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Are Most Adventist Ready for Jesus to Come? Are most of the church members sleeping? Post your thoughts.

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Let us pray earnestly, for ourselves, the church and the world, that amid all of the distractions (pleasure, cares, materialism, etc.), we will hear God speaking to us about our state of readiness, and what He requires of us.

We are each at a different rung or level on the ladder of sanctification. Let us pray more. If we feel that we are on a higher level, read the prayer of Daniel, and ask God for the spirit of Daniel, to identify with the sins and spiritual needs of His fallen people, and do all we can to assist others, so that they can also climb to higher heights in Jesus.

If we do, then one day; one day soon, we all will be together in Heaven, no longer as struggling soldiers, but as victors on a lengthy vacation. Let us determine to meet there, and to have God use us in any way He wants to, to sanctify us, and to use us in His service.
Thanks for sharing!!
I don't believe that it's possible to answer your questions honestly because the forum rules state that we are not to denigrate a whole group of people. Jesus said that only a few will be saved. Evidently, Jesus is denigrating the whole world but I can't help that.
There's a difference between being ready for Christ to come and being ready to meet Christ after death.

I understand being ready for Jesus to come to mean being ready to go through all the events leading up to Christ's return. That includes receiving the seal of God and the Latter Rain, going through terrible persecution, giving the "loud cry," the end of human probation, and the time of Jacob's Trouble. If anyone considers themselves ready now to go through all of those things, I would suggest they may not have a complete understanding of what it means to be ready. Those who are cherishing sins in their life or who are practicing willful sins will be passed by and will not be ready. Remember that Christ ceases to be our intercessor during that time. We will have to stand in the presence of a holy God without a mediator. There will be no forgiveness of sins after that point. (See GC 425.) Read GC 409-491

To be ready to meet Christ if we were to die today is a different matter. A believer is ready for that if they are surrendered to Christ, trust in His merits and have a faith-based, personal relationship with Him.
Those IN Christ have nothing to fear ... for God will be with us. He is preparing us if need be .... for whatever will come our way. My God is love. He is not one to give us fear. On the contrary ... He gives us assurance and peace. Don't be frightened people. God is LOVE.
I agree with you but we have to give him permission and not resist His will. His will is not irresistible. He doesn't force Himself on us. Many will be lost who thought they were saved. It should help us to know the importance of being honest with God and with ourselves.

The Great Controversy and the prophecies about the end-times were not written to "frighten" us. They were written to help us prepare and to give us hope, not fear. Real love casts out fear. If we really love God and His Son, there is no reason for fear.
Exactly Jim. I agree completely. So, if we hear that someone has 'fear' then we can know it is not from God.
God wants us to wake up, and sometimes that may start with a little "fear," whereas Satan wants to put us to "sleep" so that we are indifferent to the warning signs that God's provided.
Ohhhmmmm... sounds good issue...... the bible says few only are ready to meet Jesus in His coming.... Not only adventist (SDA) who are waiting of Jesus Coming but many outside SDA who are waiting too... i do believe history repeats itself during first advent of Jesus Christ.... likewise in His second coming(second advent).... many profess to be a Christian and believe of second coming but the're heart are not.. Israelites (Sanhedrin, Pharisees,etc.(Caiphas) knows very much that there somebody will die for them and it was the son of God... but there unbelieving character deadened there heart that Jesus Christ came to save.... the israelites people glorify Jesus but the end they crucify.... In His second coming....the same events will happen where many people will call His name, glorify Him, and makes people believe in their words but soon they turn into scoffers and caiphas like character and church itself will united into the authority to rebel against God on His coming. The Jewish did it on Jesus first advent... "We have no other king but Caesar!".... many will accept Jesus outside faith when they heard prior to His coming.... as syrian or the philistinian people accept Jesus and believe that He was the messiah.....
No most SDAs are not ready for the comming of jesus. in deed the church is sleeping.some of the people who are SDAs are SDAa because the commandments says the keep the seventh day holy and they would like to go to heaven.
What does "keeping the seventh day holy" have to do with going to heaven. I thought salvation was a gift.
I dont think so honestly. Luke warm


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