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is it wrong to invite a non-SDA preacher to preach in our church?

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You may listen to their sermons and attend their services all you want. This is about they occupying our pulpits. If I want to listen to them I would go to their church.

 With songs, we know in advance, exactly the words  that will be sung. However, this is not the case Ch when it comes to non SDA speakers and once the words are out they can never be retrieved. We can be sure that even at best they will not have cutting edge present truth. I suppose that does not matter to some.

I would guess as long as those songs did not go against our believes I would think it would be OK. there is a lot of hymns in our hymnbook that comes from other denominations. 

Charlie, we actually have several hymns that are all us.

 the SDA church is the melting pot, it is made up of Baptist, atheist, catholic, , Jehovah Witness, Mormons, Muslim and much more..

all our doctrines are not ours.. we borrowed a lot from the churches around..  The music is not the problem, Its how its played!! 


lol, You are right.  I guard my ears as to what I listen to. Music was like a drug to me in my youth.  Ivor Myers is an inspiration to me.  

I guess your question is if a non-SDA can preach at our pulpit? The answer, of course, should be a resounding no.  But to those that disagree, it seems also that most of them do not agree that the SDA church is the remnant church of bible prophecy.  I also observed that this line of thought seems to find its roots in some second or later generation Adventist although it exist in some converts as well,albeit this is more rare than the former.  In any case if they do not believe the historical position of our pioneers and in the spirit of prophecy, then why would they ever think of answering yes to this question?  They of course wouldn't.

There are a few points to consider though in answering this question.  We can get information from many sources.  Books, videos, and the internet serve as resources for any knowledge we seek.  It is by personal choice that we choose to listen or not to listen to some of the material that exist.  But when you make effort to drive to a Seventh Day Adventist church on a Sabbath day, you are already there. And although you have a vague idea about the topic that will be presented from the pulpit, it is expected that the words coming from the Seventh Day Adventist pulpit would be in the context of the fundamental beliefs of this church and not the faith of another denomination or another religion even.  To understand this principal in the extreme, we would not expect to hear a Satanist from the church of Satan speaking from the pulpit.  The truth is that Satan is more imperceptible then that;therefore,  we have to even be more diligent on this point.

This brings me to my next point, it is irresponsible and negligent to allow just anyone to speak from the pulpit, even if they happen to be a church member.  If a member or pastor also does not believe in the message of the church and forsakes the writings of the prophet, they also should be exempt from speaking from the pulpit.  In fact, if they are honest then it should be their duty to resign from the work they once committed to but no longer believe.  I think God can respect that more then trying to pretend to be something they are not. 


 That would be the best protocol if it was mandatory to let a non SDA preach. The thing is that it is never mandatory.

The reason why this protocol is still dangerous is because once the words are spoken they cannot be erased from the minds of the people. The effect of those words may linger throughout the entire life of the receiver and they may plant seeds that ripen into a harvest of tares.

Having said that there are messages by SDA pastors/elders that do the same thing howbeit subtle. While that problem may not be so easily solved it is easily solved when it comes to those that we are certain do not believe our message. (non SDAs)


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