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i dont undstn...y waited sooooooooooooo long......

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Time is different for us compared to what time if for the Lord.
do u think dat we ar close enough to his coming??????
Don't much matter as far as I am concerned.
I dont think so. We are god's remnant people. And it is written that he will not come until his word reaches all the ends of the earth.And if we his people are moving this slow to get the word to some of our own peers we see each and every single day.Much less the ends of the earth.Unless we smell the coffee,get up, dust off and get to work either by studying the word and trying to LIVE the word of god in our everyday life then we can be closer to the comming if christ Jesus.
Exactly.It might seem like you have been waiting so long and it is like he isnt hearing but he will come just the right time.
Say, "Lord I have no merit or goodness within whereby I may claim any blessing from you, but I come before you pleading the all-sufficient merits of Jesus. You have promised to accept everyone that comes to You trusting wholly in the merits of His shed blood and that as we do this we shall receive all the help that we can desire. So by faith I lay hold upon the merits of my Redeemer and I present them to you, Father, as my only plea, as my only argument, except for my great need."

And the God of Heaven says, Blessed are you who believed. Blessed are you with all the blessings of the covenant of grace for you believe that the merits of My Son are SUFFICIENT to present berfore me in your behalf. You are greatly blessed. with the Gift that cannot be excelled, the Gift of the Holy Spirit which brings all the other blessings in its train.

Continue in the faith. Daily apply to the merits of My Son that you may become a fit vessel for the Master's use!

thanks 4 ur encourage words,,,,i rely apprciate it...i really mz God..theres a lot of sickness n bad things happen in dz world...seldomly..i think dat its better 2 die...but i wil never give up so easy..huhuhu,,pray 4 me fren...
Don't worry God will come before you die of old age. I know people have been saying that for centuries but we have never been this close before. It cant get much worse before God cuts it off. We are in the days of Noah. We are just waiting for the ark be complete. I believe its almost done. Hang in there you will see Jesus in the clouds very soon. Keep an eye out for the sunday law it is very close.
Keep your eyes on Jesus rather than Sunday Laws.
the sunday laws are comoing too and so it is not wrong to keep an eye on last day events...

Of course, unless we make it our life business to fix our eyes upon Jesus and to His all-sufficient merits, we will not be ready for the sunday law or for the rerturn of Christ in glory.

emmm...the sunday it the law alrdy cme???where???
Yes. The Sunday laws have been upheld nationally in America.


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