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is it wrong to invite a non-SDA preacher to preach in our church?

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Yes.  I will leave it at that!

 Agreed !

 It is a sign of boredom with truth and a desire to have one's ears tickled. It essentially says " babylon is not fallen but risen to new heights of which we would do well to follow."  It is contempt for the SDA message.

Other's points of view are not of benefit unless they are Scriptural. A non SDA preacher is either ignorant of  some vital truths or has rejected truth. 

 The pulpit is not the place for SDAs to be educated with other's beliefs as those belief's include error. It is not the studying of the counterfeit that gives one ability to identify truth. Most of our SDAs especially the younger generation do not know Bible truth enough to share it with another. This is true of many of our older members as well. 

Believe me there is plenty that Satan has out there that is intriguing to those who are bored with truth. Do missionary door to door work and you will soon learn what is out there, however you will have opportunity to minister.

  You are so very confused. You favor using out pulpits to teach error ? Then why not porn after all the pulpit is the place to teach? Why stop with error ?  

Yes, the youth could probably correct me just like you do with culture and personal opinions. You take the low road on EVERY single subject.

You are in favor of doing away with church. With this rebellious attitude you will indeed do away with the church, in terms of your union with it. It is not the church that causes problems but unconverted people who are trapped in the church, knowing some of the truth while their hearts are in harmony with the sin loving world. 

The SDA church does not teach that we are to judge people but we are indeed to judge between truth and error.

Question since you think you are so educated. Who according to the Scriptures and the SOP is babylon ?  

You see you and your husband refuse to  separate people from sin and people from error. In your mind if the sin and error is condemned then the people are too. The answer to your math equation is that we are to love sin/sinner as both are the same. 

 You have once again misapplied.  God only hates false church and false religion. do you consider the SDA church such?

God created the the church. He loves His church. Only you and Satan hate it. I know that sounds hard but you have clearly expressed your hatred for the church. It is because you have grown up in a church with high standards and with in an unconverted  state that bondage is painful for someone in the church. They want out but intellectually they know better so they try to make the church as much like the world as they can.

You do not believe in a God who is delivering His people FROM sin but that they will always sin until He comes? This is what Babylon teaches. 

Have you read the book Great Controversy ?

Another question. The last verse you quoted ends "and to keep himself unspotted from the world."

What does that mean ?

Gabriel a denomination is a system filled with falsehood. You seem not to be able to see that. God does not love error. He loves people but he does not love a system that leads people away from Him. 

RSS you speak nonsense.  You say we/I   know nothing of the world but you do. You grew up in the SDA church and I grew up in the world. I was over 30 years a Catholic who drank some  and drove fast. Hangovers galore! One who did much of the rest of what the world did. While I have left it you seem to want to move into  it. I don't think you appreciate the SDA church or its teachings. Jesus can change all of that. 

How many quotes from the Bible and SOP would you like where it says that Jesus created the church  and loves His church ?

Rather than inviting non SDA pastors, they should invite those who have come out of other churches to become SDA.  My heart aches for my family who are so well versed in the Bible but have so much of it wrong.  They are bearing the fruit and I am sidelined as the crazy one, the stupid one who gets the day wrong and eats funny. Babylon is not just in the Catholic church but in the church around the corner.  Why would you allow wrong teaching and error into the church.  We have enough of our own problems with out bringing in others.  

You say:*******"why not from the pulpit? what else is the pulpit for but to teach?

Ask any of my youth in my church about stuff in the Bible and they can probably correct you! they all go to public school and are awesome witnesses and don't judge other religions (like the SDA church teaches you to do).

Personally we should do away with church in general as it just causes problems"******* 

So what you are saying is that we SDA need to be taught, tolerance for sin( once saved always saved is great for this), cheap grace, health and wealth, original sin, yoga for Christ plus many more and then why not wash it all down with coffee and donuts in the church basement while we all chuckle about being the same.  All these false doctrines have one thing in common.  They side line Jesus Christ and what he has done and is doing. Public schools are a sewer, why not send your children to a rock concert.  If they were actually witnessing at a public school they would be run off or worse.  True faith in Christ is not allowed in public schools.  Wicca is allowed before Christian teachings are at a public school. 

preach on what ? 


 By "church" and "denominations" do you mean the people or the structure with its teachings ? My answer depends on your definition.

 You should not blend the two especially when it comes to babylon. God hates for instance Catholic teaching. It is directly apposed to the gospel and the sacrifice of Christ. In the SOP we are told that the RCC is a masterpiece of Satan. The same is true with much of the belief system of the others you mention.

Just as we must separate sin form the sinner we must separate the people from Babylon. This is what Jesus is trying to do right now and in fact is doing for those who will follow Him. "Come out of her my people" said the Lord.  We need to be doing our part and calling them out. If Jesus loves Catholicism there is no reason to call them out of it. I for one was called out of it and am forever grateful. How about you?

We are told in no uncertain terms that the fallen church structures will not reform and therefore the people must be called out of them. If we do not understand this it is impossible for us to do the work given us because we do not understand the work.


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