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Here are some good Adventist sites which I have come across with a bit of description:

(3ABN Adventist site)

(Family friendly television network Adventist site)

( Pastor Doug Batchelor sites)

(Michael Scheifler's site which gives interpretations of prophecy)

(Vince Ferrell's site. Site on Spirit of Prophecy and our Adventist pillar doctrines.)

Dr. Walter Veith site. Powerful series on the endtime issues (Total Onslaught) and the creation vs evolution (Genesis Conflict).

(Official EGW site)

(Books by EGW on Official EGW site)

(EGW information site with her many books)

Here is a link to a great book "The Two Republics" by A. T. Jones and how it shows him going into the historical books and archives, and he was much more dedicated in studying and learning history than I had previously thought.

(EGW site which defends her)

(EGW site by by Jud Lake)

Articles by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi

Prophecy Code by Doug Batchelor

Steve Wohlberg site

(Nearly a thousand members in forum)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

Anyone come across other good Adventist sites or books..

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Samuelle Bacchiocchi is teaching some really srange things. In my view he is in severe apostasy. here is a list of articles exposing his errors.
I do have a well-written article by him on dancing, but I cannot recommend him on the basis of his errors.
Er, well, perhaps *is* in severe apostasy is not quite the right tense... perhaps *was* would be a better choice of words. He currently sleeps awaiting the Lord.
I would prefer to say awaiting judgment. He spent quite some time tearing down Adventist pillars of faith.Truth matters.
I am certainly not going to presume to know his destiny and have absolutely no knowledge of what his relationship was with the Lord when he died. Any judgements that I make will be from a human perspective. Thankfully, our Lord does not deal with us according to human "wisdom" otherwise I suspect we would all be condemned to the fires of hell by those who seek to imperfectly judge us.

Either way, he sleeps.
You can access the late Dr Samuele Bacchiocchi's newsletters and excerpts from his books at:
Did you know that Samuelle Bacchiocchi died in December of 2008? I just found that out myself last month. Hopefully he was ready.

I'll have to check out that site, I've been hearing a lot of bad things about him lately. A friend of mine was on his email list and had him remove her from his list when he sent one of his weekly (or monthly) letters saying that EGW was wrong about the antichrist.
The most important point which was totally ignored by all his accusers was what he wrote, at the very beginning of his newsletter about Antichrist/Islam, "What I am suggesting is only a proposed interpretation, not a dogmatic position. What I am doing is thinking aloud."

Sadly, from what I saw, all his accusers chose to not read (or not understand) what he wrote. If we cannot challenge and review doctrines/positions/interpretations, etc., what kind of faith do we have? A faith that cannot bear scrutiny?

I didn't always agree with what he said but I was always glad that he was able to challenge "accepted wisdom" and get us thinking about our faith.

He seems to have inserted a few twists in the stream of Adventist issues and that was one of them

News flash: We all have errors.
I love all these sites! Thanks for the links. And, Michael, great!


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