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Hi Clarke, 

I would like to commend you and the team for managing the AO website it is clearly a needed and well loved place for Adventists all around the world to communicate and share. 

It is my understanding that this site is for Seventh-day Adventists only and I believe the reason and purpose for that is to protect Adventists from 'wolves in sheep' clothing' and to provide a safe environment for Adventist to share. 

I am sure that behind the scenes there is a great deal of work monitoring and moderating however, when a person openly declares themselves not to be an Adventist, declares themselves to be a prophet with new light, and is affecting the faith of others, what is your policy, procedure, and practice?

As the man with his name at the bottom of the page you are responsible for ensuring that the basic purpose, vision, mission, of this website is maintained. 

The non-Adventist I am speaking of is James French. 

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Why don't you start with yourself? Your supposed to be the pastor?

God is my witness, as well as the Holy Spirit and the scriptures and those that witnessed you accuse me of mental illness. To sin is bad, but to lie about it publicly. You impugn your own credibility, and you infuriate me that you actually are doing these things. Does God also condone lying in your book?
The state of Christianity is in an awful mess of apostasy, your actions are a witness to that.
Don't judge the whole of Christianity on the actions or inactions of one person.

Your correct, but I am not doing that, Christianity is in an awful mess, in apostasy, the scriptures state that Jason, about the end times. Sometimes we would agree if we understood what the other was saying. Even if we disagree reasonably, thats OK.

I have spent 40 years studying the Bible, and 31 years study of history, law, banking, creation of wars, the New World Order, and its all coming to a head now. The World is in a terrible state, all creation is groaning for the return of the Messiah. Only He can fix things right.

What is  a genuine Seventh-Day Adventist?

Heisenberg, you are asking very good and objective questions. We seem to be on the same page here again.

During The Spanish Inquisition, they would be making sure you were a "Genuine Catholic," and do so with torture, dunking in water, if you drowned you were innocent but dead, and if not you were burned at the stake as a witch. What is a genuine Christian? Only SDA need apply? Are so called non-genuine or non SDA's worse than unbelievers, are they all going to hell. Isn't God capable of working in them also? Who are God's people that the site rules talk about? Who are God's people according to the Bible?

Like Jesus did, I am beginning to think that asking the right questions is the way to go? Who can rightfully get mad at someone asking questions, not making any points or contentions.

Well, I have asked some questions and people did get mad here, and called me mentally ill. Didn't the Soviets do that to Christians, and put them in institutions.

Regarding the end times; As Ben Franklin said something like this, "If we don't hang together, we shall all hang separately." That is true for Christians except its "if we don't cooperate and work together with God we shall all get our heads cut off."

If this is not the time for Christians to believe God big, and cooperate and work together with God, then when is the time? There doesn't appear to be much time left...actually God has patiently been waiting for humans to wake up and cooperate with Him. If we did, we could turn the world upside down. Instead, we fight and devour each other...

Is pastor Norcross a Sabbath keeper?  I doubt you will answer this simple question but I am curious.

Why don't you ask him yourself, he has email, tell him I referred you to him, as I can't speak for him and when he worships, but my understanding is that he worships God on every day. But to be certain you should contact him. By the way, you ought to listen to his archive teachings, see the great work he is doing and rejoice that he is teaching thousands of pastors to hear the voice of the Lord according to Revelation 3:20 etc,

" 20Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  21To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.  22He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches."

Go to

Daily worship is good, but It would seem you do not understand the importance of Sabbath worship in the last days. 

To understand what it is to be progressive, each Bible truth unlocks another.  You have heard talk of Ellen White but the truth of the Sabbath did not come from her, but from Rachel Oakes a Seventh Day Baptist.   

I respect your beliefs, but I also have mine, based on the scriptures also. I respect God and His Word, and do believe in the Messiah Jesus Christ.

I will not attack your conscience before God, but I have done extensive research. My conclusion is different from yours. There are some things I see as clear as day which you probably don't believe and visa versa.

This is a site by Seventh-day Adventists for Seventh-day Adventists. We welcome all seekers of God's truth here. We believe that God will continue to reveal His truth to His people as time progresses. Thus we are constantly seeking a better understanding of God and His word. We welcome all that are doing the same. That said, if it becomes apparent that your purpose in being a member of this site is to promote a different agenda and/or sow discord among the brethren, your ability to interact with this site may be restricted.

I admit I had a quick read of the site rules and no where does it say that you have to be a SDA.  It was my understand that James French had attended SDA church, and as mentioned before, we have no idea what God's purpose is for James AO.  But to see this behaviour does not represent Christ character.  I am appalled.  Are you going to have me banned?  I am a baptised member of the SDA church.  I attend church and prayer meeting as often as I can.  Sometimes, I have heard HS send me to a Sunday church, and revealed purpose.

I am in support of the things James says, and that last post was from the bible, so I don't understand this attack.   As I mentioned God knows His plans for James presence here, and if it His will, James will not be removed, but if He is, we know it is His will.

I will continue to pray for the naysayers on this site.

In Need, thank you for your support and prayers, God bless.


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