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Here are some good Adventist sites which I have come across with a bit of description:

(3ABN Adventist site)

(Family friendly television network Adventist site)

( Pastor Doug Batchelor sites)

(Michael Scheifler's site which gives interpretations of prophecy)

(Vince Ferrell's site. Site on Spirit of Prophecy and our Adventist pillar doctrines.)

Dr. Walter Veith site. Powerful series on the endtime issues (Total Onslaught) and the creation vs evolution (Genesis Conflict).

(Official EGW site)

(Books by EGW on Official EGW site)

(EGW information site with her many books)

Here is a link to a great book "The Two Republics" by A. T. Jones and how it shows him going into the historical books and archives, and he was much more dedicated in studying and learning history than I had previously thought.

(EGW site which defends her)

(EGW site by by Jud Lake)

Articles by Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi

Prophecy Code by Doug Batchelor

Steve Wohlberg site

(Nearly a thousand members in forum)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, seems to be in the hundreds)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

(No membership numbers available in forum, its brand new)

Anyone come across other good Adventist sites or books..

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Joseph. I listen to llbn and I know llbn. And llbn has drums. You b slippin' man.
I quit it, years a go and I'm comfortable with 3 ABN, Hope Channel and You Tube audio books of Ellen White MP3 books Hope TV sermons downloadable

(Hope International - good truth filled magazine, newsletter and a wide selection of 100% vegetarian health products)
Are they part of Hope TV?
Watch out for anything to do with Ron Wyatt who is a careless researcher if not outright fraud, I cannot recomend his sites at any level.
Richard, on what basis do you say that?
Ron Wyatt work has been checked by many people, and the overiding result is that there is no true evidence for his claims. He picks up a 'artifact' then creates a story from the bible for it so that people who want to believe it are delighted and send him money or tell others about him. He just wants attention so he creates these claims with no reseach or study.
Here is a good explanation on Wikipedia

"...Ronald Eldon Wyatt (1933 - August 4, 1999) was a self-described archaeologist (he had no qualifications or training and held no professional position in the field) and author who claimed to have discovered many significant biblical sites and artifacts. His claims are dismissed by scientists, historians, biblical scholars, and even by leaders in his own Seventh-day Adventist Church, but he continues to have a strongly motivated, if narrowly-based, following among some fundamentalists and evangelicals...."
I think that you are doing him a disservice here. I have not seen any evidence to suggest that he is a fraud and as to his research, I can't really comment but to say that "he creates these claims with no research or study" is not true.

I worked with Ron Wyatt on a couple of outreach tours and he was very good for getting people into meetings. For a long time we have used "Biblical Archaeology" to draw people into our meetings but the problem was that these meetings quickly became purely evengelistic meetings and lost quite a few attendees who thought that they were being tricked into attending. With Wyatt's meetings the emphasis was firmly on Biblical archaeology and attracted large crowds many of whom stayed for the crusades which followed on from his meetings. In regard to the discoveries:

The "Noah's Ark" site has been recognised by the Turkish government and a tourist centre built there.
The "Sodom" site is also signposted by Israel. I have seen the laboratory results for the sulphur balls found there and they are very interesting.
The Gulf of Aqaba "Red Sea Crossing site" certainly fits the Biblical description. I have several friends who have dived there and have photographed the artifacts on the sea bed.
"Joseph's Grain pits" whilst not being accepted as such by the Egyptian Antiquities Dept. is certainly a much better explanation for the pits at Gizeh than the idea that they were tombs.
I have not seen the Saudi Mi. Siniai site but certainly the "Mt. Siniai" on the Siniai peninsula does not fit the bill.

Wyatt's Bible and SoP knowledge on the subjects was very good and articles well-written and theologically sound. Certainly, I would not dismiss him out of hand. Worth checking out if nothing else.
I've watched hours of his videos. They are impressive. I am not sure that all are true . But it appears that they are scholastic and professional in my opinion. I would not just dismiss them out right.

Those that dismiss them are usually the ones that have not explored the findings and they are usually ones that have no professional qualifications themselves.


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