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They are closing schools and canceling events with large numbers of people, will this lead to churches closing....
"The spread of coronavirus has compelled hundreds of K-12 schools in the U.S. to close, affecting more than 850,000 students, according to an analysis by Education Week. And those numbers are certain to increase in the coming days, as concerned parents call for more school closures.

The growing health crisis presents school leaders with a painful choice. Closing schools as has been done, so far, in China, Japan, Italy and elsewhere is a proven measure that has been shown to slow the spread of disease and, in turn, save lives. But it also causes huge economic and social disruption, especially for children, millions of whom depend on the free and reduced-cost meals they get at school."....

They are suspending the NBA after one player was found to test positive, with the large gatherings a concern....
"The NBA has suspended the 2019-20 season after a Utah Jazz player, reportedly Rudy Gobert, tested positive for COVID-19. Games in progress on the night of March 11 will be completed."....

It is only a matter of time before they gatherings at churches is going to become a matter of concern and draw the attention of health officials and others. What happens then...

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I will research, but i work with animals, at times controlling rabies outbreaks in domestic and wild animals. Vaccines have been our chief tool in fighting rabies here and are

invaluable in saving lives. We vaccinate the dogs and cats and they go on to live normal lives. I will research more on the human vaccines though.

I used to be a Science Teacher, and so injections of antibodies is invaluable, as you say, against rabies. But not all injections, contain such antibodies... different agenda these days since 1998 I believe and also since 911 in 2001. 

On our website is a good overview of the problem.

Have you heard of Q?

The 22 comments completely abuse the Pastor Sandy comments, is just typical of the abuse and mockers you get, like Noah explaining rain to infidels.

March 2020. Witnessing to others.

We are in scary times right now. This is a good summary about the COV19 so called virus.

Watch it while you can:

Video link on Pastor Sandy speaks on the Coronavirus about Q


In some countries, the churches are closed

Here in Jamaica schools and most other places are closed. 

Let us continue to pray for God's leading and guidance. 

get your garden growing in order,

read the video above

And get closer to Jesus



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