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We have a choice, every increase or decrease our daily dying dose of death!

Every day we experience living death because we either make more DNA mistakes or less DNA mistakes, the choice is yours. How much death you experience today depends upon what you eat today. Much of the mutation effect depends upon which fragments of DNA enter our body helping the cells to live properly...when we eat plant foods we get their DNA fragments naturally inside our cells and these help us with making less DNA mistakes.

BUT if we eat foods without plants, or plants with mineral deficiencies those poorly designed plants with poorly structured DNA fragments destroy our DNA making more mutational changes. For example broccoli is good right ? Yes, but not if its cooked for hours on end in some bain-marie is it healthy? No, the heat has destroyed all plant DNA and your eating cancer fragments thinking its healthy. Most people instead eat junk food, with poisonous chemicals in them, GMO fragments of strange DNA,  human calls have never seen before....and so our cells make allergic reactions to these strange food fragments...

So why do we age (daily die)? Because the cells have lost the correct information, the 3D proteins is made only 3 months ago, but its not the same protein shape you had as a child, the shape has changed because the DNA no longer knows what the correct shape is any's been lost....that's why we age....lost information... we have lost the original design Jesus created for us....our cells have lost their Designer's code for ongoing living....

When God said the day we ate the fruit we would dying die, He spoke truth....every day we eat poor food, we are experiencing a  daily dying death every day just a little bit until our body cells run into a catastrophic break down and collapse immediately with a heart attack, or sublime into cancer.

How do we stop ourselves from dying every day ? By living a life as the Holy Spirit wants us to clean and pure as we can....away from the cities of pollution....into the country where pollution is less....that alone will increase our health and decrease our daily death rate....

Every thing we do to increase our daily dose of dying is a physical sin of death.

We are  missing the flow of power from Jesus, and missing in Scripture is called sinning..

How do we avoid this daily dose of death? No more junk food, no more processed food, no more GMO food, no more flavour enhanced food, no more meat food, no more energy drinks, grow your own food made by Jesus using natural DNA messages designed to increase the power flow of Jesus in you. Being the process to love the world market luxuries less; begin the process of moving away from Babylon towards a more simple life; and begin the process of loving Jesus, His word and simple pleasures, more in your life every day.

Make the changes slowly, carefully and gradually or you will hate the change....See yourself as addicted to music, to rich food, to fast city life and city pleasures...Wean yourself off such a love for the world of Babylon, slowly and start getting into Jesus' garden of Eden, not an artificial yard of concrete in a city; enjoy instead the natural sounds of birds, the plain wholesome streams of water, and simple home grown foods, without added chemical's and processing.


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So are you saying that Jesus was recommending eating unclean foods then? 


Jesus was ancient Jew, and I’m sure this nothing that he recommended. Jesus understood that you can’t go around tell people what they can and cannot eat; food is cultural. Therefore the only thing you can do is to live according to your principles.

Both defile. Are you telling me that you can eat all kinds of guile things with no effect? Common...Even with religion put aside, we know better....

Anthony I am telling you that whaf you eat does not defile you. What does is sinful.behavior twoards your fellow man. This would include a lack of service to meet their needs both physical and spiritual. Wise chioces in what we eat has benefit, but it does not save. The time for.sybolism is over and the time for.redemption is here. Peddle Christ and his garuntees. 

When you say defile, yes, you're probably speaking from a spiritual stand point and by all means you are correct. It's what's inside you which ultimately comes out of the heart/mouth that makes you spiritually unfit. Even this week's SS lesson kinda touched on that. However, God set up certain standards of diet, clothing, etc... (by all means, don't get me wrong, I am not legalistic) for our own welfare, our own good. Even people who are not adventists, follows EGW's health advice and what better health guidebook than the word of God. So if God tells you, hey John Doe, do this, eat this, don't eat that and you'll be healthy.  What's it called when you do the total opposite?  No wonder, EGW stated that there will come a time when those who continue eating meat will find it hard to be ready for translation to heaven. Really, there's got to be a real deep insightful reason as to why she said that.....  Again, I am not legalistic by any means, but the truth is the truth.


Anthony, there are a lot of people, and cultures that refrain from eating meat, Jesus ate meat but he was translated. Ellen White was influenced by the vegetarian society of Europe, she bought those ideas into the church, nothing wrong with that. You cannot connect one’s eating habits to their salvation. The Bible does give us a guide for what’s wise to eat, of course eating is only for sustaining physical existence, but there are also other factors which determines that too. Ellen White was not ahead of her times, she just brought these ideas into the SDA church. Today people are well aware of abstaining from meats, but just because they do, doesn’t make them saints.

Anthony Ellen White was wrong to use meat as a qualifier for faith. Use the word of God as your guide in matters of faith. What a man does to others is the evidence of conversion.

Also, it is unwise to.disagree With Christ.

I have to agree with Leon, you can eat whatever you want, but will you? I don’t. Eating is not what defiles you, Christ said that; it’s what in you that defiles you.

"By their actions, you will know them."  And certainly less or no sin and eating right would fit in with that quote.

You certainly can’t make people eat right, what is eating right anyway? One can only be guided by understanding. When at work, I don’t eat certain things, people may ask me why, and generally I’ll say I follow the bible’s dietary plan, but I can’t tell people what to eat and nor do I consider them no more of a sinner than myself.

Let me express myself fully.  If you are a Christian and have a faith relationship with God and Jesus, then you will want (not being forced) to eat right as part of living right and doing right.  By doing this, your reception of God's message and messages become more clearer to you without the interference of substances in your body making it weaker and less receptacle to God.

Being a Christian or an Adventist and eating right is a choice.  God gives us "free will" to make those choices, but with "free will" comes advantages and consequences.  


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