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Published on: 11 March, 2015

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has issued an official statement on vaccines, saying it “encourages responsible immunisation” and has no faith-based reason to discourage believers from participating in immunisation programs.

The full statement, titled, “Immunisation,” says: 

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. The Adventist health emphasis is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E G White (co-founder of the church), and on peer-reviewed scientific literature. As such, we encourage responsible immunisation/vaccination, and have no religious or faith-based reason not to encourage our adherents to responsibly participate in protective and preventive immunisation programs. We value the health and safety of the population, which includes the maintenance of ‘herd immunity’.

“We are not the conscience of the individual church member, and recognise individual choices. These are exercised by the individual. The choice not to be immunised is not and should not be seen as the dogma nor the doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Many do not realize the power of disease, viruses, etc, to overwhelm strong immune systems. As good as it is,I'm not sure it was ever designed to to cope with disease, especially many forms of cancer. Immunization, if available,is a sensible and necessary protection.

Well put. As a church through its clinics hospitals and ADRA we are corporately involved in providing health-promoting immunizations world wide to hundreds of thousands of children and adults. I wrote in my final Record editorial ten years ago in its final line "and immunize your children". This was good sense then and still is very sensible. I have seen unimmunized children die from tetanus. The yearly epidemics of measles mumps and rubella have faded almost away due to immunization. Let them not come back. And by the way,dietary 'perfection' is no match for prevention of the diseases that immunizations do actually prevent.

Both of these comments are well know Pastors of the Australian church. I have add my comment but I suspect my chance of being added is zero, because I oppose the safe use of vaccines, even though I knew personally Dr Percy Harrold for over 10 years as a missionary.

The fact is the Church should not have got inv0lved in health issues such as these. It's not a salvation  issue but they have made a political statement to pave the way for Masonic laws to rule over us. What benefit is there for a church to publish political health statements such as this?

Why do our hospital's treat cancer with chemo, surgery and radiation, rather than nutrition and NEWSTART methods ? Why? Because we no longer follow EGW health or Bible principles.

Just another issue that the grass-root member is left to his or her own defence....the church will not help you on your own....

Whether you like or like vaccine use is your business, the point is why has it become a church political point ?

De 14:21 Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself:

This principle has profound implication's for the church

We are stand up and declare things that are unhealthy, that if eaten make us die a little more...

For example water treated with chlorine kills bacteria, so it does not kill humans now does it? not even a little, perfectly healthy to drink the water isn't it ? If a little chlorine kills bacteria, it must also kill a human just a little too...not enough to wipe out all six quin trillion cells, but just a few every glass you take....slowly you daily die a little...

What about fluoride, does that kill living things? Or mercury which is added to vaccine to kill the microbes in the vaccines and preserve it? Or what about GMO food?

What does this Bible principle say ? only applicable to eating red meat ? Or is eating anything harmful to you ?

The Church would not publish an article I gave them on GMO....I wonder why?   Maybe we will see a Church political statement declaring GMO foods are safe too .....


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Vaccines don't produce homosexuals.  Often it is caused by childhood sexual trauma, usually by the same gender.  Essentially pedifiles messing with the wiring of children at a young age.  I saw that in motion as youngster.  I remember in wood shop about 6 or 7th grade.  I was in the staining room working on a spice rack.  A kid my age, whom I can only assume was raped by an adult, developed the same mindset.  He came into the stain room and told me if I didn't perform fillacio on him he would beat me up.  He thought I was the lamb.  He got the lion instead.  I proceeded to beat him through the door, and spill over into the class area, and when I was proceeding to beat him about the head and shoulders with a stool it was broken up.

In retrospect, he was a victim who was taught to victimize.  At the time all I knew it was a sexual aggressor who I was going to beat into oblivion.

A vaccine didn't create the monster in him, he was a predator born of a predator.

Daniel , like Keith, your opinions and experience are interesting...and important... but surely can we truly know all there is about matters discussed here ?

Ps 131:1 .... I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me.

Vaccines is a hard word to define, as  the ingredients mostly unknown to us ....

One thing I know, in Australian law next year January 2016, all school children have to have vaccines by law, mandatory....

Who gives man the right to tell us what to do ? Who has this right ? Why has the Church opted out ? and not support us ?

I don't care if vaccines are good or bad, but who has the right to tell us force us what to do ?

Since when is a unvaccinated kid a health risk to a vaccinated one ?

Next step will be government law forcing adults to be vaccinated ?

Forcing us to stop growing veggies in our own soil ?

Since when can Governments force religion upon how we choose to live ?

Next year my daughter as a mum faces losing $ 15,000 in child support because her children are vaccine free....yet both are tax payers and good citizens....

By the time Sunday law comes the real stand up for truth people will already be exhausted by religious force on other matters....

We talk too much about science matters we know little about....sorry but I have little trust in science these days....especially greedy wicked men using science for evil purposes we do not know about....

This thread is not about the science of vaccines.....

It's about why should Governments mandate religion upon people....? Religion is supposed to be about freedom to choose..... Jan 1 2016 is a big deal to all Queenslanders....when laws force us to do things we do not want to do....


Keith, diabetics meds allow you to live with the disease, not cure it. It can be cured with diet, and is all the time. But the do not sell vegetables. Many vegetables are also good for cancer. The SDA have longer lives and fewer diseases including cancer because of their vegan lifestyle.

Jenner was exposed as a quack by another doctor long ago. The vaccine goes into your blood, bypassing your digestive system-or bad science. The smallpox victims noticed eating scabs developed an immunity. People who suffer cold & flu develop immunity by drinking after others with cold & flu - ingestion, not vaccination. I dont believe flu vax has anything to do with flu, besides causing it.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured with diet. Type 2 sometimes can with weight loss most commonly following gastric bypass or similar surgery. However there are normal weight individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Type-1 is help by diet is lessening the need for insulin, and failure to do this often is an endless cycle of more drugs which cause low sugar levels then to need to eat, and more insulin. The insulin is then increased end results: organ failure amputation neuropathy, poor eye sight.

Some say type-1 is the mother's leaky gut and cow's milk, while pregnant.


Are suggesting that cancer meds do not work? Completely? Come on!! Yes  they do have side effects. But cancer meds work together with other modalities like radiotherapy and surgery. Sometimes some drugs are given to shrink the tumor and then surgery is done. Or after surgery, the area us radiated yo kill off the residue cancer cells. The medical world does not say " hey guys please get cancer, we can sort it out with chemo". That's nonsense. It's very well known that cancer is difficult to cure especially if advanced. It has long been advocating for prevention.  That's why there is such a thing as risk factors. Open any cancer and look at how it's written out. If it's a level headed article,  it will also list the risk factors. Eg smoking, alcohol, meat eating,  etc. Why do they do that? So that we prevent it from occuring. As a church we have stood on prevention and doing well I think. We are being encouraged to lead the most healthy lifestyle. But to now say conventional meds are useless,  is silly. Yes. Diet plays a big role..but if it's a tumour,  yank it out!  It will spread  no matter how many bananas and apples you eat.  It needs to be removed. I have seen some pretty good results with some  cancer meds. Esp children. With adjuvant drugs, some do pretty well. No doctor wants his patients to die. No no no. No matter how wicked they may be, there is that heart which says I need to win against this disease.  And they do their best. It's not perfect but it gets being made better as they get wiser.

So no. Science ain't at odds. Here we work without hepatitis b vaccine.  That virus is nasty and cause liver cancer. Very nasty cancer. No doctor would want a patient getting that. But because it's not widely used, we still attend to patients unprotected. 

Vaccines, cancer drugs, etc work. They are not perfect. Prevention is certainly better than cure so we should continue promoting our health messages.

However, I do know that abuse and crime exist. But the oath every doctor swears says" though shall do no harm". If they knowingly go against thus they must be disciplined.


People die every day from cancer drugs. They often do not die from the cancer rather from the drugs. My Dad is one. He was misdiagnosed and put on cancer drugs. It caused serious health problems, but he was able to stick in there.

Vaccines do not work as the chart point out. If you feel they do, point out a safety study with vaccine? No such study exists. 

Diet plays a big role..but if it's a tumour,  yank it out!  It will spread  no matter how many bananas and apples you eat.

Bananas are prevention. They wont help if you already have brain tumor - more common with cell phones.

Mercury was removed from all childhood vaccines in 2001. It is currently only available in the multidose flu vaccine given to adults. You can request the flu vaccine which does not contain mercury. However, the removal of mercury has not made even the slightest dent in the autism rates suggesting that there is no link whatsoever.

The one thing Ellen White was adamant about was fanatics.

We are supposed to be people of the book, seeking truth....instead we stick to our religion rejecting other religions, yet we are all by name SDA, but how many of us seek truth ? if you want a full scholarly approach to vaccines, try here

How about you all watch Leonard here and if you find his personal testimony false or invalid, say so with evidence, destroy this man's Christianity as a credible witness on vaccines, and I will happily assume vaccines are safe. Here is the evidence against vaccines in one place.. watch it and let me know...

Thanks to James S for agreeing with me.

Thomas I don't know you well, I suggest you watch this Christian's testimony....He really knows his stuff.

Mutinta yes chemo, surgery and radiation is bad medicine....Cancer is curable with nutrition, if you approach the cancer wife is treating cancer in her arm as we speak herself naturally...removing a tumor or cancer growth, does not remove the roots, my wife's cancer in her arm has roots 4 to 6 inches long and swelling with over a dozen smaller ones from the main one.  Surgery would require removing the entire hand. But your welcome to your I am to mine...

Keith you are welcome to your beliefs as well....

My point is why is the church making this a political statement...are you saying some SDA members are fanatics because we choose not to vaccinate, or not eat GMO food or not  drink fluorinated chlorinated water ?

Since when should a Church tell any member what to do if the issue is not a salvation one?

I suppose the Church will make a statement saying evolution is just as compatible with Creation in Scripture, since the Bible does not really say how things were created. After all Science also has plenty to say about evolution against Creation in six literal days. When will our Church stand up for what's right?

And look into the matters of truth....

PS watch the video about Leonard....



You are right about the church should not make such political statements.

Sorry about your wife. Will keep her in our prayers.


Without getting to the vaccine stuff, surely SDA people have basic rights to individual differences in our theological belief and powers of Jesus, the CHURCH should not make statements that categorize and alienate it's members, causing fragmentation, but this has been going on for years. That's why we have splinter groups....and in some respects they have good reasons...

Why our Church cannot press together I don't know... the only reason I can find is the leaders are Masons in sheep's clothing and doing Satan's work,,,, we can find such statements in EGW regarding the general conference leaders...sad but true, the head is getting power sick and the grassroots are left wondering....

My wife is going well with Cansema, its a wonderful mix of plants that really do work...did God not make herbs for medical purposes....? Why biochemical industries only take this chemicals in plants and refine them, which is wrong....

For example taking Calcium carbonate or citrate, does not give you more Ca or vitamin C, it makes it worse? Why? Because the body is a living ,machine and regulated by bacteria first and humans second. Our food must be taken in organic forms so the fungus, bacteria and our own DNA cells get all the regulation proteins for proper nutrient uptake....far more complex that a simple mineral supplement of a refined drug from a herb.

Studies show we eat plant DNA intact. Why does tis say about our living cells? Life is much more complex that we find science telling us....we need all the life of plant DNA, bacteria and fungus in us to regulate our health...

So the complex mix of herbs does wonder for removing cancer, as does our diet of living plants, wild herbs and home grown veggies from our own organic soil

Her cancer was the result of our ignorant days of sun baking and such ting young people do to their bodies out of ignorance....God is not mocked we reap what we sow....Cancer is a life style disease, we all have cancer in us our bodies react to it depends upon what is being fed daily to it....

Now some say feeding antibodies from another creature is helpful to human immune system....maybe, I am no expert here in that Science...however I do know if you drink mercury, aluminium benzene and a dozen other chemical's (from MDSD data sheets) such chemical's kill you....

I would love to share MSDS LD 50 for mercury with Thomas, but you have to pay for information on the Internet...medical info is not free.  If you had a mercury LD 50% of 1ppm would you consider that safe? For me no,  A 50% chance of dying with 1ppm mercury in too risky

Ok what about LD 1%, a mercury intake of 0.01ppm, a 1% chance of dying ? No still too risky...

Ok what about a one thousandth chance of one percent f that sounds OK to be....

that a mercury intake level of 1ppb That's one part per billion.

Study the LD 50% of chemical substance's in the MSDS and see what is safe....Benzene absolutely not...yet it's added to petrol, never used to be....

Benzene is even under tables in the wood glue they use for  particle MDF....

So avoiding cancer is simply, stop inhaling chemicals known to cause cancer....that would be a start....

Thanks for the comment and wish's Keith...



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