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Published on: 11 March, 2015

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has issued an official statement on vaccines, saying it “encourages responsible immunisation” and has no faith-based reason to discourage believers from participating in immunisation programs.

The full statement, titled, “Immunisation,” says: 

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church places strong emphasis on health and well-being. The Adventist health emphasis is based on biblical revelation, the inspired writing of E G White (co-founder of the church), and on peer-reviewed scientific literature. As such, we encourage responsible immunisation/vaccination, and have no religious or faith-based reason not to encourage our adherents to responsibly participate in protective and preventive immunisation programs. We value the health and safety of the population, which includes the maintenance of ‘herd immunity’.

“We are not the conscience of the individual church member, and recognise individual choices. These are exercised by the individual. The choice not to be immunised is not and should not be seen as the dogma nor the doctrine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Many do not realize the power of disease, viruses, etc, to overwhelm strong immune systems. As good as it is,I'm not sure it was ever designed to to cope with disease, especially many forms of cancer. Immunization, if available,is a sensible and necessary protection.

Well put. As a church through its clinics hospitals and ADRA we are corporately involved in providing health-promoting immunizations world wide to hundreds of thousands of children and adults. I wrote in my final Record editorial ten years ago in its final line "and immunize your children". This was good sense then and still is very sensible. I have seen unimmunized children die from tetanus. The yearly epidemics of measles mumps and rubella have faded almost away due to immunization. Let them not come back. And by the way,dietary 'perfection' is no match for prevention of the diseases that immunizations do actually prevent.

Both of these comments are well know Pastors of the Australian church. I have add my comment but I suspect my chance of being added is zero, because I oppose the safe use of vaccines, even though I knew personally Dr Percy Harrold for over 10 years as a missionary.

The fact is the Church should not have got inv0lved in health issues such as these. It's not a salvation  issue but they have made a political statement to pave the way for Masonic laws to rule over us. What benefit is there for a church to publish political health statements such as this?

Why do our hospital's treat cancer with chemo, surgery and radiation, rather than nutrition and NEWSTART methods ? Why? Because we no longer follow EGW health or Bible principles.

Just another issue that the grass-root member is left to his or her own defence....the church will not help you on your own....

Whether you like or like vaccine use is your business, the point is why has it become a church political point ?

De 14:21 Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself:

This principle has profound implication's for the church

We are stand up and declare things that are unhealthy, that if eaten make us die a little more...

For example water treated with chlorine kills bacteria, so it does not kill humans now does it? not even a little, perfectly healthy to drink the water isn't it ? If a little chlorine kills bacteria, it must also kill a human just a little too...not enough to wipe out all six quin trillion cells, but just a few every glass you take....slowly you daily die a little...

What about fluoride, does that kill living things? Or mercury which is added to vaccine to kill the microbes in the vaccines and preserve it? Or what about GMO food?

What does this Bible principle say ? only applicable to eating red meat ? Or is eating anything harmful to you ?

The Church would not publish an article I gave them on GMO....I wonder why?   Maybe we will see a Church political statement declaring GMO foods are safe too .....


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According to the April,2015, Adventist Review, p.33.

" Adventist cofounder Ellen G. White took the smallpox vaccine herself and encouraged Others to do so as well. "   SM book 2  p. 303.

Yes Keith, maybe 100 years ago, the science were really looking out for us....but it this true today

What would EGW say today about vaccine use ? Or do we assume the vaccines are the same as they were 100 years ago ?

It we truly live in the end of time, do you really expect the authorities to be always looking out for us ? that answer alone should make us take note....

For me, I do not trust authorities as I used to long ago....times have changed, ,, Satan is a roaring lion watch out who you trust....



So you are saying what she said 100 years ago does not apply to us now?  I'm sure many on this forum would agree with you.

Pick and chose what to believe. I myself would choose vaccination.

Keith, your welcome to filter EGW as you wish, personally one should uphold all of Scripture and SOP as much as we can....

What your saying is the science world of doctors, medicine and drug corporations are always looking out for your health and well being, even through the Sunday Law times not far ahead now, we can still trust our governments and science to be doing the right thing....about our health....including eating GMO foods and taking life saving vaccines....

I suppose the Devil is not deluding us, and we are not being deceived....

As we get closer to the end of time, when do we stop trusting in science and government agendas ?



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