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Has anyone noticed how childish many of the threads have become?

What a shame.

Let's demonstrate some love towards each other even if we disagree with the other's theology.

What must the outside community think of us.

Who would want to come here with all the personal crying and demands.

Surely we can do better.

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This is just the childish behaviour I was referring to MsMS.
wow MSMS you might consider deleting this last post
“Count your joys instead of your woes; Count your friends instead of your foes.”
~Irish Sayings~


I totaly agree with you, You've got a point.

N Him is childish.

Every time he posts something i have to freeze inside.

I totally agree to what MsMS has stated............


Often times I would like to comment on some discussions but I am put off by the attitudes some members have as they Hog up the discussions with their points of view and then anyone who comments are "bashed" down for having there say or rudely insulted! 

I may not be new in the faith but I am still learning and take great interest on topics here! but I truly feel sorry for those who are new on here if they are seeing all of this inappropriate behaviour between our fellow man.......... Proverbs 15 v 1



"This is a mouth covering moment ".. MsMs.. this is a strong way to put this, i understand that you should speak your mind but, to state the word Devilish is a strong way to describe this oopppsss..

Guys even when N Him wants to make a change but you are discouraging. I alone like his comments, his one of the people i always look forward to reading their inputs. I dont think his childish. But seriously how we talk to each other should be taken into great consideration. Good post N Him.
Are you sure, if he is changed let us see it, and not hear it. People should remember that this is an Adventist website, and we should all start living and communicating like adventists, unless if you are not one yourself.

All i can do is LOL, and more LOL ...


Nhim!! why did you start this forum.. i bet you knew that yo would be attacked in all directions... 

Thanks MsMS for your defence 


I believe Nodoli is new to this site and as I have noted him before in previous discussion! so maybe my advice to him would to read back on some of the past discussion and then you may have a better understanding of what MsMS is talking about! And that is a part of the Overall reason I tend not to comment on here cuz people can be so rude in there responses and to be honest most of the time it is not called for!

People need to understand we are all at different levels of our Christian Walk and what you may say I might not agree to but at the end of the day I am still a Student of God!!


@ Tikolgo you are also a newbie here........I have been on this site 3yrs in Sept I have read plenty of discussion which I cared not to enter as a fear of being attacked!! please spend the time also to look back on past discussion and see some of the responses and then please note how many have been closed due to rude and insulting comments being made!!!!!!


I personally think this discussion needs to be closed now!!!! cuz it doesn't make sense! as N Him has Strong opinion in what he or she believes NO MATTER WHAT! and that is what I have OBSERVED IN MANY DISCUSSIONS!!!!!

i think he started it so he can hear what you think of him. He is making a change i think, so stop attacking.
This is not intended for any special person (Let us thank God for is HOLY SPIRIT) God intention is always to save.

When you, Brother F, first commence to labor in a place, you generally have the confidence of the people; but after a more thorough acquaintance your defects of character become so apparent that many lose confidence in your piety. Reflections are thus cast upon all the ministers of the denomination. A short stay in a place would not injure your reputation. While engaged in earnest labor, pressed by opposing influences, your mind is absorbed in the work in which you are engaged, and you have neither time nor opportunity to think and reflect upon yourself. But when the work is over, and you begin to think upon self, as it is natural for you to do, you pet yourself, become babyish, sharp, and cross in temper, and thus greatly mar the work of God. You manifest the same spirit in the church, and thus your influence is greatly injured in the community, in some cases beyond remedy. You have frequently exhibited childish contention, even while laboring to convert souls to the truth; and the impressions made have been terrible upon those who were witnesses. Now, one of two things must be done; you must either be a consecrated man at home, in your family, and in the church,
at all times tender and patient, or you must not settle down in a church; for your defects will be made apparent, and the Redeemer you profess to love and serve will be dishonored. {4T 344.1}


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