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Are Adventists in danger of being deceived in exactly the same way as the Jews were deceived when Jesus came the first time?  They didn't recognise Him as Son of the living God.  They were masters at keeping the law, but did they really know who they worshipped?

Adventists are very good at Sabbath keeping, but the Sabbath is a sign, it's not the destination.   Do we really know who we worship?  Might we be in serious danger of receiving the mark of the beast while we concentrate on when we worship and not who?

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No the shaking is unique to ellen white. You are choosing to use those references in scripture to prove she was right. I am telling you that they are referring to God's work on judgement day not Whites shaking in the SDA church.

If we go by the huge amount of anti-Ellen White stuff you post here it is quite clear where you stand.  So if we take just what the Bible says then it is clear you stand outside of what the Bible says and the direct words of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Going just by the Bible here is what it say:

JOHN 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.'

and then: 

1 TIMOTHY 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

1 Timothy 4:1 was not speaking of pagans or unbelievers. It was talking about Christians who have fallen away.   This was written way before there ever was an Ellen White.  How do you explain this?   I am just a simple person and I do not need Ellen White as a crutch to explain Adventist Doctrine all I need is a Bible and there are many many more who know the Bible better than I do.  This is a clear Bible teaching and not just an Ellen White teaching.  I do not mind you calling me a liar on this thread but by your own words what you say makes you suspect of strange beliefs that are not found in the Bible but are more in accordance with Catholic teaching. 

Interesting, Leon how you cannot respond to direct scripture quotes. 

Better for you to ignore.

Yes Bart is it not interesting how he seem to avoid those kinds of texts? For a man who always says he is lead by the Spirit makes it even more peculiar. 


Those references are for God's end time judgement, not the Adventist internal shaking.You are stretching to make the verse fit EG White.

Let me help you to state your beliefs. And this is only what I have gleaned from your own posts. 

Herbert Leon Bryan you want us all to believe the Catholic Church is a good church, and Babylon is just Satan's kingdom, and the Antichrist is not the Pope, just the Devil. Prophecy all gets spirituality done away with, so we can be friends with other churches, as well as the Catholic Church. He is an advocate of the Ecumenical agenda. That will be neutralizing the influence of Ellen White, and the Adventist movement is a part of this process of back to Rome and a world-friendly religion. Whilst eating unclean foods is not s problem, and Keeping Sabbath is of no importance because he do not see the Sabbath as a Mark of God. And that is why you do not think there will be a shaking in the church. 

Quite right Elijah.  Everything is far far into the future according to the Catholic beliefs being taught by Mr. Herbert. .  God is powerless to work in the lives of his people and the Holy Spirit is an it who only manifests for glossolalia and putting on of shows. These beliefs are all about self and do not show a powerful God but a rather a personal god of do what I (self) does will.  

Bart, you are promoting lies. I have not endorsed said beliefs. It is easier to win arguments when you promote lies and half truths. I guess sheen you are in the habit of hiding your agenda and twisting scripture, spreading lies about a person is what u do.

I guess I have miss read the things you have written because that is what I am going by.  


The Christian thing to do is to apologize for the misstep. It is a gesture that should not be difficult for those who lead with love.

I believe in the present manifestation and personage of the Holy Spirit, who works in the lives of all humans, trying to bring them to Christ. It is our job and choice to listen to his leanings. I believe in having a personal and present relationship with Christ and God through the Holy Spirit. And I believe in the necessity of being born again, fully surrendering ones agenda/will  to Christ.

You can win any argument my choosing not to deal with facts. And you can make an enemy out of those who disagree with you by misscharacterizing them. I call you to the higher task of being honest. I will task myself to do the same.


Leon I am sorry, I am not saying your a promoting Catholicism, but Catholic teaching has entered in and these ideas are being promoted by protestants and thus by default what you say has those ideas embedded into it.  I could give examples but do not want to go do that rabbit trail. 


You are lying. I have never endorsed Catholicism. Your lack of Christian demeanor allows you to violate the golden rule and lie. I do admire Christian s in all faiths who are doing God's work. As far as doctrine, I stick to God's word.


Yes you favorite hide hole calling those who do not see it your way a Liar. So if I tell you what you have wrong I lack Christian demeanor. Or is it you just want to shut me down so you can spread your anti SDA gospel with no hindrance? 

Never endorsed the Catholic? No you may not have directly but newer the less if we go over this discussion we will see that as soon as a word has been spoken unkindly about anything concerning the catholic church you come out with all guns. blazing and call us liars. Most unusual for a SDA I must say.



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