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As a SDA Christian what do you want for Christmas and why?

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Hey Samuel, thanks just getting around to your post. I share the theology and know it is true, but are you against receiving gifts just because it is called Christmas gift?

i do not want anything for christmas

i do not like christmas either

people and children come around and beg for christmas presents 

i feel obligated to give something and do not enjoy the thought

i feel christmas is too commercialized

how do you handle it from your end points?


Hey my best friend, good having you on my forum. We can't even find time to talk- hush.


We handle Christmas just as all SDA world wide do. The Christ in the crowd (mas) is worshiped all year round.

Use the opportunity to share the gospel and the gifts thus preparing hearts for the word.


God bless


Sis. Redva


if they is a person i love to meet is u,Christmas is just one crazy paganism festival woe unto u who take part in these festival.....

I try not to "ask or want" for anything knowing that God is my support ,and supply,. God is in control and I love to trust in His care...


.....that's the time to commemorate to God,get together with my family and friends... ;))
but we dont believed that God was born on the day.. ;)


Welcome Mheybz and thanks. Praise the Lord, I share your views.


Sis. Redva

I don't acknowledge 12/25 as the day that Christ was born. I try and live my life as Jesus would and not on a certain day. If He wanted us to keep his birthday He would have left us a specific time to do so. I do however see the wisdom that Ellen White left us with. I ask for no gifts and don't really give them out to anyone. I think gifts should be given to people in need if at all and should not be worthless toys and such. 

There is a song that someone sang about how commercialized Christmas is: 

Santa is coming tonight 
And I want a car, and I want a life 
And I want a first class trip to Hawaii 
I want a lifetime supply 
Of skittles & slurpees and Eskimo pies 
I want a DVD, 
A big screen TV 
Just bring me things that I don't need

'Cuz now it's Christmas 
And I want everything 
I just can't wait 
So don't stop spending 
I want a million gifts, that's right 
Don't forget my Christmas list tonight 
'Cuz now it's Christmas 

Somebody take me away 
Or give me a time machine 
To take me straight to midnight 
I'll be alright 

I want a girl in my bed 
Who knows what to do 
A PlayStation 2 
I want a shopping spree 
In New York City 
Just bring me things that I don't need 


I wish I could take this day 
And make it last forever 
And no matter what I get tonight 
I want more 

It's Christmas and I want everything 
I just can't wait 
It's Christmas and I want everything now 

And I want everything 
I just can't wait 
So don't stop spending, I 
Want a million gifts, 
That's right 
And I can't wait 'til midnight so
Don't forget my Christmas list tonight 
'Cuz now it's Christmas

If you are a birthday celebrant, and your friends attend a party for your birthday, they brought gifts, and ONLY exchanged gifts among themselves, without A GIFT FOR YOU, THE CELEBRANT, how would you feel?  In all our gift giving, please DON'T FORGET THE CELEBRANT.  (I still have to see a Christmas program in which one of the gifts was intended for Him.)

Hey friend Iehcar, the gift for Him, the 'celebratee' is my heart- broken and contrite. What do you think, is it a good gift?


Sis. Redva

A kindle is the best gift I think for an SDA...


I have my Bible on it (easy searching) and the best part is that I get copies of sister White's work strait from the E.G. White estate (the only copies I can find any more that haven't been corrupted, because the copyright ran out) are avlible on Kindle for only .99 each! I have about 14 of her books as well as my Bible all at quick access anywhere! Also our Sabbath quarterly's are available for it, and the best part of that is that there is more than enough room to write whatever notes you want, as apposed to the paper one that leaves you writing down the sides of paragraphs in tiny print. I can still fit a bunch more on there, but just haven't bought it yet.

That is wonderful. I hate truing to write in the paper.
I know.. They never give you enough room...


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