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As a SDA Christian what do you want for Christmas and why?

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I am aware of the current discussion and I would not want to stray from the initial point about Christmas and all.

But as for evading your point it would seem i dont really get your point because you said:

"The call out of Babylon is a call out of the churches that have willfully fallen in line with the precepts of Rome, and acknowledge Romes supremacy in various forms."

So i dont really know how your statement equals (in this specific case) individual members and their choices, when you are explicitly speaking to churches as a whole being aligned with Rome. 

I am just asking you a question to hear your view on the matter, of which you actually stated for everyone to see (which i already mention is a factual statement).

I also notice you evaded my question by stating that the church is corrupted, but not actually answering if the church is also within the alignment of Rome (hence being in need of a calling out) based on the factual above statement, and also the current corruption, doctrine being preached by our pastors and what is being done by the members.

To adhere to our doctrinal fundamental beliefs (which makes us Seventh day Adventist).

So I am not avoiding your point, but speaking specifically to it.

In answering your question the best I can (and I apologize if I am a bit off.. I hurt my back so I had to take a muscle relaxant) I agree completely that this church on many levels needs to be called out of Babylon... The attitude of many in our ranks has become "Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing". Many may call me a "historic Adventist".


Some of the teachings are definitely in line with Rome depending on your conference leaders.. I had to get up and leave one of our evangelism series in utter disgust, because one of our state conference leaders was preaching the Roman lie about the immortal soul..

Not to mention the "celebration churches"...ect...  It is truly sad, but I try and look at the bright side with the knowledge that the scripture says we would reach such a state before Christ comes again, so while I am on one level discouraged, and am trying to share truth with those who will hear it, but on the other hand I am kind of happy to know that we get to go home soon..

Haven't read all the comments but personally this Christmas I am hoping to get a new digital camera.

I like to display evidence of God's beautiful creation. And photography is one means of doing that.

i really dont know. christmas to me is not the same anymore. i thank God for his mercy. i will still celebrate christmas as the best time of the year


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