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There was this time i had to go to the doctor (early in the morning) but I'm not accustomed to waking up early so when i wake up (a bit late) i only have enough time to prepare to go. I felt guilty preparing because i hadn't prayed enough yet. So instead of going to tge doctor, i decided to spend the morning praying because i normally pray in the morning.

I realized later that i was probably being extreme... because i whole family was worried and wondered why i changed my mind on going..

Now I'm going out with my best friend and i did2wake up early enough to pray for long. I probably prayed for 10 minutes.. when i started preparing to go out, i started wondering if i had prayed enough.. and i was filled with doubt and I didn't think I'd have enough time to pray now and still meet up with my friend early. Plus even if i did decide to pray i would have probably felt anxious.

So if i did decide to start preparing even if i hadn't prayed enough, does that mean that I'm putting something else before God? Or if i decided to cancel the whole outing to pray in the morning, would that be extreme?

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Hello Janny

Generally if you ask the question, the answer is yes. Invest in Christ and you will not worry about the details.

H. Leon Bryan Ed.D.


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