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This is something I came across from Last Day Events....

"Last night a young man, a stranger to us all, but professing to be a brother from Victoria [Australia], called upon us and asked to see Sister White. It was evening and I declined seeing him. We invited him to remain with us during the night, however, and to take breakfast. After our usual morning worship, as we were about to go to our various employments, this young man arose and with a commanding gesture requested us to sit down. He said, “Have you any hymnbooks? We will sing a hymn, then I have a message to give you.” I said, “If you have a message, give it without delay, for we are very much pressed to get off the American mail and have no time to lose.” He then began to read something he had written, which stated among other things that the judgment has now begun upon the living.... {LDE 21.1} I listened as he went on and finally said, “My brother, you are not exactly in your right mind. State plainly how your message concerns us. Please let us know at once. Your mind is overstrained, you misapprehend your work. Much that you have said is in accordance with the Bible, and we believe every word of that. But you are overexcited. Please state what you have for us.” {LDE 21.2} Well, he said that we must pack up and move at once to Battle Creek. I asked his reasons, and he responded, “To give this message that the judgment has begun upon the living.” I answered him, “The work which the Lord has given us to do is not yet finished. When our work here is completed we are sure the Lord will let us know that it is time for us to move to Battle Creek, instead of teaching you our duty”.... I left him for Brother Starr to talk with further while I resumed my writing. {LDE 21.3} He told Brother Starr that when Sister White spoke to him so kindly, and yet with such authority, he began to see that he had made a mistake, that the impressions which had moved him so strongly were not consistent or reasonable. Although our family is large, consisting of ten members, besides three visitors, we decided to have this young man stay with us for a time. We dare not have him go with people who will treat him harshly and condemn him, neither do we want him to repeat his “revelations.” We will have him remain for a little time where we can associate with him and if possible lead him in safe, sure paths.—Letter 66, 1894. {LDE 22.1} "...

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so Richard what's this got to do with anything? Why do you write your title as you do?

The passage shows how kindly and firmly EGW spoke and dealt with young believers wandering off the track.


Look under the subtitles of 'Chapter 2—Signs of Christ's Soon Return'

OK I read the compilation and noticed the subtitled placed there NOT by Mrs White, but by the publishers.

Do you agree with this? Why would publishers write weird subtitles, unless they are masonic?

So whose the false prophet in the selected passages?


What would you title it..

EGW deals with young believer wandering off the track..

What would you title it?

I think they got it right.

Are you suggesting EGW is a false prophet?


Do you always twist peoples words?

Rather than write so few words as a reply, write what you think about the so called subtitle.

What was your reason for posting this post in the first place?

I would love your ideas and thoughts? And I am not twisting any words, just asking questions...

Sorry if I offend, I didn't mean too. Shalom

As my first elder once told me, 'I have broad shoulders'. I think the title is appropriate for the content. 


Good Morning, hope all is well in the midst of this turmoil engulfing the world.


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