make metal implements? As we know Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden with animal hides as their covering, that was all they had  to make a life outside the Garden. Did God give them the knife God used to kill the animals to provide the hides for them? Many questions, we can only guess at, because the Bible and SP give us not much of a clue about how the murder happened. 

On the other hand, consider this, God said to Cain that Abel's Blood was crying out. How much blood do we need to for this to happen? Not much, as we know God said that the Life is in the blood, and in reality, we are talking about a life lost for the crime committed. So to me, the amount of blood on the ground is not of the main importance. Was it a struggle with bare hands? Perhaps strangulation? Maybe a broken neck? These kinds of deaths do not leave any blood on the ground at all.  

Image result for cain and abel story murder painting


Sadly more innocent lives taken. Very sad that terrorist are allowed access to guns and nobody wants to do anything about it. 

How come you are not as passionate about abortion Mr Outback?  The amount of children, innocents killed by vacuum cleaners, tongs and hooks is much much much much more than by firearms.

I doubt I will get an answer to this hypocrisy but.................................


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