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As a SDA Christian what do you want for Christmas and why?

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Gabriel Ok, I see the prophet here saying, capitalize on the occasion for the purpose of advancing the work of God- give your donations and gifts.


...suggest the holy work of God and his beneficence to us; and the loving heart-work will be to save other souls who are in darkness.


This is plain and straight.



Sis. Redva

She is not here support Christmas Gabriel but capitalizing on it for the outreaching and saving of souls.



Sis. Redva

But most persons will not reach out to persons and if they do most of them will only be thinking of themselves. So why not remove yourself from things that the world endorse it as pagan. Which it is.
yes I know it's amazing isn't it, they actually got something right and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that fact, Halleluyah!
Acknowledging that Easter and Xmas are against the scriptures is against the scriptures?
That my friend is what we call an oxymoron.

Hey Sumaj I see that you are an english prof- deep in figures of speech.

Any way the birth and crucifixion and resurrection are not against the scriptures on the contrary they are strongly supported by scripture. What is unscriptural is the paganizing and commercializing of these sacred Bibical land marks.



Sis. Redva

You need to stop making excuses for wanting to celebrate the pagan celebrations we know that Sister White said we could buy a tree etc but the Bible said free the appearance of evil.In her time it would have been acceptable to 'celebrate' christmas but in this time now we have to be careful because we are closing down to the last great tribulation where men are going to accuse you of the most wierd and bizzare accusation.



I don't know how she thinks that it was acceptable (.In her time it would have been acceptable to 'celebrate' christmas) then but is not now???? If your argument is that it is evil then I don't know about you, but my God says evil was never ok at any point in time... How can a God that never changes think somehting was ok 100 years ago, but now suddenly we are bound for the lake of fire if we do the same thing?

It makes no seance... It is in and of it self an oxymoron...

I agree %99. the only bit I don't agree on is the Santa Movie.. For me it's all about The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and also the censored version of National Lampoons Christmas. (Until I rented the movie one time I had no clue how much they had to cut out of it...)

Its called timed dispensations, The Bible says an eye for an eye but Jesus then came and said differently also the case of sleeping with your mother's child (your half sister and brother) that was also revised. The fact of the matter is there are many things which were right at one point but at another time its wrong.

Never also forget that sister White was speaking to having children and and not letting them feel left out on Christmas time. But let me be frank even though it may be acceptable to have a tree with lights for our children to feel merry, you guys take things to extremes. Because before you use this opportunity to spread the doctrine of our Saviour and to give gifts to the homeless and less fortunate. However we use this time for self gratification and giving of gifts to our own family members who are already in good standing. Its all about us while we watch erroneous movies about SANTA a being who take attributes of God. The fact of the matter is novels are books with little merit as pointed out by our prophetess and should be avoided. Now the other fact is Novels are books which got translated into Movies, it the thoughts that we would write on paper make it into or television. 

Will check these links soon Gabriel.



Sis. Redva


Kristina welcome and thanks.

God is the same yesterday today and forever. When Jesus was born there was great celebration in heaven and earth. Stars, beast, angels, shepherds and others celebrated. This was done at the right time, in the right context, the right way and at the right place. The devil has changed this around to suit his evil scheme. We must as Christian know that our whole live must be lived in celebration of worship to God, Christmas or no Christmas.


Sis. Redva


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