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As a SDA Christian what do you want for Christmas and why?

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Amen! Well spoken sister.

Hey Gabriel, this is harsh. We are suppose to be teachers of righteousness. It is not bibically prudent to point someone to falsehood to suggest that he consider the Jehovah Witness that is not witnessing at all. Think about it. Point the brother/ sister to Jesus in all situations.



Sis. Redva



1.) "Because before you use this opportunity to spread the doctrine of our Saviour and to give gifts to the homeless and less fortunate. However we use this time for self gratification and giving of gifts to our own family members who are already in good standing."

Ummmm Who said we weren't using it as an opportunity to preach the gospel, and helping those lees fortunate... ? That is a heck of an accusation!

Don't you think you should ask people if they do those things instead of assuming?

Which you do a lot. We do both thank you very much..  I just gave a homeless family of 6 who have been on the street for 2 years a free three bedroom house to live in, fully furnished, and we preach to them. Is that not enough for you?????


2.) "Its all about us while we watch erroneous movies about SANTA a being who take attributes of God. The fact of the matter is novels are books with little merit as pointed out by our prophetess and should be avoided."

When did I say anything about movies with santa in them??? When did I mention any books on any of these threads besides the Bible?????What are you rambling about??


In short sister you make too many dangerous assumptions and often end up breaking one particular commandment in doing so... "Tho shalt not bear false witness."

Take the beam out of your eye and then we can talk.......

@Gabriel ty ;0)

Lets be frank.... You said you agree with 99% of what Gabriel said and you also stated what you did not agree with, which was: "For me it's all about The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and also the censored version of National Lampoons Christmas." This would be the 1% you have a problem with.

Now Gabriel said "However, she was not against movies." in relation to E.G. White and movies and it obvious that you also agree you just have a problem with what you have previously stated. Now my point is clear Sister White came out against novels and novels are what becomes movies (it is what we write down on paper that is now shown on the television screen) Movies and Novels are the same (this point was also directly aimed at Gabriel its just that you agreed with him).

2nd I like that you took the time out to tell me you have gave away a three bed room house (which the family would be grateful for). However there is no organization that give away free food and houses (and other stuff) like food for the poor.

Like i said, let me be frank. The SDA church is too grossly involved into Christmas. Not because the church or it member gives away stuff make the celebration of Christmas within the church any less. NOTICE I used the word "we" denoting SDAs generally, not because you gave away a house makes the giving of gifts to one another any less or makes the church current celebration any less pagan. We now currently have Catholic songs within our hymnals that is preeching Catholic dogmas, blending in the pagan Holiday (holy-day) with the church on several dimensions.  

So sorry if I am not too enthusiastic about the Christmas celebrations in the church currently, when our prophetess and the scripture is clear.


Well said barbee.

I realize the church it self on many levels has been corrupted, but we are not talking about that we are talking about the individual Christian..

She believes that we should use the season to share with others and advance the work of soul saving. She did not say it was about Jesus Gabriel? In fact it is not about Jesus.



Sis. Redva

OK then, and we should be reaching out everyday- Christmas or no Christmas. What do you say?


Sis. Redva

 Samuel great, welcome and thanks. Share the sentiments.


Sis. Redva

Yes the passover was not the only Holyday that was fullfilled through Christ, all of the feast days were about Him and His work.
Which day was He born? Most likely the feast of trumpets, heralding the New King!

Thanks Samuel and welcome. I share your views but I hear you saying that the only time you would not accept a gift is during Christmas because of its pagan origin. Am I getting you right? Will getting a gift at Christmas make you pagan?



Sis. Redva


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